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  1. Kane57

    Transfer Gossip

    It's like a shit Whatsapp group, only with fewer people
  2. Kane57

    Transfer Gossip

    Good grief
  3. Kane57

    Transfer Gossip

    It was a compliment
  4. Kane57

    Transfer Gossip

    You've never said anything remotely funny in your life, Sluffy, but that post has really amused me.
  5. Kane57

    Sweaty Ken

    Hear hear
  6. Kane57

    Can't quite remember....

    He gave me the files too for anyone to come and take it on
  7. Kane57

    Sweaty Ken

    Well that took longer than I expected
  8. Kane57

    Todays Games

    Wish they'd fuck off back to whatever southern club it is they came from
  9. Kane57

    Todays Games

    What about chairmen
  10. Kane57

    Todays Games

    Thoggers and his weird Putin loving old man flitting from club to club for his shit films. Just a bizarre lifestyle
  11. Kane57

    Sweaty Ken

    There he is at the back, the fucking freak with his shopping bag like a pound shop Angelos Epithimiou
  12. Kane57

    Sweaty Ken

    Smile for the camera and we'll let your families live. Make it convincing.
  13. Kane57

    Sweaty Ken

    There's another photo with that Thogden lad. Of course.
  14. Kane57

    Sweaty Ken

    I remember a conversation with Eddie Davies (dead now, so no proof, soz) and he reckoned that Buckley was well shit.
  15. Kane57

    Todays Games

    Your prize is a signed shirt from Pall Olafur Snorasson or Duong Thach

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