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  1. Quite conservative views compared to some Wanderers fans
  2. This guy sits a couple of seats away from me. Was in Bodyguard and a million other things
  3. Love that. My boy is only 4 so a bit early to be taking him week in and week out, especially when the weather is shit - not to mention the high chance of him ruining the Last Post pre-game with some high-pitched whine about Paw Patrol or summat. That said, going to the game has been elevated to a whole new level since he started coming with me, the attention-seeking, sweet-eating, fruit-shoot-popping, annoying loveable son of a gun.
  4. Fuck Madine. What a prick he was. Six fuckin million
  5. Rossiter was no.16 right? His shorts were pulled up REALLY high
  6. I do enjoy reading these post match musings cos there are always some that I agree with and some where I just completely scratch my head. Lowe was as good as Murphy was poor, for me, but plenty have already said how much they enjoyed his performance. It's a funny old game
  7. He was brilliant throughout - really calm and composed, but then had a rather rash last ten. No worse than Wright though. Impressed with YZ today.
  8. Kong Skull Island just added to Netflix. Worth a watch, if a little long.
  9. It's not the good one - Amazon loves to give these exploitation versions an airing.
  10. The Hangover director is the same chap who made Joker. Just goes to show what you can do with some proper material. Been enjoying Amazon Prime's Fright Fest lately. Mainly B-movies but some good ones all the same. Watched Cannibal Ferox the other day and tonight I have Chernobyl Diaries on.
  11. 45mins is a good effort still. Mine is pushing four and he loved it but I think he loved the sweets and the McDonalds after more.
  12. He did thanks. Behaved for the most part but then again he did start cheering when Dale scored their second. We left at that point. McDonald's seemed a far better bet.
  13. Very proud day today - taking the boy to his first match. If he continues to misbehave then he'll be coming again.
  14. 12 - 2. Whole thing shuts at two so good luck after that
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