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  1. I've got one can of Fog left. Saving it for midnight. Happy new year you vile thugs
  2. My christmas beers from Tinhead including two Brewdog orange, which was nice
  3. Yep. My 'year in beer' review was embarrassing
  4. Well and truly in. Beets for Christmas. Tinhead and Brewdog mainly. Hoody from Rivi. All the best you vile lot x
  5. Hi all, just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy year, most of all good health! These days people don't spend much time or thought on some personal words to their friends and family, they just copy and paste some random shit and send it on. So, after all we've been though together this year I want to thank you for your friendship and wish you a happy 2018! You are the best gymnastics group anyone could ask for. Best wishes, Helen
  6. Have a good day tomorrow lads. Despite this place being a hive of scum and villainy you're not all bad.
  7. Yeah it's not. Think I'll have one of those next.
  8. Cheers everyone. Been some excellent recommendations shared on here. Anyway, opened a Four Walls from Rivington. It's 7.2% but doesn't taste it. Almost like a session beer. Decent.
  9. Going to hang that over the fireplace. Should keep the kids away
  10. Picked up a Fog, x4 Four Walls, a Sonoma, Get up and Go plus one other Track that I can't remember
  11. Last crate. Four cans left. He was rationing it out at a can per person
  12. Off to BB in Leyland when it opens in half an hour. Last time in there I picked up a Mango effort from Wander Beyond. Didn't really pay too much attention, anyway I got it out of the fridge last night as a final beer of the evening and scanned the can. 13%!
  13. My grandad lived on Cambridge Close off Plodder Lane - Alan Ball's birthplace was always waved as 'up there', towards Plodder
  14. My first temp job was as one of those dopes saying hello to people as they walked into JD Sports in Bury. £2.73 an hour listening to the same five songs on repeat all day in 1995ish, so was all Britpop stuff. Graduating to working at Axfords for £30 a day. My uncle has worked there forever and he helped me out when I needed the cash as a teenager needing money for football and lager.
  15. Delicious can of Rivi Fog to celebrate finishing work for the Christmas break.
  16. He's a top guy. Off there on Wednesday for my Christmas stock. He gets new stuff Wednesday and Thursday morning btw
  17. Another jailbird. No thanks
  18. Fair enough but we aren't going out. Ever. So a meal out with booze is £60. Beer in is half that She cooks I cook We're up on the deal
  19. It's a good habit to get into. When I was younger I'd think nothing of supping a dozen Fosters or similar. Now it's ale that's x6 times the price. I don't mind cos it's all relative and subject to my income etc Then again I'm a sucker for a fad Bought x3 660ml Sam Adams. Get a a buzz from it.
  20. Horses for courses. Taste is taste. I don't drink wine. She does. I spend £6 on a bottle for her and she doesn't moan (know) that I spend the same on a can for myself. Rivi is worth it. Fog is worth it. Taste is taste. I've been reading CAPSLOCK for too long. Why am I on a new line Had a Pollys Cause and Effect earlier. Best 'new' beer in a while. Got my own Rivi glass. Evatt out
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