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  1. That’s correct and what we are looking for here is sustainable growth, not the fallacy of endless excessive growth, which is the odd nirvana a lot of the hardline Brexiteers seem to have bought into without realising it’s quite rightly not the aim of any western government. Boom years have sizeable negative impact (as inevitable as the crash following them) Sustained growth is about a more balanced economy, with economic, lifestyle and environmental benefits working with trading partners working along the same regulatory and economic aspirations.
  2. This Morning? Aye, that'll be a random sample 😂
  3. The head of the post room said the same this morning. Or rather, 'You don't farkin' 'ell do that at Cannin' Town - why didn't they choose South Ken? Muppets.'
  4. Those folks in red had a little turn outside our office yesterday. Helicopters buzzing around all afternoon as well. Glad to report no hold ups on the Victoria line this morning.
  5. Kent and myself rocked the joint with The Automatics as support!
  6. I guess so, not had much to compare it with. First two days I took them felt a bit odd but then for a couple of weeks was like coming up every morning but in a lovely cheery way. It’s taken away the anxiety and let me not over worry about things I can’t control. I’ve never been a ‘down’ person but the anxiety has been a drain.
  7. You're missing out - first two weeks on them was ace - also they really help the hangovers, no longer get the fear. I'm not sure if that's the point, but I'm not complaining.
  8. Yeah - I have to say the support was fantastic, WW raised a huge amount. Maybe less bickering and more of this stuff. My sister ran it yesterday, very proud of her. Just looking into the Rome marathon in April so I might be back with my begging bowl. If I do get a place perhaps the good folk of WW might help me selected a charity that’s close to our collective hearts? Perhaps something that we can all raise money for long term as well? Just a thought.
  9. If I don’t return to being a grumpy, too easy to snap, misanthropic arsehole I’ll be happy to give the tablets the heave ho. Until then happy where I am.
  10. Now I reckon and I’m on better money than I’ve ever been. 3 kids, renting a three bed in London, car, CMS, commuting, loan... money comes in, goes directly out again. It’s a good job I get free nights out with work and expenses or else I’d be a hermit 😂
  11. Never did me any harm - but these days you have to consider the debt of FE and HE, I left uni with only 6k of student loans and paid that off within a few years of working, the kids in the office now have 30-50 grand worth of debt before they even start work. I did a course that I enjoyed, but even then took practical modules that got me into the career I’ve had - so go for what she loves to learn about but have an eye to where it might lead in terms of future prospects.
  12. Beg your pardon? I’m not excusing an insults, I’m just pointing out the flaw in the point you were trying to make.
  13. Woah - hang on there fella. KW has saying that if someone can't see the bigger picture, then they're not aiding a cause. What RW does is lump a lot of people together and dismiss them in pejorative terms without any real insight into any individuals beliefs - or more specifically - washing regimes. Its a non-sequitur of an stance to combine the two and mutter hypocrisy.
  14. Seems like the same bloke. Loved his cricket. And photos of underage girls. Also Mr.Langtree, massively fat science teacher. Total oddball, couldn't have been less cut out to be a teacher.
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