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  1. Prenton Park is a shithole, and apparently an awful quality pitch anyway. I'm thinking this will be off.
  2. The most important thing to remember when discussing this game is... FUCK TRANMERE FUCK JOHN ALDRIDGE
  3. Sturridge was a belting signing in a Jan transfer window. ALF was another Laville definitely up there too, he was fantastic. What a shame about his injuries.
  4. Naytch


    What a bell end that man was
  5. This. FUCK JOHN ALDRIDGE in case anyone missed it.... FUCK JOHN ALDRIDGE
  6. Naytch


    I was gutted when we didn't end up signing him permanently. Did a fantastic job for us and bagged a few goals!
  7. The only times I have ever ordered Dominos in my life is a couple of times when it was the 2 for Tuesdays BOGOF offer. They can fuck off if they think I will ever pay full price. Although the last time I had it both me and the gf at the time were violently ill afterwards, so never had it since.
  8. Ah I didn't realise we'd sold him. I liked Taylor, did a very good job for us.
  9. Fuck me, she would get absolutely ruined 😍
  10. 1-3 Delaney, Sarce, Doyle pen
  11. I suppose the Bosman ruling led to us selling Cahill for a shit amount rather than him going for free 6 months later. Wasn't Matty Taylor another we paid alot for who ended up leaving on a free after a few years? There must be quite a few like that.
  12. Naytch


    Couldn’t get onto the stream on the laptop so had to watch on a propped up phone, but worth it. absokutely buzzing with 5 on the spin, close to play offs and even touching distance of the top 3. The whites are on the way back Working my way through a 20 crate of Budweiser, toasting The Ginger Pele
  13. 1-1 draw after going behind. Ginger Pele with our goal.
  14. Really important win that, keep the momentum going. Good to see Crawford get on the scoresheet and Doyle is getting into a good run of form. 4 points off the play offs, the charge is on! Up the fucking whites!! time for another beer!
  15. 3 caps for England were all than Collymore managed, incredible really. Just shows the level of good strikers we had in the Premier League at that time- Shearer, Sheringham, Fowler, Cole, Ferdinand, Collymore, Wright, Dublin and more.
  16. After having a PS4 for 5 years, I have only found out today I can log into my parents sky on the console in a seperate house 🤣 Free Sky plus a decent performance and hopefully a Bolton win. A decent nights work
  17. Does anyone remember that video that went round social media of Hunt in a nightclub saying how shit Phil Neville was at football 😂
  18. I think we’ve seen tonight that an experienced confident goalkeeper is what we need in this league. Plus he’s a hard looking bastard I wouldn’t want to argue with the cunt 😂
  19. The thought of that arrogant, ego-maniac cunt Campbell representing my club makes me feel sick. I detest everything about him.
  20. It's staggering how far we've fallen so quickly. Incredibly sad.
  21. Dreading this tbh- I'm worried we'll get battered and humiliated on national TV. How depressing when I'd take a draw with Salford fucking City....
  22. Get well soon Nicky! Sounded a nasty one
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