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  1. Had some punk ipa vouchers the other month, £2 off 4 packs in tesco, worked on the two 4 packs for £9 so aslong as one of the packs was punk ipa the other could be elvis juice or whatever. Ended up with 8 cans for £7, luckily for me i had 5 vouchers so got my moneys worth for sure
  2. Also signed up to do some calls. Joined a local facebook group last week and popped leaflets printed by the local shop with phone numbers on for help if stuck in self isolation and in need of something through all the letterboxes in our block. Not much but got to try and do our bit
  3. Very quiet in sheffield centre today. Still lots of old people knocking about. Noticed quite a few shops doing one in one out with a maximum amount allowed in at one time.
  4. We could do with a big downpour to encourage everyone to stay inside
  5. Very coherent tonight Boris compared to his usual bumbling self. Also impressed with Rishi. Not a fan of the tories but they’ve stepped upto the plate here. General feeling amongst mates (mainly staunch labour) is they’re also impressed and fairplay
  6. Close the fucking pubs and gyms. Jesus christ
  7. Is it a blue peter badge or a medal you’re after? Nothing funny or clever about being right/“i told you so” in the face of a global pandemic that IS killing people. I hope you’re right and you can have the last laugh afterwards - but if you truly think the concern for vulnerable people (and people in general) is a fad or a myth as you seem to keep eluding to in your posts then you need to get a grip.
  8. Binged the stranger this weekend. Really enjoyed it, although quite a few unanswered questions
  9. Really? I’m not vegan or veggie by a long stretch but i actually quite like the vegan sausage roll, nowhere near as greasy. Tried the vegan steak bake they’ve just brought out the other day, tasted alright but would say it’s more minced “beef” and onion than “steak bake”.
  10. Casserole was very nice, will certainly make again and enjoy it for dinner tomorrow. Just some recipe off tesco’s website. Really struggle to not snack in the evenings when i drop the carbs, not even particularly chocolate or anything too bad. Just feel hungry and the constant urge to nibble on something.
  11. First gym session back this morning. Not as bad as expected on the scales but ideally want to lose half a stone. Little to no booze and no eating out for a few weeks. Minimal bread and plenty of exercise and hopefully should shed a few pounds. Gunna try out a veggie sausage casserole tonight. See how that goes
  12. The capture on iplayer, very good
  13. Did the same a couple years back. Felt bad ringing up to cancel but they were sound about it. 8 free beers is 8 free beers although there were a few peculiar ones
  14. Impressed with Graham since he came on
  15. Fair to say the club weren’t expecting that many! Some thirsty as fook folk in east lower at half time, no bars open. Doors to premier suite were being shut to the concourse when we were let in so they definitely weren’t expecting to open the east. Really enjoyed it tonight thought we played great first half, tired in second half but battled on until the end. Shame about pens would’ve been nice for them to get a win but onwards and upwards felt good to hear the ground rocking in the second half. bolton are back
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