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  1. Heard peter house in howfen is doing 75-79 this week also. Sooner than i expected
  2. Got an arcteryx goretex waterproof. It was expensive but it holds its own against any rain. Had it a year, no signs of wear, it will last forever. Need to look after waterproofs/goretex, wash them with tech wash and then with a rewaterproofer. Once the pores start to clog with sweat and dirt it starts to be less waterproof and needs to be re-done.
  3. Still seeing people flying to Dubai on facebook. It's a joke
  4. Many businesses, manufacturing etc. are still operating. These people are going to go to work if their employers say they have to. Their employers are going to continue unless the government tells them they can't. That's the bottom line imo.
  5. Not forcing myself through dry jan during the current shitstorm but like others aiming to cut down big time. No beers until Feb, will have a few gins and the odd wine at weekend but beers are my usual choice of poison
  6. Flatmate tested positive today. That's me self isolating till the 12th now after spending nye in the same room. He noticed loss of taste on nyd and when it didnt go with his hangover yesterday he got a test. I'm feeling OK at the moment
  7. Been pretty good with the gym and running the last few months. Hoping to have a bit of a health kick from Monday and kick on a bit. Got a Garmin vivoactive 3 for xmas which seems pretty good so far, makes it a lot easier to try and keep on top of calories in/out.
  8. Is bella pizza still there in town? The little hut near the octagon. Used to love a 7" margarita for £1.30 on a saturday afternoon with my mates when i was 13/14. The bloke who works in there is seriously good at folding pizza boxes.
  9. This thread explains the delays with AZ, as others have mentioned. They retested after half/full dose cock-up and have now found efficacy as 95%. https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1343047055078551554?s=19
  10. Got a load of amstel/Stella for volume, few brewdogs/camdens/supermarket crafts and a bottle of red. Chinese coming in a bit. It's not the boozer but it'll do
  11. My mrs Grandad got a letter on Monday telling him he had a vaccine appointment... The previous Friday. I've seen that the NHS volunteer service thing from the first lockdown are recruiting for stewards to help man vaccination sites and st johns vaccinators. I'd imagine this is gearing up for the oxford vaccine for if and when it gets approved (keeping fingers crossed).
  12. Where I'm at too. Tend to get some cheaper/standard beers in and treat myself to a few of the more expensive stuff. It may be overpriced but when its good its bloody good.
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