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  1. It is, unless you apply even a moment of analysis to what we actually did with that possession.
  2. Politic right He'd be a first name pick in this team, if fit. At least he's got an end product unlike half of these pricks
  3. The team he picked shows exactly what Bielsa has as his priority
  4. I'm just glad to have watched it, very good!
  5. Sarcevic out with covid. Lee in.
  6. You're a terrible human being
  7. The Serpent. iPlayer. Eight episodes about a serial killer on the Hippie Trail in the 79s. Really good.
  8. If you put any credit in anonymous accounts like 'bwfc1234' or 'agent mcghee' then you're as daft as you reckon Iles is.
  9. Brewdog giving away their new beer. Brewdog.com
  10. Ordered me some Rivi - one I've not had, https://www.plau.co.uk/shop/plau-1668-jfd9y Also some stuff from Priest Town. Should be a belter of a Saturday, especially with Wanderers not around to mess things up.
  11. Taft and Hickman were two of the ones that Evatt was hinting at with his criticism that some signings thought they had 'made it' when they joined us.
  12. I got the same emails today. I hope the virtual AGM has a chat room function. That could be fun.
  13. August last year WAS reet. It will be again
  14. It'll be on Groupon by then
  15. Wouldn't shed a tear if he was sacked
  16. Delf was in the paper this week saying the ground was too hospitable for away sides. Maybe we've got them changing in a portakabin outside
  17. Santos has been poor today. His reading of the game is appalling. Suckered Brocky into that yellow card
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