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  1. It's actually Desmond the Dragon. Not that it matters, they still tonked us AGAIN!!
  2. Seller from Rochdale Mickey. Says it all!!
  3. Sorry Enzo. It's my age! Comes to us all.
  4. I to travel from Rochdale with 4 other ROCHDALE WHITES. Start at 6pm picking up the others, by the time I get home after dropping everybody off it's 11pm. After watching the Whites for nearly 60 years it does make you think why you bother after that performance. Still be there on Saturday, but I to am running out of patience with Phil. Got our first corner on 45 mins on Tuesday, one shot on target. Totally unacceptable for ANY home game no matter who your playing.
  5. 5 from Rochdale and Littleborough. Still have a good following from Rochdale today. Grandad (Rochdale Whites)
  6. Can't blame Alex for this one Micky, although it could have been Nathan. Grandad (Rochdale Whites)
  7. Bet they don't fit you now Micky. Grandad. (Rochdale Whites)
  8. Num Nuts!! Grandad. (Rochdale Whites.)
  9. That win was for you Nat. Now perhaps the bucket shakes will take their pathetic banner down. (Grandad Rochdale Whites.)
  10. Rest in peace pal. Loyal Wanderer through thick and thin. Grandad (Rochdale Whites.
  11. This afternoon 70 years ago 33 fans set off to watch our beloved team and never came home. Thinking of you all. May you rest in peace. Grandad (Rochdale Whites)
  12. Richard

    21 Years Etc

    It just shows what BWFC means to John McGinley. The passion the pride at the final whistle. Sadly lacking in todays team. Grandad (Rochdale Whites)
  13. Only had a word with him Casino. Grandad (Rochdale Whites)
  14. Just like our Orange Warriors at Macron. Grandad. (Rochdale Whites)
  15. No matter what division we are in, we are and always will be BOLTON WANDERERS. Grandad (Rochdale Whites)
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