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  1. That's Hancock going to hell then.
  2. Given he already said he supported Cummings multiple times on Twitter, it was a bit pointless for the first four questions to all be variations of that. Burley and Ferrari tied Gove up in knots getting him to endorse some of the absurd parts of the story. And there were plenty of questions unasked about testing, the App and this new announcement of PPE (when will it be delivered, is it all just single gloves and aprons etc). Was all a bit of a waste.
  3. Gove on LBC this morning claiming that he has also, on occasions, gone on a drive to check his eyesight. Politicians lying or being monumentally thick isn't limited to any one party, but the fact grown adults (the people running the country no less) are saying this with a straight face is incredible.
  4. The "I don't give a fuck as long as it winds up the lefties" I can accept - it's a bit sad, but it's a point of view. Anyone who thinks that was actually credible is a moonman. The eye-test alone is 'Prince Andrew can't sweat' levels of ridiculous. Should at least put to bed the idea of him being some sort of Dark Arts genius.
  5. Yep all checks out for me. Now I'm going to have another six pints, get my family in the car and drive 30miles to the nearest beauty spot to see whether I'm capable of driving.
  6. You can think one thing a person tells you is clear, and a different thing they tell you a month later is vague. I don't really see the contradiction. The only people claiming 'Stay At Home' was ambigious are in government.
  7. What does Boris's announcement on the 10th May - or anyones opinions of it - have to do with Cummings not following a different set of instructions a month earlier? Grasping a bit there.
  8. Can't believe we've reached the level of defending the indefensible where people are starting rumours about his son being autistic. It's either A: Bollocks and disgusting or B: Not bollocks, but still disgusting as it's information he's clearly gone to great lengths to keep private. It also doesn't really change anything either way. Though fwiw, I don't agree with anyone gathering outside his house or shouting at him in the street.
  9. Won't even front up and say which bits of the story they think are untrue, which is pretty telling. I was expecting a full on Rafa style 'facts' presser with Google maps data and messages showing he'd never gone day tripping to a castle or back and forth up the country. Just have to take Boris's word for it I suppose.
  10. Absolutely mad this. If he'd apologised and resigned yesterday morning, this would all have blown over and he could've quietly been brought back in a few months time. And Grant Shapps would've been able to wax lyrical about the A66. Instead more than half the cabinet (plus the Attorney General) have had to trash their credibility, treat the public like idiots and piss a load of people off who would never have given a fuck. For what?
  11. This thread gets more and more like the King Ken thread on a daily basis. People would rather argue black is white than agree with Marc Iles/Dale Vince/Beth Rigby/Lefties on Twitter. "Dom's a cunt, but he's our cunt"
  12. Some people were asking her to resign... "Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw is the latest to comment on Dr Catherine Calderwood's visit to her second home. "Dr Calderwood's position is very difficult, untenable even, given the damage this has caused public trust," he said. “The vast majority of Scots are complying with official advice to stay home and protect our NHS. "There cannot be one rule for the bosses and another one for everyone else."
  13. The state of these bellends. I hope he's worth it.
  14. Two separate methods of testing, two separate issues. The two swabs come from the in-person testing PHE do - key workers and people in hospital. A nasal swab and a mouth swab from one person taken at the same time, which are being counted as two tests. At least those actually are being tested at some point, even if counting both is misleading. The home tests are sent out to people, and counted as a 'test' in the daily figures at that point. According to John Newton today, a significant number of those never get sent back. So in effect those ones might as well have been binned, or be in Matt Hancock's boot. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8347479/Britain-abandoned-coronavirus-testing-March-outbreak-BIG.html It's a nonsensical method of counting, which is helpful to no-one other than politicans.
  15. From the Mail... "Hundreds of thousands of coronavirus tests sent to people's homes have been counted but never returned to labs, PHE's testing boss has suggested. Professor John Newton, director of health improvement at Public Health England, could only say today that 'more than half' of home tests had been completed. The Government claims that 719,000 tests have been delivered to people for them to complete the swabs themselves, but a significant chunk of these may never have been done." Might as well have stuck them in the bin and counted it.
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