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  1. Kane57


    That but with more Alnwick and O'Grady and less Matthews and Buckley
  2. Can lend you some of mine if you like mate - especially what with winter coming....
  3. Mainly cos you're a pair of tedious bellends
  4. Manchester City had announced plans to do something similar but have had to dial it back because of complaints about privacy and data collection. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/aug/18/manchester-city-face-calls-to-reconsider-facial-recognition-tech
  5. Party line is that he is 'unwell' which has led to the usual rumours about his mental health and such. Either way I hope he comes back soon cos Matthews is absolute shit
  6. All I care about is that we have a club again
  7. They did mention that some agents had tried to squeeze them for cash and so they walked away. No idea if this applies to O'Neil but it does seem a coincidence
  8. Phil Brown is manager of Clitheroe. Only found out as I was working there today and someone told me. Big drop for him
  9. Does he expect James to have control over the weather or something?
  10. Kane57


    They have the tokens but they don't get the pints ready or anything. Bunch of idiots.
  11. Kane57


    If they're not changing things massively just have them sell beer tokens before kick off which you redeem at half time. No token - no pint. Then on 40mins having sold however many tokens they can pour the same number of pints and just line the fuckers up on the bar. One line for picking up pints, another for everything else.
  12. We didn't pay a single penny to agents on deadline day either
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