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  1. You've got to laugh. They've thoroughly deserved to win.
  2. You could hear the bench hollering and shouting every time a defender or other blocked a goalbound shot
  3. Do you vile thugs have a favourite glass to drink from? Currently supping Estrella from this
  4. Worked at Axfords as a teen and on one occasion was tasked with disposing of the million off-cuts laying around. Best idea I had was to burn them. In the middle of a timber yard. Using diesel from the forklift. Didn't last long after that
  5. Mallow is a refreshing drop. The pineapple is nice. Blood Machines is an elite beer. A rebrew would be very much welcome here.
  6. I've got one Blood Machines left. I love it but can't bring myself to drink the last one
  7. Kane57


    He won't need to message him, IE's Internet team will have seen that the minute it was posted. Also, stop being such a tart.
  8. I had a Rivi hangover so mixed bran flakes with Aldi chocolate pillows and then had two brews, but Ok
  9. Gaetano Giallanza was senior bar manager at Moon Under Water on Deansgate
  10. Great isn't it The Rivi Hills Have Eyes is Great but Fog and Blood Machines are my favourite.
  11. Discovered their base is 1.4m up the road from me. Dangerous
  12. Kane57

    Walsall (H)

    There's ugly and then there's absolutely honking like today. We'll win this division
  13. I've never actually met another Room fan in the flesh. Hope you were throwing spoons at the screen like I was
  14. It's not a burger without cheese you monster
  15. Plau in Preston selling off a load of Verdant and Cloudwater for £3 a pop. Delivered just as Walsall scored ffs
  16. You won't go wrong with Vault
  17. Looks like it has reared its head again. One supporter has had his workplace contacted following comments to another participant
  18. If it's him - dangerous if not
  19. He's been outed, seemingly
  20. Says I'm argumentative I'm fucking not
  21. My last Blood Machines tonight. For me the best Rivi have done. Better than Fog.
  22. NM Faith in 440ml cans via our new Tesco. They're also doing 660ml San Miguel for £1.47. Arriba
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