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  1. Actually the conservatives have dropped 20% in the polls since the beginning of the month, Boris’ personal rating down by 13% - be interesting when June’s figures cone out. Also Cumming’s isn’t a Tory, I don’t think you can ascribe any political leaning to his views, he detests MPs on all sides for being in his mind ineffectual and not giving a real shite about public service. He’s interested in disruption, to bring it all down - to break the current wheel. In that sense that’s why he went for Brexit, to remould the world order and to break up the traditional way of consensus. Boris and the Tories are a useful Trojan horse for his ideas. My issue is that whilst a questioning of the nature of our legislature is essential and a re-structure of the civil service and MP’s accountability is needed and valuable, I’m not sure his outlined strategy for the re-build is useful or workable. Whilst very bright, I feel that he’s not as sharpe as one would need to be to completely carry out the rebuild from his destruction of the norm. Also, when you are a self-styled disruptive force, you do believe the normal rules do not apply to you, and at this time we need consensus, not mavericks. So yes MPs are sticking it to him, whatever political creed. He does need a tighter lease on him and we need a PM who isn’t simply a vessel, but has an agenda of their own. What this issue has exposed is the nature of a Johnson government, and that has wider implications. Let’s not get distracted by drives to Durham, this is now about how willing is our government to allow unchecked authority reign at the heart of our political landscape.
  2. Because if you disagree with the party line you’re a traitor against pretty much everything, as well as an apologist for sexual abuse it would appear. I’m still trying to get my head around why the ‘meeedia’ are getting hounded by people for reporting something that is in the national interest? He’s wrong, he’s now lying to us, his position is becoming untenable.
  3. I guess I just want the security of knowing there will be a job/industry to go back to. If that was all fine then I’m certainly enjoying the weather and the countryside on my doorstep but I have to say I am actually missing town now. Cant wait to get back out and about, going to have c a Saturday in Brixton, then up to borough market maybe, few pints walk down the southbank etc just a normal Saturday would be really welcome.
  4. That place is lovely, we often go in summer - until about 1 when all the chavs come out. By 3 it’s just full of drunk kids.
  5. Me neither - also check out the Something Rhymes With Purple podcast she does, it’s worth your time. I did a show with Kat Slater many moons ago, wouldn’t say she’s all that. I’ve also been to BBC breakfast when Susannah Reid was on it, she was very attractive, super petite if you like that. Odd crush? For me, Lucy Worsely; not that she’s unattractive at all.
  6. Right, I’ve got proper sore eyes, just about to check them out; whose got my keys... fucking embarrassing today, if you defend that steaming pile of pap, then you’re a tool.
  7. What are you babbling about ‘the media’ as though it’s one lumpen mass that act with one singular objective? It’s a nonsense, propagated by those whose pronouncements are so facile, if they weren’t so ludicrous, they’d be ignored as the waffle of the fringe. As it is, our current crop of politicians seem to like to play to this particular gallery.
  8. I can’t sweat I drove 30 miles to test my eyes. Why on earth do we put up with this utter shit?
  9. I’m just waiting for Malc to list the league triumph’s of Barnard Castle - didn’t they thump Middlesbrough 10-nil once and something about them doing well in the FA Cup? Nice waterfall there, so if he had eyesight trouble maybe he just wanted the hear the lovely splish splash?
  10. why do a public briefing to say you don’t give a flying what anyone thinks? It’s opened up more than closed if he’d stay quiet. The fanboys will ignore anything regardless (and at this point I think there’s a certain coterie of politicians/public figures who a particular tranche of the voting public will ignore anything they do as long as they annoy folk they don’t like ie anyone who disagrees with them) Its gone far too tribal for my taste, debate is dead, long live the tubthumpers.
  11. Altogether now! https://youtu.be/a9XcuN5hZwk
  12. Even the clergy are gunning for him now. He’s angered the Gods!
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