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  1. Exactly. Haven’t read much of this thread but at the end of the day whether their parents are genuinely skint or blowing it all on fags and booze or not a load of kids would spend the half term hungry. If you have a problem with the state helping the most vulnerable children in society who have no choice whether they exist or not then get a grip ffs
  2. I’ve heard the exact same date from a mate in local gvt. Which bodes well.
  3. Potentially disastrous consequences on mental health for many if this happens. Not like last time where everyone was out running and cycling, much easier to sit inside deteriorating when its wet cold and dark outside
  4. Just finished Challenger on Netflix. Pretty interesting 4 part series for any space geeks or engineers like me.
  5. That is literally the point of the scale. Unless someone has directly compared them based on colour alone, then it’s a pointless conversation.
  6. Tbh i don’t think there is one particular age group to blame. For every 18 year old i’ve seen not wearing one I’ve also seen a 50+ year old wearing it underneath their nose or hanging off one ear. Not excusing either of them, it’s just pure laziness, selfishness and shows a lack of care about others.
  7. Was a bit dissapointed with the Shoop also, nothing special imo
  8. Find it hard to believe there’s only 250k active cases currently (according to ZOE app), feel like we are missing shit loads of asymptomatic/minimal symptom cases still.
  9. My brother moved into uni halls last week, flatmate tested positive on monday, he had a test yesterday and got it back this morning also positive. He said half the student village is in self isolation, sounds like they’ll have herd immunity soon. Feel sorry for those starting uni in the current climate, stuck in a flat for two weeks with 5 people you only met the previous week and haven’t got a lot in common with!
  10. https://twitter.com/nhscovid19app/status/1309446092057202689?s=21
  11. Buffalo chicken burger with blue cheese sauce i had in new york was mindblowing. Do like a blue cheese sauce with steak or a steak and stilton pie
  12. I agree, sadly. Going to be a long dark winter this one
  13. He said on PMQ’s that if the rates allow it then of course the rules will change before 6 months
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