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  1. Not in Crawley


    Very sad news RIP Frankie
  2. Not in Crawley

    In Or Out Again

    I disagree with that slightly- Ed is really a policy wonk (I wouldn’t say brighter) and it’s great to have those in cabinet but leadership isn’t about that it’s about managing a range of ideals under a cohesive strategy and everyone toe the line. The conservatives are generally better at this because they know being in power is the only way to get what they want - Labour did under Blair because it became sick of not being in power and the grassroots followed Blair whilst not liking him. The Labour Party isn’t a machine designed to hold government - ideology puts pay to that and gives us the current leader. i joined the Labour Party, left because it was all ‘comrade this’ at meetings. Also because I realised I’m probably a wet Tory - unfortunately there is no sense in either party now for social liberalism, which is an undoing of our own making.
  3. Not in Crawley

    In Or Out Again

    I’ll play, mainly because in my line of work I plan in a lot of OoH such as LEPs/4/6 and 16 sheets. The last thing I had to change was the word ‘piss-takers’ on an ad, despite it being a press quote. Not sure why it’s been asked but there’s about 17 rules such on things like being racist, sexually explicit etc and causing ‘widespead offence’ - all in line with the ASA and extra stuff such as don’t mess with TfL’s roundel in your ads etc Before anything goes up, you send the artwork prior to the in-charge date, the company you’ve used (someone like Experian) will check it passes everything before printing, so you have a few days to change. Anything that is up, goes through this process and therefore should stop anything that contravene’s the guidelines; plus it’s not in the outdoor media company’s benefit to allow you to go to the expense of getting them printed and put up without the checks. Plus you have to book outdoor months ahead to get the runs you want so unless something has failed hugely, it’s rare you see many issues. Does happen from time to time though.
  4. Not in Crawley

    In Or Out Again

    Insightful stuff.
  5. Not in Crawley

    In Or Out Again

    Do people really still think the vote was about the EU?
  6. Not in Crawley

    In Or Out Again

    Actually I think it’s about having a voice. Money, or rather the lack of it, did have a part to play; but this was an emotional decision 20 years in the making.
  7. Not in Crawley

    New Balls, Please

    Woah hang on here, have we not forgotten his frankly disgusting lift etiquette? Deserves everything he gets. And more. With extra flip flops.
  8. Not in Crawley

    In Or Out Again

    Peak Mounts.
  9. Not in Crawley

    wedding suits

    And one in Bromley if you’re ever in my neck of the woods!
  10. Not in Crawley

    Annual weightloss/get fit thread

    Watch the 10,000 step thing - it was a marketing ploy from the 60s. I don't hold much store by steps done, but overall activity and the rough V02 stuff I get from Garmin (but without it being done properly in a lab, I have to say I'm a bit dubious about that as well.
  11. Not in Crawley

    wedding suits

    Isn’t there a Slaters in Bolton? Got my tux from there this summer, really good cut and as cheap to buy as to rent.
  12. Not in Crawley

    Annual weightloss/get fit thread

    I’d got up to 15 stone a couple of years ago, stopped the smoking and quit booze mid-week but then had a year just cracking on with running - but whatever floats your boat fitness wise. got down to 12 but everyone said I’d started to look a bit ill, so I’m around 12.5/8 now - do 10 miles on average a week if I’m not training for a race but mix that with speed training and hills which cuts down on dead miles and makes it a bit more fun. ill do a half distance every couple of months but stick to 10-15km for my longer runs. My middle kids comes on a 5k every few weeks and loved it, my sister has started, just done 10km and has lost a load of weight. its the monents when you don’t want to but force yourself to do something that makes the difference - the 5.30ams and the post work 8/9pm but both stop the boozing and junk food and then you can enjoy your takeaway and a few beers at the weekend (after exercise of course!)
  13. Not in Crawley

    Annual weightloss/get fit thread

    Now if I did that I’d never be off social media ;-)
  14. Not in Crawley

    Annual weightloss/get fit thread

    You know what you could take up....
  15. Not in Crawley

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone - hope you have a good one whatever you’re up too. I’m off for a wee run now just to avoid being in the house all day - drives me round the bend!

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