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  1. Just the 70 goals he let in last season. Agree on a new keeper, but not Matthews. He was always too weak to play for us.
  2. You want to best utilise his pace and athleticism in the middle of the park where there's less space?
  3. Where's that dislike button
  4. When defending a corner : GET A BLOODY MAN UP EVATT
  5. I really fancy a Twix now
  6. Kane57


    Salford Shitty
  7. Morais is a free agent after leaving Crawley this week. If he's affordable he would be a tremendous signing. If he's affordable.
  8. Trouble is, Crawford is playing with a bunch of L2 and non-league players so it's perhaps not that surprising that all his passes/final balls end up going just a yard or two long. They won't be able to read them as well as players that he's used to playing with (not at Bolton, obvz).
  9. I'd like to think I could read it, but I got serious chills reading the Saville book. Not nice at all.
  10. Greenidge? I'm amazed that someone who has only previous played 8 games at Hemel Hempstead and then two years in the Norwegian 18th division has been absolute pony so far
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