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    David Lee

    I'm disappointed for him because he's a top guy with a good reputation at that level. Let's hope the new blood can do better.
  2. You might not think Brentford are a moneyball club, but they do https://eflanalysis.com/analysis/moneyball-in-football-analysing-brentfords-recruitment-strategy-data-analysis-statistics https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jan/04/brentfords-focus-human-touch-belies-moneyball-reputation-tottenham-carabao-cup-semi-final
  3. Good offer that. Cheers. Mixed IPA/pale pack sorted.
  4. He's been doing brilliantly for the under 23s or whatever they are.
  5. Alright. Drop me a message please
  6. I worked with Felgate at Axfords and if he tells half the stories he told to me then that show is a must listen. A top guy.
  7. Priest Town man came a-deliverin' on Saturday, said it's due Thurs
  8. the new Rivington DIPA is excellent. 8% mind. Any of you vile thugs use Untappd? I'm on @CM365v1 if you do. Don't start tagging me with yer Carlsberg
  9. Don't really get on with the wife's dog. Got a new kitchen and he shat all over it. Rude, if you ask me.
  10. there's a new cut of Godfather 3 that purports to improve upon the original Don't bother both are shite
  11. Took mine there too - smooth as you like. Was about 15min from start to finish. Bring it on - was sad that they didn't say to me "well whilst you're here".....
  12. Not reading the whole thing, expect that racist chap from Australia said he wouldn't take it.
  13. Not your usual Greggs shite from Iceland, but those real secret things that you reckon nobody else knows about. This bad boy from Home Bargains or these fuckers from Lidl, dipped in a brew
  14. Goalkeeper and a striker, or centre half and a striker. Don't fancy Gilks lasting out the season, nor Delaney.
  15. Nobody half sensible thinks Doyle should be dropped. We don't have an alternative
  16. I'm on board with this. He's been good, but I expected more.
  17. Sarcevic has been rubbish. He's been a huge disappointment. I don't mind people getting upset at Darcy being sidelined, I'm just not as upset as some about it.
  18. It's not that I don't rate him, he had some great moments last season but they were just that, moments. He's never taken a single game by the scruff of the neck and dominated. We're too desperate to risk our arses on a 'maybe' like Darcy.
  19. What we know we don't need is a vanilla midget who is as weak ac a kitten. Darcy would be overwhelmed in this division.
  20. He's never shown any of that ability in a white shirt
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