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  1. Can't be. Hasn't mentioned Robert Earnshaw or Billy Davies yet
  2. Hi Carl Big fan of your twitter account. I'll be waiting with baited breath for post #3
  3. Which is what Warburton and Weir are so familiar with
  4. Dunno but whatever it is, I feel good
  5. Better had or the bedsheet is coming back out
  6. It was based on retaining him
  7. Absolutely agree. If being self sufficient is the future then we start now. I'd include Vela in that - as a proper graduate who has made a success of his time here (generally speaking) then he could be the leader of that pack.
  8. Kane57

    Wigan away

    at least they're competitive
  9. Are they hoping this brings them back to relevance?
  10. The sentiment might be, yeah, but that's the sort of rallying call you might expect from a blog or similar.
  11. Just so strange What on earth drove them to post that?
  12. Kane57

    Wigan away

    Some interesting justifications from fellow coppers in reply to that video. Wonder what the parents of the kids who look as though they're leaning over and gobbing on the police think watching that
  13. Can you repeat that in longform please
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