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  1. Tombwfc

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Ok. That's not the question I was asking Carlos though. Iles may be inventing stories because he hates Ken, he may have a secret agenda to bring the club down from within and act as kingmaker for the ST, he may just be reporting the news and the information he receives how he sees it. Who can say. But I can't see why it would make any difference if he grew up a Bolton fan. Anyway, the club can't win here. Journo's stick together, and so any outside reporting of this is just going to make Ken look thin skinned and petulant. Public opinion seems largely in the BN's favour (call them all misinformed sheep if you like). And all the paper has to do is get Marc Iles a VPN and an ifollow account and he can crack on unaffected, only with even less reason to write what Ken would like him to write.
  2. Tombwfc

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    What's that got to do with him doing his job, which is getting paid to report on the club?
  3. Tombwfc

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Weird how this kind of stuff keeps happening to Ken. Said to the players they'd get paid last week when he knew they wouldn't. Said the Front Row petition had been sorted, and now this has fallen through because it hasn't. But I'm sure failing Bolton News has it wrong and Crooked Iles is just trying to undermine Honest Ken on behalf of the Slippery ST. Look forward to reading the truth in the morning.
  4. Tombwfc

    King Ken

    Iles isn't perfect, but he's clearly got contacts within the staff and the players, who are unhappy with the continued uncertainty around whether they're going to be paid every month. That's newsworthy. Ken has his platform for a response. The first team still haven't been paid two days after Ken said it would be sorted, and over a week since their actual payday. If you think Iles should instead be trying to build 'positive vibes' and discussing who might play left back against Norwich, you've got your head in the sand.
  5. Tombwfc

    King Ken

    The idea Ken will give up his chance at a decent payoff because of a mean tweet is as mad as believing the players are underperforming because of ratings in the Bolton News.
  6. Tombwfc

    King Ken

    I wonder who he'll pick as the greedy scapegoat this time around. Janet from marketing? Alan from the ticket office?
  7. Tombwfc

    In Or Out Again

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/nov/28/uk-significantly-worse-off-under-all-brexit-scenarios-official-forecast-gdp "A regional breakdown also showed that in a no-deal scenario, the north-east of England would be worst affected, followed by the West Midlands, the north-west and Northern Ireland. London would easily be the least affected." You couldn't make this shit up.
  8. Tombwfc

    In Or Out Again

    The idea of No Deal is a bit like a football club going to the wall. For all the talk, it doesn't really benefit anyone, so some deal or extension will be struck to avoid it. If I was an MP I'd probably vote May's deal through. It's not the final deal, and while I think it does worsen our negotiating position, that's hardly proved great so far anyway.
  9. Tombwfc

    King Ken

    It seems to me to be actively inviting conspiracy theories if you keep claiming to have never taken a wage from the club, while money is going out of the to your company/family. I don't think anyone would deny him a wage, some would see it as value for money if we are paying him 500k a year. But I think it's fair to question wether Ken is being totally up front about the money he personally is earning from the club.
  10. Tombwfc

    King Ken

    Not really. We pay players less money in terms of their basic wage, but they make it up in very achievable add-ons. No different to transfer fees and what we've done with Doidge. Henry was a free agen brought in at the end of last September when we were rock bottom without a win. It's not hard to believe his contract was heavily incentivised.
  11. Tombwfc

    King Ken

    Whether you care or not is up to you, but Henry left the club in June. It's pretty obvious that Thursday 6th September isn't the first date he's been given for when he'd be paid.
  12. Tombwfc


    Good for both parties I think. ALF can see the writing is on the wall here, he's never going to be a regular starter, and he'll soon be out of contract again. Parky has never thought he fits into the way he wants to play, and is probably glad not have a massive fan favourite unhappy on the bench. I'll not have anyone say he was overrated though. Needing a goal against Forest, everyone chanting for him to be brought on and save us, and he fucking did it. Very few players we've had in the time I've been watching have been capable of rising to an occaison like that.
  13. Tombwfc

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    I'm not sure I've read more than one LoV article in my life, and that was when Vela started calling them out on Twitter. I also never got around to joining the ST, even when people liked that idea. So no, but I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. I don't hate the Anderson's, I do believe that the players had some justification. I don't believe Marc Iles is going to win the Pulitzer, I do believe that in this situation he did as any journalist would. Only in your head is it a case of picking one side and sticking to it forever no matter what.
  14. Tombwfc

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    Surely you can see the difference between a club's official website, and an independent newspaper? It's Iles job to report news, not to make sure the club looks good to potential investors or whatever unemployed full-back we're currently trying to sign. Nor is it his job to ensure the players went through the proper processes. They went on strike, that's the news. Nothing he wrote in that article is in dispute by anyone, and actually he did even provide balance by quoting Ken's reasoning as to why this happened last year (which is largely the same as his reasoning now). Do you honestly think that all journalism should be as banal and unquestioning as a football club's website?
  15. Tombwfc

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    Presumably he can read a direct statement from the players. It says there has never been any notification or explanation from Ken in regards to late payments. Sluffy - the squad pulled out of a game the night before, and released a statement calling out the owner abouy unpaid money. Fuck, if Iles doesn't publish that, what's he in the job for?

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