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  1. Still better than Delaney. Will be better than him every day for the rest of his life too
  2. He probably dropped off a leaflet for your local fried chicken joint without you even realising it
  3. Pollys triple. Poured it then checked the ABV 10% Woof
  4. Any chance of some post 1993 heroes for my generation? I'm glad the old timers on here have had their chance to quiz their heroes but come on now I want to grill Neil Fisher or Bryan Small
  5. SAINT MAUD Follows a pious nurse who becomes dangerously obsessed with saving the soul of her dying patient. Highly recommended 👍
  6. Even after all this, I'd be astonished if Southgate picks Foden and Grealish in his starting XI. It'll be Dier, Henderson, Mount et al
  7. I know him cos he's my next-door neighbour. Nice guy. Used to play for Bradford, under Parky, I think.
  8. When I was in there were two other blokes there from other BB shops in Lancaster. He was giving them some sort of business masterclass about the range of stuff he's got on. I tend to deal mainly with Ian at PT. He's a good guy
  9. Someone said he's signing tomorrow
  10. Got my vaccine today so on the way home (had it at Salford Royal, or Hope Hospital to me) stopped at Leyland BB. Two Bernie, two fog, a Milk Foley (twisted wheel), two of the other new Rivi raspberry and vanilla one (can't remember the name) and two Beach House. Sorted.
  11. Evatt said something about new signings thinking they'd 'made it' when they joined us. Taft and Hickman were two of them
  12. Kane57

    David Lee

    Classy, as to be expected.
  13. Kane57

    David Lee

    I'm disappointed for him because he's a top guy with a good reputation at that level. Let's hope the new blood can do better.
  14. You might not think Brentford are a moneyball club, but they do https://eflanalysis.com/analysis/moneyball-in-football-analysing-brentfords-recruitment-strategy-data-analysis-statistics https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jan/04/brentfords-focus-human-touch-belies-moneyball-reputation-tottenham-carabao-cup-semi-final
  15. Good offer that. Cheers. Mixed IPA/pale pack sorted.
  16. He's been doing brilliantly for the under 23s or whatever they are.
  17. Alright. Drop me a message please
  18. I worked with Felgate at Axfords and if he tells half the stories he told to me then that show is a must listen. A top guy.
  19. Priest Town man came a-deliverin' on Saturday, said it's due Thurs
  20. the new Rivington DIPA is excellent. 8% mind. Any of you vile thugs use Untappd? I'm on @CM365v1 if you do. Don't start tagging me with yer Carlsberg
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