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  1. I've no interest which way you've voted in the past, but when it comes to this particular government - there are season ticket holders in the Kop who are less unconditionally supportive of their side. The reality is if Boris announced tomorrow the exact same policy under a different name, you'd be all for it.
  2. Tax payers money being thrown away? Heaven forbid. Still, I think we've already established that whatever Boris says, you'll accept unquestioningly.
  3. Our budget this year will be stronger relative to the other teams in the division than it was when we were in the Premier League, or in the Championship from Lennon-onwards at least. And definitely higher than 18th in League Two. Surely you don't need the balance sheets to know that?
  4. For the most part, I agree with that. He deserves time and no-one knows how he'll pan out. But, the objective for the season wasn't to score one half decent goal and be 18th in League Two. Taking into account the league we're in, and our budget relative to the other sides in it... results have been appalling up to this point. If you were making any snap judgements (which you shouldn't) he'd be far closer to the bottom of the list of managers we've had since Big Sam than the top. In fact, he'd be bottom by a clear distance.
  5. Sure but... A. It's all relative. None of the teams we're playing now have international footballers either, and their players are all cast offs and bargain basement players too. B. We're not beating what's in front of us.
  6. I'm surprised at the traction it's got. Surely in context he was talking about how Crellin can't hide behind his age - he's our senior keeper and needs to act like it? Clumsy wording I guess. Time will tell what reaction it gets out of Crellin, but from his performances so far he'd be lucky ever to start a game for us again. So from that perspective, he's gotten off lightly with just being dug out by the manager and keeping his place.
  7. That'd be a bonkers statement to make if he'd won all 11 games so far, never mind one. Whatever people think of them, the high points of Parky's, Megson's, Coyle's and even Freedman's tenures all just about edge beating Harrogate away.
  8. It's definitely very weird what uses of public money people think we can and can't afford. Not arsed about the millions being sent to private companies run by people with government connections, offering spurious services - massively concerned about what Donna from the council estate spends her benefits on. I haven't seen a credible argument against FSM beyond just not wanting to give a 'win' to the other side. Which of course happens on both sides, and is just as pathetic then.
  9. That was the question I was answering - nothing about different levels of support, just an answer to why anyone would feel it might be better financially for their business. To which the answer is that short term pain could be better than guaranteeing long term ruin. Out of interest, does anyone think we won't end up having a lockdown/circuit breaker eventually anyway?
  10. I don't think it's as hard to understand as you're making out. One is backed by the scientists as a way to get R below 1, one isn't. Whitty said it, the bloke from Sage said it again today - nobody actually believes that the Tier 3 restrictions are enough to get the virus under control, at best they'll maintain it at the level it is. So it's either further restrictions on top of that, or no region is ever coming out of Tier 3. If your business is unviable in Tier 3 anyway (as 1,000s will be), you might as well pick the circuit break in the hope it's actually effective.
  11. The opposing view is simple I think - there isn't a scientist in the country who believes that the Tier 3 restrictions will be sufficient in getting the R rate below one. Therefore the epidemic in those places will only ever level off, and the restrictions will be permanently in place until there's a vaccine. The idea with a short lockdown is to reset the clock to August and try again to keep the virus down with contact tracing and better border controls. Jury might be out on the latter, but given no-one expects Plan A to work - I'd say persuing it is just wasting time.
  12. This isn't us playing Villa or Fulham in the Championship while not paying the players, or being -12 with a bunch of kids in League One. We've spent more money than anyone in the division on poaching a manager and two of last years top performing players - and we've won one out of 10. Against Harrogate Town. I'd love to give Evatt time, but the team need to show some signs of life to earn it - considering the budget we had that'd mean mid-table as the absolute minimum. Maybe tonight was a start, but fuck me the bar is low.
  13. The last slide on that post. The answer to 'what's killing people' and 'what's killing the economy' are both largely the same thing. Control the virus, you'll be ok. Get fucked by it, and your economy goes with too.
  14. I think there's a massive difference between what people are classing as the 'vulnerable'. You seem to be talking about the clinically extremely vulnerable (circa 2.2m people). I'm not sure what data exists on how many of those are still shielding, and how many are currently catching the virus and ending up in hospital. Either way it seems like sound advice, albeit not a solution that'll allow everyone else to get back to normal. Generally the 'lock up the olds and crack on' seems to be understood to mean everyone even moderately vulnerable - the old, the fat, the ill. This might hav
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