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  1. DaisyHWanderer


    Tried some buffalo hot wing flavoured ones in the US, yet to find them over here
  2. DaisyHWanderer


    Now these are incredible. Sell them in the fat cat in kelham island sheffield, have to get some every time i go in now. Awful for you mind
  3. DaisyHWanderer

    Sheff Utd away

    Turning toxic
  4. DaisyHWanderer

    Sheff Utd away

    Iamnowin. First game since Sheff Utd away last season, hoping for a similsr result
  5. DaisyHWanderer

    Bolton v Reading

    Come on whites lets try build on friday
  6. DaisyHWanderer

    Todays Games

    94th minute winner for millwall
  7. DaisyHWanderer

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Got a stream through reddit soccer streams, uk commentary, american channel
  8. DaisyHWanderer

    WBA home

  9. DaisyHWanderer

    WBA home

  10. DaisyHWanderer

    WBA home

    Thought we’ve been playing alright but dogshit defending again and inability to score costing us
  11. DaisyHWanderer

    WBA home

    Nailed on pen for them, not sure how linesmans not seen it
  12. DaisyHWanderer

    WBA home

    Looked very slightly offside on telly, tough call for the linesman though
  13. DaisyHWanderer

    WBA home

  14. DaisyHWanderer

    Sweaty Ken

    I’ve been neither in the Anderson in or out camp, realising that without him we’d probably have gone bust long ago but that we also can’t carry on as we’re going on for too much longee. Hearing them comments though, not sure how anyone can defend him. Enough is enough lets get this clown gone
  15. DaisyHWanderer

    Tv Shows

    I really enjoyed it. It’s strange as you obviously know what the programmes leading towards but for me personally I didn’t know the exact route to it so it kept me gripped still. The boddingtons sign in the phone box made me laugh.

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