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  1. barryk32

    Bar on Bridge Street late 90's

    Heroes and liberties ring bells
  2. barryk32

    Brum away

    Lovely bloke too who has an excellent taste in removal companies.
  3. barryk32

    Sweaty Ken

    Another Ken in truth telling and shit journalism shocker.
  4. barryk32

    Missing footballer

    This. Think its been said on the Tower Hamlet bonfire thing. If they start arresting folk for being bellends we're all fucked.
  5. barryk32

    Chester evening out.

    Just to add, everywhere we wanted was fully booked. Traf got us a room in our first choice within 10 minutes. Top top bloke is Traf!!!
  6. barryk32

    Chester evening out.

    Going away for a night with Our Peg next Friday. We wont be there long so is there anywhere you 'must go' if you're in Chester? Fancy Upstairs at the Grill for tea.
  7. barryk32

    Missing footballer

    Just watching last nights MOTD. Another minutes silence and more tears. Maybe I'm just a bit heartless but these fellas are giving the Scousers a run for their money.
  8. barryk32

    Recent Filums I've Watched

    Point Man - It was an 8/10 on IMDB. I didnt check how many votes it had, that was the cast and crew. Its now where it should be with a 4/10. Id score it lower. Shiiite.
  9. barryk32

    Tommy Robinson

    Manchester, outside the BBC offices. He's seemingly Panorama'd Panorama
  10. barryk32

    Missing footballer

    Right, it may just be me being a fucking grumpy, miserable old bugger now I'm pushing 40 but..... Isn't it all a bit much? Masses of Cardiff fans in floods of tears, minutes silences, t-shirts with his face on them, applause in the 28th minute, more tears after the match and God knows what else, that's just off the top of my head. All for a player who didn't ever step foot in Cardiff. Folk can't wait to express their grief nowadays.
  11. I've been to a few WW social events, weddings, charity nights etc where you meet the posters other halves. What is it about the posters on here because everyone of you always seems to be punching above your weight. Some fucking massively (not me obviously, I'm a catch).
  12. barryk32

    Transfer Gossip

    To be fair, thats quite funny. They'll know full well he was at ours all day and are taking the piss a bit.
  13. barryk32

    Sheff Utd away

    And this is why I'm sat at home. This would be me with the wife and kid in tears again.
  14. barryk32

    Sheff Utd away

    We set up from the first minute to nick a 0-0. Players tying shoelaces in the first 10 minutes. Sheffield Utd haven't been all that. Have a go at losing 4-3, 3-2 or even fucking 3-0 having a go rather than surrender 2-0 before a ball is kicked.
  15. barryk32

    Sheff Utd away

    I wanted to go, my lad asked if we could go, I'm on half day so I can still go. I cant be trusted to keep my shit together with our window lickers though so for that reason Iamout.

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