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  1. Losing 1-5 against Coventry at the Reebok the 6-0 against United
  2. The latest series is a proper return to form. Thought s9 was a bit weak but 10 smashes it out of the park. I absolutely love Leon. Speaking of comedies, the second series of the new Sunderland Netflix show is up now. First series was hilarious.
  3. I've never forgotten the actions of the family who sat behind me - they went home at half time, with the dad saying he couldn't face watching us get battered. Always wondered what happened to them.
  4. I remember thinking, at the moment that he struck it, that he should have looked up and squared it to Mixu, cos both of them were advancing on Hislop with the entire Reading defence just gawping on. So glad it found that tiny corner of the goal and ended up being a brilliant finish.
  5. I've been doing the Joe Wicks 9am ones with my two - they love it....me....less so
  6. I'm putting in a quite frankly astonishing number of hours on my BWFC Football Manager save
  7. Old bloke in ESL on half way. Has this weird warbling voice when he shouts that makes him sound like he's underwater. Known as Aquaman
  8. We went to Moss Bank Park yesterday to meet up with my parents, had to explain to the kids they couldn't go and give their grandad a hug or anything like that. Enjoyed getting out in the fresh air.
  9. Kane57

    Alan Brazil

    I remember driving home from London on the day Ronnie Irani was sacked by TalkSport. They were taking the piss out of him relentlessly. What a cock.
  10. Star Wars Rise of Skywalker is out in the usual places
  11. Kane57

    Prem off

    I've been insisting he doesn't play for us for the last two years
  12. Great investment. All the strength is in the ends so as long as you're not approaching it like the Incredible Hulk they'll last you ages.
  13. This has kept Keith in a job til August
  14. Really nice guy, hope it works out for him.
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