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  1. Raz is starting deliveries which is dangerous.
  2. Kane57


    You can't un-knob a knob. It'll be worth it even if the total sum of all his contributions whilst here is just one goal or one pass that leads to a goal.
  3. Robert De Niro to play you in the movie version
  4. Went to T Wright today. Quiet as the West Stand in there. Few Rivi at cheaper than source too, which was a nice surprise. Picked up a Chain House one that has fast become my favourite. Recommend it for the Fog fans in here: It's a stunning drop
  5. Dapo is a better maverick than Maddison. Not a prick either.
  6. For someone who is so tall and so dominant in the air when dealing with high balls, he's fucking rubbish at attacking corners and scoring goals for us like he should be doing.
  7. Still relevant. Evatt needs to let shit questions go
  8. Kane57


    Seem to recall LA was off his cake for most of his time here, my meeting with him and his dad was no different
  9. For someone who doesn't like moaning, he spends a lot of time doing just that
  10. Kane57


    Nah was tickets, access to players for interviews, podcasts etc. All very thrilling but swiftly rejected. Yep. Also wanted to fund us setting up and running a Bolton version of Arsenal FanTV. To discredit the anti-Ken brigade online
  11. Kane57


    A certain ex super agent offered me summat similar when I ran LOV
  12. Any holiday with the in-laws
  13. Still better than Delaney. Will be better than him every day for the rest of his life too
  14. He probably dropped off a leaflet for your local fried chicken joint without you even realising it
  15. Pollys triple. Poured it then checked the ABV 10% Woof
  16. Any chance of some post 1993 heroes for my generation? I'm glad the old timers on here have had their chance to quiz their heroes but come on now I want to grill Neil Fisher or Bryan Small
  17. SAINT MAUD Follows a pious nurse who becomes dangerously obsessed with saving the soul of her dying patient. Highly recommended 👍
  18. Even after all this, I'd be astonished if Southgate picks Foden and Grealish in his starting XI. It'll be Dier, Henderson, Mount et al
  19. I know him cos he's my next-door neighbour. Nice guy. Used to play for Bradford, under Parky, I think.
  20. When I was in there were two other blokes there from other BB shops in Lancaster. He was giving them some sort of business masterclass about the range of stuff he's got on. I tend to deal mainly with Ian at PT. He's a good guy
  21. Someone said he's signing tomorrow
  22. Got my vaccine today so on the way home (had it at Salford Royal, or Hope Hospital to me) stopped at Leyland BB. Two Bernie, two fog, a Milk Foley (twisted wheel), two of the other new Rivi raspberry and vanilla one (can't remember the name) and two Beach House. Sorted.
  23. Evatt said something about new signings thinking they'd 'made it' when they joined us. Taft and Hickman were two of them
  24. Kane57

    David Lee

    Classy, as to be expected.
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