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  1. Sonoma by Track. Brilliant. Rivi up next. Has anyone tried the sour cherry and habanero one?
  2. It's the up and down that makes things just such a fucking drag. No consistency whatsoever. You can't un-shit shit players so we're here for a while, methinks.
  3. Picked up four cans of a passion fruit brew from my local. Very drinkable watching Wanderers ruin another Saturday
  4. We have absolutely no presence up top. Doesn't do us any favours trying to retain possession
  5. I mean the balls on them not even teasing the new Boba show until the end of that! Give Filoni and Favreau the keys to the fuckin kingdom. I was absolutely on board but then when she said 'only one X Wing' and I saw the green glow and the gloved hand. Didn't half give me the willies
  6. So the last 15min of the Mandalorian s2 finale reduced me to a quivering wreck. Fixed everything that has been wrong with Star Wars since the Phantom Menace. Outstanding telly.
  7. Eeeeeh lad remember when Jonesy took a shit on't gaffer's car, that wer reet funny wont it x34
  8. It does look good https://mobile.twitter.com/rivingtonbrewco/status/1339139874507657217?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  9. There's not much I wouldn't do for Sonoma
  10. Aye I hit up the Leyland one today and got a wonderful haul. The guy working there was great too, really helpful and knowledgeable. We swapped numbers and he reckons he's going to text me when this magical TRACK delivery comes in this week. That or he's going to try and groom me.
  11. Work gave us all a high street voucher instead of their usual trick paying for a Christmas dinner. Rock hard spending £25 at beer52 - all i got for that was four DIPAs that I'd never heard of - https://www.beer52.com/shop/case/apex-4-pack/3557
  12. Well that was amazing. Bargain Booze in Leyland. Cleared them out of Fog, Broken Amps, Illumination, Steady Rolling Man, a couple of Polly's, a Verdant and a Wander Beyond. Cost a few bob but absolutely outstanding. https://untp.beer/yK6md - now in stock
  13. Heading to Leyland tomorrow, so will report back
  14. Posted in the wrong thread, but seems Bargain Booze can be an unlikely source of some fantastic beer.
  15. Working in Northwich today so I nipped to Tesco at lunch and whilst there went to have a look at their selection. Picked up a couple of North and a Triple Hazy but the real prize was next door - a Bargain Booze. Haven't been in one in forever so popped in and would you fuckin' believe it they had Verdant cans on the shelf - £4 a pop for their 20 Watt Moon and for a decent selection of Mikkeller. Unbelievable. Edit - obviously meant for the Pissheadery thread
  16. Worst - worked in an estate agents with a load of Indian lads. Went out for a meal at a dry curry house. Food was amazing but I can't drink curry without a pint so me and the office Polish lad ended up taking some cans which we'd go out and drink in between courses. Anyway, afterwards we had a whole night out planned but the Indian lads decided against it so gave us £150 each to go and have a good one instead. Well, this Polish lad was a fucking weirdo so after two pints in the local with him I ended up going home at 9pm with the cash in my pocket instead. In fact that might have said more abo
  17. Guy at our place doesn't even bother with any sort of formal closing to an email, he just puts KR instead of kind regards. Like he's too important for all this. I don't like him.
  18. Yeah I got two of those glass sets, one for me and one for the old man at Christmas. Might just give him the glass I've got three Moretti subs in the fridge for the big day. They'll go in no time.
  19. Bah does he not do click and collect Got £70 worth of Rivi sat in my basket here ffs - fuck paying £14 delivery
  20. Amps is good too. On a par with Space Olympics He's great to have on WhatsApp for early alerts
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