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  1. Don't really know what the alternative could have been. If we were allowed to postpone games with no points penalty that would allow us to have a team that can play competitively. But then we'd have teams coming up for games midweek, which they'd potentially complain about. Or that teams who play us in the congested period have an advantage. We're better off playing and losing as it stands. If they take -3 for Donny, we need a win to break even. So it's through the EFL rules. Should we be punished for Brentford and Doncaster this season? Shouldn't the same offence result in the puni
  2. Someone mentioned on the BN blog last time we had the embargo we were limited to 6 month loans. Potentially the same now. A full 6 months may take us through the next deadline, so Jan with a potential extension in the next window is probably the plan. Anyone who isn't used/ doesn't want to stay can then be replaced with another loanee.
  3. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    Yeah I just looked this up. The hotel admins confirmed 2 bids. "Following the marketing process seven offers were received. A due diligence process of the bidding parties’ proof of funds and a credibility assessment of the prospective purchasers suitability were undertaken and the legal advisors to two parties are now reviewing the Sale and Purchase Agreements sent to them for consideration." https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17845283.takeover-bolton-whites-hotel-administrators-say-sale-delayed/ It seems that the club deal is going to push the hotel deal though and FV will g
  4. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    From iles latest article "It is understood the club’s administrators have made contact with the BooHoo group since the FV bid stalled on Friday night but, at time of writing, had received nothing back."
  5. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    He's saying they're not preferred bidder. Which is what I assumed he would. If they actually want it (and exist) they should definitely make it known. Doesn't seem like they will get it doing what they're doing Nixon has previously said everyone knows of them who needs to. And the statement reads like they're open to other parties making an offer but there haven't been any.
  6. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    Surely it should be reported if the admins are blocking a legitimate bid? He's basically said the admins statement isnt right with regards to the hotel deal on Friday. Can't see why someone would wait around for this long wanting the club without saying anything.
  7. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    Yeah Nixon is potentially just spinning the delay to make it look like he was right all along. If it completes monday, he'll say they blocked anyone else taking the hotel so the others walked away or something.
  8. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    Not sure if the admins are allowed to sign anyone. Apparently squad registration was 12:00.
  9. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    Most sites offer a cash out. I can take my full stake out on bet365 for what I placed at 14/1.
  10. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    Nixon claiming the other group have more money, but don't want publicity. How convenient.
  11. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    Yeah I'm not sure what they'll about it. I was hoping for the announcement followed by some signings who have been in training. Is there an age where they don't count as registered for squad numbers?
  12. Razaldo9

    Take Over

    14/1 on bet365. I've backed it. Cash out if we don't sign anyone.
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