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  1. Did the same last week. Rang them up to say that I don't watch Movies any more and wanted to cancel, they came back with an offer of £1 for six months. Give em a ring every few months pleading poverty and you'll get a tidy discount.
  2. Kane57


    Could sack off all the strikers for me - they're rubbish.
  3. Oh I know that, I'm just bothered by the thought that Redknapp might get them up and the media outpouring of joy that would follow.
  4. I think we're starting to get in danger of being left behind a bit already. QPR signing Hooper and Austin > better than any of our strikers Watford's cheating > strong squad We need to start pulling some belters out
  5. Getting your last few digs in before the ban-hammer strikes?
  6. Chairman won't be attending this one. Not surprising really.
  7. Colin, if you're old and want a nice chat, go on T-W - it's full of duffers who like a nice chat over a glass of chianti with some olives on the side.
  8. The way you won't be on this site come Monday is good, though. It's not before time.
  9. Used the club's travel thing in the past when driving or train wasn't an option - it was terrible. Old wimmin knitting at the front, kids supping WKD on the back and chucking up over the seats and in the aisle etc. Fuckin sex offender type handing out scratchcards was the final straw. Thought we were going to break out into kumbayah for a moment.
  10. Been browsing Twitter this morning and it's ablaze (not literally, unfortunately) with talk about Dougie leaving - all thanks no doubt to Maximum and his fuckwittery. That aside, there aren't half some absolute lemonheads on there. Usually have "bwfc" in their name somewhere.
  11. You're right, the racism and the sectarianism is off-putting. Why are so many English folk all of a sudden spouting how much they love Rangers?
  12. Kasper Schmeichel Baptiste Knight Wheater Tierney Chung Holden Medo Petrov SKD Emma Davies we'll shit um
  13. Can the admins ban this wanker?
  14. Facebook group for Bolton fans of a certain age.
  15. Not another one of those "in my day a ruck was a ruck, and we ransacked the town but them was the days" bollocks stories. Nobody cares/believes you.
  16. Banter. Fuck off with your "banter".
  17. So they're going to drop Olssen and Macauley who played most of the last season together, successfully too, in favour of some dude who was on loan at first division Bolton Wanderers? You don't half talk some bollocks lad.
  18. I've been to two - the manager answered a few shit questions and you'd have that Jack Dearden being forced to include the other person in some more shit questions - usually Alan Gowling - that no-one present cares about. "Dougie, why don't you sign Spearing?" "Because we can't afford him" Next question "Dougie, why don't you sign Dawson" etc - for an HOUR.
  19. I wondered if you were who I thought you were, now I know you 100% are.
  20. Hopefully will make other clubs follow suit
  21. It's gone reet downhill in the last two years. Full of cleanshirts.
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