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  1. Goalkeeper feels like a position we could easily improve on. Matthews gifted them that goal today. The under 11s keeper at half time at least knew how to parry the ball wide.
  2. Fuck Gary Madine. Was a huge part of one of the worst squads we ever had. Almost shat out of the Port Vale game too cos he had a hurt shoulder. Soft bastard. That three-month purple patch apart he's barely scored ten goals combined in five seasons. Murphy is better.
  3. Kane57

    Lincoln away

    "You never win anything wi' talkin'" and "we were too slow, too rushed" are my personal favourites from that
  4. Kane57

    Lincoln away

    His post-match interview is seven minutes of absolute stream-of-consciousness horse shit.
  5. Uncut Gems. It'll be on Netflix by the 31st but it's worth seeking out. Stressed me out just sat there watching.
  6. The voices in his head, probably
  7. He's entitled to defend himself whenever he wants but the little snide jab at Parkinson was just plain weird
  8. Kane57


    Hierro was pretty average. Right
  9. Has Keef revealed whether D Murph was injured hence the otherwise baffling substitution? Also, jeans and trainers. He should dress for the job.
  10. Kane57


    Alnwick is dealing with a particularly tough-to-take bereavement. Doubt he'll be back any time soon.
  11. Some good stories on there but not as keen as some on the hosts, especially Parkin, it's all a bit forced. Leon Knight however is a complete headcase.
  12. Quite conservative views compared to some Wanderers fans
  13. This guy sits a couple of seats away from me. Was in Bodyguard and a million other things
  14. Love that. My boy is only 4 so a bit early to be taking him week in and week out, especially when the weather is shit - not to mention the high chance of him ruining the Last Post pre-game with some high-pitched whine about Paw Patrol or summat. That said, going to the game has been elevated to a whole new level since he started coming with me, the attention-seeking, sweet-eating, fruit-shoot-popping, annoying loveable son of a gun.
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