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  1. barryk32

    Car Leasing

    I used a lad who used to play for the clackervalves. Its a joke how good of a deal he got me. https://www.bluechillicars.com/ Ask for Adam, he can do better than the deals on the website.
  2. barryk32

    Turkey Hols?

    Traf sorted me a holiday to Turkey. We loved it. Take empty suitcases.
  3. barryk32

    When Did Stewarding Go Wrong ?

    I've been in some absolute states at away grounds and never had any bother. Only place I've had bother is our ground.
  4. barryk32

    Recent Filums I've Watched

    Just watched Searching Edge of seat, best film I've seen in ages.
  5. barryk32

    Tv Shows

    I've tried my best to like the new Magnum PI. I can't though, it's shit.
  6. barryk32

    No idea

    Ccleaner and Malwarebytes are my go to cleaners
  7. barryk32


    Driving for this, can't be arsed bollocking about wondering how to get there and back on non existent trains with an 8 year old in tow. It's like living in the 3rd world.
  8. barryk32

    Parking ticket advice

    It's an old article but it was a 2 second search and the rules haven't changed. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/caradvice/honestjohn/5835910/No-need-for-physical-proof-of-posting-documents-to-DVLA.html I had letters and fines years ago because i hadn't posted my V5. I just told them I did and if they'd lost it it was tough shit.
  9. barryk32

    Parking ticket advice

    That's the thing, you don't have to prove anything.
  10. barryk32

    Parking ticket advice

    Your only responsibility is to put the slip in the postbox. As long as you did you can tell the the DVLA to fuck spiders. They've lost it like they do millions of other documents every year.
  11. barryk32

    Business mobile phone contracts

    What are the benefits of a business account? We get unlimited calls and texts on Giffgaff for a tenner a month.
  12. barryk32

    King Ken

    Its the entire match day experience. Its so sterile with the Orange Warriors looking for the slightest reason to chuck you out. My 8 year old loves away matches, loves the whole day but I cant drag him to a home game for love nor money as its simply boring. When the match day experience at home is easily second best to Fortnite then the entire thing needs looking at.
  13. barryk32

    Zach Clough

    For all the kicking off at the time, people never going again etc. It seems Ken has played yet another absolute blinder.
  14. barryk32

    Zach Clough

    Not making the starting 11 for a team 17th in league 1. What went wrong for the lad?
  15. barryk32

    Tommy Robinson

    They've got shit all and need more time to fabricate things.

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