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  1. barryk32

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    I was shaking my head then until I saw it was you. The scary thing is this is the actual mentality of some folk. If my business was losing 500 quid a month and I had savings of 9k. How long do you reckon I'd give it before I sold all its assets and shut it down. I think 3 months tops. Blokes a saint.
  2. barryk32

    The Supporters Trust

    What did I miss.
  3. barryk32

    The Supporters Trust

    Shithouse. How is a tenner off Burden going to get them a say. 10 million possibly.
  4. barryk32

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    No. He's meant to do a bit of journalism. He contacts the club and says we have heard XYZ from a source and we are running the story, can we take a statement. He then produces a proper article or he's told to fuck off and he puts the clubs refused to comment.
  5. barryk32

    River Plate Vs Boca Juniors

    Whys this being played in Madrid?
  6. barryk32

    norwich away

    Windscribe. Use it to log in then just disconnect it.
  7. barryk32

    norwich away

    Still using it with no issues. I got an annual pass at the beginning of the season.
  8. barryk32

    King Ken

    What an utter twat
  9. barryk32

    King Ken

    Aye thank fuck funds cant be raised against a stadium far too big and expensive to run for our needs. If it wasnt for that we'd have no where to watch some shit boy band lip sync to generic bollocks after I've been to watch Athy Colls next year.
  10. barryk32


    Next fella might.
  11. barryk32

    Things your kids won't experience

    Playing 2 player games on the same tele. They aren't even in the same house now.
  12. barryk32

    Things your kids won't experience

    Having to go and find your mates when you went out.
  13. barryk32

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    0-3 and an untenable situation
  14. barryk32


    We'll said Erhun.
  15. barryk32

    Town Centre Latest

    I know the bloke behind the Winter Wonderland. Funnily enough he's not mentioned it anywhere with his name on show.

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