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  1. You can give some leeway that the first time this happened to us was in March. Less so about letting it happen to us again, eight months later. Hopefully the next time people will take it seriously from the start.
  2. I don't think numbers shot up in a manner that would make you think EOTHO alone was to blame. There's definitely an argument that we should've stayed in lockdown longer and tried to eliminate the virus from the country completely (when we had 400 cases a day in July). If we had our time again, I'm sure that's what we'd do. But given that was never really on the table... it's probably a good thing that those businesses were able to make hay while the sun was briefly shining.
  3. I guess it depends what you count as 'vaccinated' and what you mean by 'lockdown'. I think it was said that 50% of hospitalisations are under 60. And the Oxford vaccine is 60% effective with two doses, so you would presume less so with one. Which adds up to there still being a significant number of people who could put pressure on the NHS, for a while yet. Full stadiums & music gigs as normal? I can't even picture it to be honest. Maybe late summer.
  4. Pretty consistent drop in cases though, which will mean in two weeks time we'll be through the very worst of it. Albeit 45,000 cases is still a lot. Another stunning coincidence that a drop has coincided with tighter restrictions/lockdown.
  5. Christ, that was a strange nerve to have touched. The point was that unless Morrisons are going to stick bouncers on the doors... all this is doing is pushing the job of enforcement to people who shouldn't have to deal with it. And likely won't (enforce it).
  6. I'm sure they will be fine, and whoever else minimum wage shelf stackers don't fancy getting an earful of abuse from. It's all re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic this - it's not Morrisons or Doris meeting Ethel on a park bench that's keeping more people out and about. It's workplaces.
  7. And of course the answer to that is 'they won't'. Hartley-Brewer, Toby etc. won't, it's their business. Same with Twitter cranks like Sikora and that Fat Emporer bloke. But having checked in on Le Tissier, Eddie Pepperell the aforementioned Jamie Moore etc. and they're all still peddling the same shit as they were in September. Baffling. At this point - with enormous amounts of hospitalisations and a vaccine being rolled out - I'd love for anyone to make the case against locking down, and the alternative.
  8. Lots of industries/businesses shut down last time, either because of the unknown or because they thought they had to. Now after nearly a year of this, I suppose you can't blame them for staying open if the government doesn't strictly say they have to close. I don't think it's anything other than that - there's nowhere else for folk to be going. Presumably the hope from the government is that closing schools will stop it from getting totally out of hand (although our definition of what that is seems to change by the day) and then the vaccine will come to the rescue.
  9. One for the Conservative Woman/Lockdown Sceptics.
  10. He actually said 'as we enter' March, not 'at the end'. But still, anyone wanting normality (even of the variety we had in late summer) needs to check back at Easter.
  11. He wasn't that vague... he was directly asked about quotes saying that we'll have 2m doses a week from AZ in mid-Jan and said it wasn't true. And that we'd hope to reach that number in the coming months.
  12. The idea that we will have 2m vaccines a week in the near future to give to anyone is where you're going wrong I think. Listen to Hancock on the Today show this morning, it'll be months before we have 2m a week. People want the government to spell out when they expect to be releasing restrictions, they have. It's Easter.
  13. The sections where the line isn't going up, what do they have in common?
  14. There's no suggestion at the minute the vaccine will stop you from spreading it... which surely would be the point of vaccinating kids and teachers. Unless teachers are disproportionately becoming seriously ill. But ultimately, all this back and forth is irrelevant. Boris has said that schools are safe and will remain open, therefore you can expect an announcement by Wednesday that he's shutting them.
  15. I trust the expertise of Whitty, Van Tam etc. enough to be content that they think it's safe. But it certainly seems unusual that we're expecting to give tens of millions of people a vaccine in a way that isn't recommended by the manufacturer and has never been tested. If anything were to go wrong with this vaccine, the result would be horrendous both now and for any future vaccines that we might need. It's probably a sign of just how dire the situation is likely to become over the next few weeks, that this is the least worst option.
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