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  1. Blimey - that's a bit rich. Then again I'm probably one of those fabled democracy deniers 😂
  2. Voted Lib Dem for the the second time. Labour isn't getting my vote currently, and I'm not yet convinced by Change UK but that is maybe because its a bit of a struggle to get their message across with their limited budget.
  3. You’re a meme and I claim my five quid.
  4. Yeah - agree I liked the series. Series 7 was the bad one but this has been really good, nothing will do justice to the early series but the last one finished perfectly for me. But Chernobyl - it’s the best thing I’ve seen in years.
  5. None of the above makes sense. Carry on though.
  6. What book? Stop trying to side step direct questions.
  7. I’d love to but I’m on holiday. Nothing in town worth watching at the moment - give it a few months and Three Sisters by Malay theatre is in - that’s worth the money.
  8. Bless. You missed my point by a roofers mile. Pick up a book rather than twitter and we’ll have a chat. and yes, I’m patronising the fuck outta ya 😄
  9. Nurse - call Major Major Major Major Stupidity has won out 😂
  10. Pretty easy this really. Every European Country has a huge amount of stipulations (and a national vote) before it can even enter. Yes - although that's the most trite question I've heard, what does that even mean? If you believe that, you misunderstood the basic principle of the EU Its quite amusing that you present micro arguments (and pretend you win) on really global, slow macro developments. Personally, I'd love to live in a world where I always thought I was right, however most of us learn that's a folly of naivety.
  11. Again it makes no historical or political sense. ‘Closer to the money?’ What do you mean? That your tax will go directly to the UK g’vt (as it does already) We don’t get ‘thrown money’ we get in simple terms match funding (or structural if you want to be all EU about it) it means the EU matches UK funding into an area - no political biases as well which is important- to ensure no European government leaves the poorest without a backdrop. Wales is our clearest benefactor in the UK. you also have no idea what it takes to get funding from any state - the EU or the UK, trust me our money is not given out lightly.
  12. Ok, pedantic. When in our lifetime has any government led match or structural funding in the poorest areas of our country to ensure the whole nation is balanced? its a nonsense- we are such a small island and it takes shifts by media companies like the BBC (an NDPB) and private (or joint funded) to re-located to make reinvestment. Fine for Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds - and even better for those skilled in that sector -but what about Oldham, Blackpool, Barnsley - it’s not the EU’s fault that in a small island in such close proximity we have such failings. Stop looking for simple answers to really complex problems.
  13. When did any government invest match funding to the levels that we did as the European Union in the poorest levels in this country?
  14. That’s not a strategy - it’s a continuation of the original point So, once you’ve done all this, why? What’s the future hold? What’s the plan?
  15. That’s not an end though, it’s the start apparently. What’s the strategy?
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