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  1. Walshyt

    Keith Hill

    JFTR I wasn't saying I wanted us to sign Conway. Its just some info I heard that we offered him pittance.
  2. Walshyt

    Keith Hill

    Think we offered similar and got laughed at by Craig Conway. Now at Salford.
  3. At least the wind will dry the pitch a bit
  4. Anyone know a good pub and somewhere to park?
  5. Walshyt

    Take Over

    Stardust? Edit* Just seen ive been beaten to it but don't know how to delete
  6. Walshyt

    Take Over

    Not everyone has the pull and can offer wages like we can.
  7. Walshyt

    Take Over

    Does a post count as Libellous if its written using the first letters of ex players names?
  8. Walshyt

    Take Over

    Steinsson Tal Okocha Nakata Elmander Fadiga Ricketts Oztumer Spearing Taylor Farrelly Charlton
  9. Walshyt

    Take Over

    If you say Ken is a cunt in the mirror 3 times then Lee Anderson turns up at the end of your bed, at midnight, to strangle you with a Lawrie Wilson matchworn sock.
  10. 180 Sold according to Ticket office. Wow
  11. 287 tickets sold for Rovers so far, according to ticket office 🙈
  12. Walshyt


    That's tomorrow pal. Spurs, City and Liverpool tonight.
  13. Walshyt


    Was going to go but nobody I go with is bothering. So I'm out. Sad to say but I'm not bothered and looking forward to watching CL.
  14. Walshyt

    Take Over

    I'll be brown bread by 8th May. Ticker can't take any more.
  15. Walshyt

    Take Over

    If they did that 3 years ago we might not have had KA
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