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  1. OK, then let's just continue being friends (albeit sometimes combative) on here.
  2. You aren't thick, but you do need have a bit of a word with yourself, precious x I do know some decent dry out places in Edinburgh. Stop being so aggressive, it'll help cocker
  3. Go on then, please explain the joke...
  4. I love it how the less able use emojis. 🥰
  5. Go on then, explain to me how I missed the joke/irony/humour
  6. No you aren't, RW maybe, but ignorant you most certainly are.
  7. You don't have the capacity for that my friend.
  8. It would be if you are RW really got what you were waffling about.
  9. You did, sonny. Oh come on, I know you don't have those sort of smarts, but you aren't that dull.
  10. Yes, it's all very rich, sanitised and nice.... That's why I like my job, la de da toilets... Christ.
  11. So I worked with Stephen Lawrence's mum for a few weeks. A more lovely, humble and angry person I've yet to meet. It's easy to make jokes when it doesn't hurt you or your family, especially when it was - and shown to be - covered up. So thick? Uneducated? No. Just live your life and don't be a dick.
  12. Labour will win. Its not contest. The change I the demographics and the terrible campaign the Tories ran....
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