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  1. H

    Twitcher in the Jungle

    Twitcher in the jungle ???!!!??? WTF is this thread about ?
  2. H


    As Sally Nugent said on breakfast tv it was the Grand Slam of Farts.
  3. H

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    I've seen that
  4. H

    King Ken

    If you go to the chorus it's sha la la la la la lee. Franny replaces the last two 'la la's
  5. H

    Wireless devices

    My max is 3. A bit slow and annoying on occasions but adequate for my needs. No way am I paying for cable to be laid/installed from the junction box at the bottom of our lane to our house. Would cost a fortune for no discernable benefit.
  6. H

    Car sounding footballers

    Skoda Fabian de Freightas Rover
  7. H

    Car sounding footballers

    Roy of the Rovers
  8. H

    New Brighton

    Giant found asleep on New Brighton beach.
  9. H

    Phil Parkinson

    1982 !!!
  10. H

    Celebrity Deadpool 2018

    One for the oldies - Charles Aznavour.
  11. H

    Celebration of Craig Noone

    Don't make it bad. Take a bad pass and make it better.
  12. H

    Todays Games

    Always was a twat. Bolton win, scum lose. If Carlsberg did football.
  13. H

    Bolton v Derby

    Great rant Satan. Get some more ale down thisen.
  14. H

    Brands flogged to death

    Very sexist. They should be advertising dry arse cream as well.

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