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  1. Thats the ticket for this time of year. Im not a craft beer fan, they seem to give me a headache after one and I'm not into hoppy beers, rather have a lager. Although, some of the hoppy ales in Kent are really good I have to admit.
  2. I've cracked. Its too depressing and boring so I'm having a few beers whilst doing an online peep show quiz. 50 quid jackpot! Its with Jeff (or Ray Von if you prefer)
  3. Didn't realise you could order. I like stronger malt tasting beers rather than the hoppy stuff, do bank top do one of those?
  4. She'd have a young, scrawny slip of a lad like you before you could shout Rondo.
  5. Its good for some of the frozen meats, party food if having guests - especially puddings for things like a kids party. Secent lunch stuff that easy for a family at the weekend and the frozen veg is decent and cheaper. Also their tiger bread is our fav for toast.
  6. Buy for the activity, not the brand.
  7. The place - decent food that other supermarkets charge through the nose for.
  8. There's another dog owners bingo phrase, "soft as shit"
  9. If you like craft American IPAs, just squeeze grapefruit into your Stella. Jobs a good 'un.
  10. Of course, that's why the 'real' microbreweries have popped up everywhere. Also why its seen as a but chavvy by the pretentious London young crowd who wouldn't be seen dead in the Brewdog near L.Square. Also the one I Edinburgh seem to attract tossers from all.over the world! I know loads down here, looking forward to going back. But also I do like going to places like Peckham Levels as well. Horses for courses an all that.
  11. Alas, you'll need someone on here with a cult following. Try Bolts or Mounts.
  12. Exactly, people are not going to the Shoreditch brewdog because they are craft beer lovers. They are paying 7 quid a pint to be in the place to be. They are even open source, which is a great move. Noone is really going to make shed loads of their beer, even rival company. Their worth is their brand, not what they produce.
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