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  1. Really? You never normally miss the issue. Both are problems, surprised you think they are dismissed? But then, that’s sort of the point of both of them.
  2. As long as BD disagrees, then I’m pretty comfortable 😄
  3. Sorry, totally disagree with you on this one, the way he just dismissed it shows quite how endemic it is. And it really is.
  4. Spot on, I have to deal with far too many of these types everyday - not just actors but across the whole industry. I’m surprised anyone who wasn’t born with a silver spoon can defend them.
  5. Yeah - ours was - took about 20 mins to get them off, as you say I’d check that first before you start taking windows out.
  6. Most leather sofas, if decent, the arms can be taken off, done it with ours to get it in the house. Easy job and saved the hassle of taking doors off etc
  7. Hey, it’s your call. I’ve been on this place since Rivals, taken a fair share of pot shots - it’s not to be taken seriously. Also, why would you just want to spend free time in a place where everyone just agrees with you? It’s a good thing we all come from different backgrounds with differing viewpoints (although some of the comments on this thread sort of go from gentle pisstaking to things slightly more extreme!) I get it’s annoying when someone says I think you’re wrong but that’s just being part of the world, also folk are more likely to make some little jokes if you take it all too seriously. Everyone has their trope on this place lefty handwringers, metropolitan elites, condescending pricks to right wing loons, Trump fanboys and even Parkinson supporters. The fact is, that those caricatures are just that and probably don’t represent even a tenth of a persons true nature. So I’d just lighten up a bit, spout bollocks, get taken the piss out of a bit a enjoy being on here reading other folk’s views. You massive trifle making tool 😉
  8. Now that’s not very nice is it? Tell you want crowdfund me to the tune of £500,000 and I’ll quit the site happily.
  9. My kids play Minecraft on the PS4 a lot. I can't get my noddle around it at all, but the music is very soothing.
  10. I've been doing budgets at work today to the sound of The Misfits - god they were good. Last Caress is still as brilliantly nasty as it always was. Probably one of the most offensive songs of all time.
  11. Oh come on you mard, it’s only a bit of mild ribbing - nothing to get your lambretta in a twist about.
  12. Christ. You don’t do figuratively do you? And before you start, yes I’m being condescending, I don’t enjoy it but it’s too easy.
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