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  1. To think Evatt said Yoan Zouma wasn't any better than what we've already got at the back to warrant a contract. I think Zouma might wanna consider a new profession then!
  2. Nice little piano solo there to compliment the commentary 🤣
  3. I would presume as the season tickets are on promo codes the club wouldn't make a bean out of it, maybe the club itself has to pay a small fee for coverage 🤔
  4. I've never used ifollow before. Is it a pay monthly subscription or pay on a game by game basis?
  5. I was hoping for that kitmans locker sale coming round, so I could find some training wear possibly in large. Maybe an unused Faal top going spare!
  6. I was at Highbury that day. I think I'd only heard of Johnson that very morning travelling to the game, I was surprised when we got there to find he was starting. I have to say though, most energetic debut I've ever seen. If he had his shooting boots on it would have been the complete debut. He tried his luck from about 25 yards that almost hit the upper tier!
  7. 16/17. Didn't have a clue who are player of the season was, that must have been a tough vote!
  8. I had never been to Wembley and wanted to visit before it was demolished in 2000. The plan was to watch Bolton in the playoff final that year but that didn't pan out, so got a ticket for the Wigan-Gillingham division 2 final. The Gills won 3-2 in the end. I went down on the Wigan official coach travel and on the way back (driving past Walsalls Bescot stadium) an owd fella sat next to me asked if I would be visiting there next season. I replied no as I am a Wanderers fan and we are in a higher league. Needless to say we didn't speak again 😁
  9. Also Bournemouth were a game away from conference football while we were living it up in the PL so just shows how the tables can turn.
  10. I often wonder if this decade rates worse than the 1980-89 period? I take solace in the fact that between 88-95 we cut our way through every league, I. e fortunes can change dramatically.
  11. Am I right in thinking anyone from the seated area could easily walk over to the terraced area and vice versa? I was sat (stood for 90 minutes) near the halfway line and quite a few seats were empty up that way for what was a sell out.
  12. I wouldn't say so. We're in a position where we can't afford to lose so we've got to keep rolling the dice.
  13. Just rang through, all the terracing sold out. Only seating left.. Got myself on the funbus.
  14. Honest question, can you use a child's client ref number to buy an adult ticket? Anybody tried in the past?
  15. Yes, for the Coventry and Ipswich games.
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