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  1. And how well did that work out for him last year? We're going down. There's nothing to be gained by bypassing any possible development for the kids in favour of letting Jack Hobbs twat it towards old shit forwards 20 times a game.
  2. What you'd say is it's not unexpected, and not worth getting too vexed about at this stage. But things do need to start to improve fairly soon. We were getting dicked by five playing children with no manager.
  3. Spending your days continuing to post almost exclusively about a journalist for a paper you don't buy, who you're upset with because he said mean things about a dodgy businessman you have no connection to, who's only relevance is that he used to own a football club you don't watch and have no interest in beyond its balance sheets. And you're the clever one here?
  4. "We stick to the detail" *400 words of baseless speculation, proven within minutes to be total bollocks*
  5. Wouldn't be the first kid to take the wrong move too early, especially given the circumstances at the time. Quiet lad being booted to Forest on deadline day so we could pay the wages. Zaha has done alright back at Palace after doing nothing at United and Cardiff.
  6. Zach's more of a risk than the kid from Stoke or Buckley? We're in a position to do nothing but take chances.
  7. Weird blind spot some of our fans have with Clough. 9 in 23 for us last time at this level. 13 in 45 for us in the Championship. Where are we getting players who can manage that? (and where have they been for the past three years).
  8. The comments on Twitter from Stoke fans look encouraging. Lots unhappy that he's not in the team there, which might be a bit of the Mustapha Riga effect. Quick, direct winger who can beat a man... will do for me.
  9. If we're defining 'wanting us' by saying they must turn down a better offer, or one where they might get paid, then nobody wants us. Surely that's obvious by now? I'll take anyone that can improve us, which at the minute is just about anyone.
  10. Tombwfc

    Keith Hill

    Which are all reasons I'd understand if Parky wasn't keen. But there doesn't seem to be a lot there to wish that somebody who seems from the outside to be doing job (and loves the club, been here decades etc. etc.) get the sack.
  11. Tombwfc

    Next manager

    Pearson's a cunt. You can argue that he'd be our cunt... but I'm slightly exhausted by all that. Club needs an arm around the shoulder, rather than someone who'll have fallen out with everybody in 12 months.
  12. The administrators had all the facts, no? Which is why I'm confused as to how they're being painted as liars (indeed, if some old bloke on an internet forum could see through their scheming, Ken would've had a field day).
  13. At the risk of boring everyone to tears... who says the administrators misstated the amounts?
  14. Tombwfc

    Next manager

    The last 12 or so years (plus the rest of our lifetimes probably), and the previous 50-odd before that are the only testament to Big Sam's greatness anyone should ever need. Inheriting a side with a 30+ year old Bob Taylor hardly makes you a cert to go to the brink of the Champions League.
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