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  1. Cancelled the camping in Wales for next week - got a cottage in Kirby Longsdale instead. Shit summer this year
  2. Let’s not spoil the punchline..... who is to blame....?
  3. But that's not what the study was saying. Some folk are chippy for the sake of it round here.
  4. Why? It’s an academic papers and it’s totally balanced, it doesn’t even discuss ‘sides’ It must be odd living in your world
  5. A really interesting article, explains why these threads go round in circles; https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/aug/13/english-nationalism-brexit-remain-and-reform?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  6. Yeah - when driving back to home, heavy eyelids, slapped myself a few times - its just long and really boring - the trick is avoid 3/4pm for me - just impossible unless I'm necking redbull. Later at night/first thing in the morning and I'm totally fine.
  7. It just meant that those responsible got away with one of the most criminal activities in the last 100 years.
  8. Even better book and just finished Flash Boys about high frequency trading and the flaws of the market. Really recommend.
  9. Cancelled the week camping in Wales - going to do an air bnb in the lakes or Kirby Longsdale area.
  10. On the last tour he’s been totally on it, still an amazing singer and both were great shows. London edged it for me.
  11. Gene Simmons sucked my mrs finger with his demon tongue!
  12. Got free tickets to GnR in London, took the mrs- she’s always hated them....after 3 hours she’s been the biggest fan ever. Went to Download to see them - free again - has the best time. Mrs even lamped a guy who was giving grief to another girl before said guy got lifted out by a bloke who looked like Thor. thats the biggest change in band opinion I’ve personally seen. and KW, GnR are fucking ace before you start 😂
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