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  1. Kane57

    'Brand' Evatt

    I mean I'm looking for the links you've both shared but
  2. Kane57

    'Brand' Evatt

    We really do have the opportunity to morph into a new BWFC now under Evatt. We really should take heart from all his 'brand' talk. Makes your heartbeat a bit faster.
  3. Update. Engineer came out. Did some changing of wires and such and we're back in business. Now to ring them up and plead poverty to get some money off
  4. Noted ta, will check that out
  5. Pay VM about £45 a month for their 200mb fibre but over lockdown have been getting about 30mb if I'm lucky. Probs being throttled by VM as they wrote to me a while ago saying I was in their top 10% data users in the country. Oops. Plays havoc with my IPTV. Second that comment above about the 4k firesticks - even if you don't have a 4k telly they are worth it. Improved our streaming experience no end, til the internet went to shit. Engineer coming out this morning to look. More on this exciting story later.
  6. The kegs are £3 dearer now than when I looked at getting one 12 months ago, which is frustrating.
  7. What time do you knock off?
  8. Adam Senior doesn't. He's perfect
  9. What a ringing endorsement
  10. Trolley service in operation on Ryanair today according to the aforementioned in-laws. No hot food or drinks though, weirdly.
  11. Good way of looking at it. We're still due to go to our place in Spain on the 13th August. In-laws went earlier today, reported the airport as being really quiet with hardly any shops open. Temperature taken on arrival at Ringway but not at the other end in Murcia.
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