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  1. Yeah 6,000 people clicking a button on Facebook is harder to compel to monetise. Suppose the 30 or so who turned up for the walk would perhaps represent the 'core' of his followers.
  2. Yeah if you think raising over two grand is meaningless
  3. Kane57

    Taken over?

    Knew this was coming and so jumped before he was pushed. Right now Sluffy is just about getting hard
  4. Jamie Thomas, Welsh striker, was really highly thought of but never got a sniff. Ended up at Burnley but Christ knows where he is now
  5. Chris Eagles was there with them too
  6. Kane57


    I've read it twice and still can't believe that someone thought it a good idea to post that
  7. Kane57

    Taken over?

    Neither. They have a responsibility to go for the bid they consider in the club's best interests.
  8. Kane57


    He'd be the best player in our team
  9. He's two years older, slower and hasn't had a good game in that entire time. We shouldn't lose any sleep
  10. Part of the leading group who pushed for it so he can fuck off
  11. The dip in ratings has matched my own enthusiasm for the same players so hasn't been too bad
  12. CM2 was the first one I ever played. Have had every single one since. Haven't paid for a copy in a while though since I've been doing the Bolton stats on it back to about FM08
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