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  1. Will have a look at misty Just picked the curry guy book up in aldi a while ago, the few things I've made have been good tbf.
  2. Cant wait till we can get shut of them but I hated wearing them at first even for ten mins Wear one most of the day at work now when I'm in the lab without it bothering me, its mad how quickly you adjust to things
  3. Had a steady rolling man couple weeks back, didn't think it was anything special tbh
  4. Only had the coffee and chocolate stout that they sell in M and S but thought that was decent.
  5. Drinking a 440ml faith now. Just had the brewdog marshmallow and pineapple hazy ipa, pretty nice actually. London beer factory jungle trip not bad too.
  6. Tonight's selection is Hells, Leffe, Schofferhoffer, Warsteiner And one each of Tesco's new craft selection, all £2 with a clubcard as an introductory offe
  7. Sorry couldn't get rid of this quote from post box for some reason.
  8. Get in fuck me that was squeaky bumtime
  9. Great to see us confident on the ball and controlling the game
  10. No commentary on skybet for us scutters
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