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  1. Kane57

    Salfod Citeh

    I don't even know where to start with this
  2. Kane57

    Taken over

    Wrong again though I suppose it's like a bereavement
  3. Kane57

    Taken over

    It's absolutely nothing to do with that. It's absolutely something personal to one of the group and will be resolved shortly. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down.
  4. Kane57

    Taken over

    Looking forward to Sluffy recapping all this
  5. Kane57

    Taken over

    I'm not saying it's aliens, but it could be
  6. Kane57

    Taken over

    Even the patient ones aren't much better
  7. Kane57

    Taken over

    Which in turn gives us four weeks to fuck Parky off and rebuild the entire playing squad. Looking forward to that.
  8. Kane57

    Taken over

    By the skin of his teeth
  9. Kane57

    Taken over

    Nobody else gives a shit
  10. Australia are entering the next one
  11. Kane57

    Taken over

    I just love the thought that a new broom would come in and make a pretty popular decision in appointing Lee but then bring that right back on itself by having Megson on board too. Crackers.
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