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  1. That is probably a glitch - or a 'Fergal' as its know. I'm no techie at all but these are everyday, pretty easy to use applications are they not? My fan on my laptop started playing up today, almost lobbed it out of tge window when the IT folk dialled in to transfer files to One Drive and promptly lost everything in my folders. Been a looooooong day.
  2. So if the Bolton Elephants American Football team was created we'd all be yeharring and Yankee doodle dooing all down the East Lancs?
  3. Love this thread. Can we retitle, 'middle aged men coping with simple modern technology' The website journey isn't the greatest but its hardly the matrix. Plus, who doesn't love a bit of Fergal?
  4. Yeah it was fine - just very, very quiet. Stuck to Thameslink and didn't get on the tube though. Everyone had a mask. Even managed a couple of posh Steins at German Gymnasium on the way home.
  5. You'd laugh. Then you stop. I hope this calls a halt to the idea that Boris Johnson is in anyway a leader, that he got in because the opposition was nothing more then a Michael Foot tribute act that even wpuld make the unemployed in Burnley vote for a idiot who cares nothing for public service other than this own ends if he waves a Union Jack (BTW I know Bolts) Its time for grown ups to be voted in - party alliance aside, but this government.... in modern history have you seen a more incompetent shambles. Makes the last days of Major look dignified.
  6. Me and my Dad went into the first x records shop to buy our ACDC, and for me old Whitesnake (pre slip of the tongue) and for him bit of Leppard. Loved it, I know most of you had formative stuff all around football, and we did and do love it, but our thing is and was always music. Taught me a lot.
  7. Frank, get the door, I've got some hummus with dips fer lunch.
  8. Sister and brother in law just tested positive. Both got no symptoms, the only reason they knew is that my brother in law was on a site yesterday where they tested everyone. They have two kids and my sister is a teacher, both would have been into work today if they hadn't had a random test. Anyway off into the office myself for the first time since March 18th or something daft. Missed my train as well. Forgotten how much of my day (and money) was wasted commuting. Hoping this is one change that is permanent.
  9. Aye of course its not "going away" its a disease, not a person. Its this whole war against covid claptrap from politicians who want to be seen to beat the virus. Its here forever, or at least until its run its course through the world. Vaccines and science alone will get us to live normally with the proportional dangers. Until then, this is the life we have.
  10. I mean its sounded like a joke, not that it was meant as one. Green Jelly, they're a blast from the past. They spawned Tool though.
  11. Their finest moment was Photograph, Lets Get Rocked was a joke song, released at the time Nirvana were changing the rules, which shows just how difficult it'd get for bands like this.
  12. People mock it but it sold 20 odd million, and I think only three of the songs weren't hit singles - its not dated that well. Loved it when I was a kid, its pop rock, but staggeringly massive.
  13. Same here - and they are not her kids! I'd say its around £500 each, plus gifts from the family (last year all got a 'big' gift as well as a playstation to share) This year is a bit tighter....!
  14. very few rock/metal bands have ever come close to an album like AfD in terms of pushing forward the genre AND genuinely crossing over into the mainstream. Metallica with the Black Album (although MoP or RtL were the ones that really changed the scene), Nirvana with Nevermind, (don't mock) by Def Leppard with Hysteria.... that mix of huge popularity and heavier music isn't an easy thing to do.
  15. Dunno, looked like he deserved it for me. His actions on the Metallica tour however. I think its an issue of context, I mean we're all twats at certain times, famous or not.
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