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  1. Yeah the book is great, it’s sort of a series of some of the best parts but the bloke who plays Ozzie is brilliant in his dreadfulness - sounds like a pissed up Aussie (maybe he mis-heard the casting director)
  2. The Motely Crüe film The Dirt is absolute dreck I’m afraid to say.
  3. I didn’t know Pam Ayers used to be in the army.
  4. Ok, I’ve heard this lots. Why would a Brexiteer made a better fist of it? I
  5. I know - but knowing Bolty, he’d get angry at Aussies for calling them thongs, instead of the true British Flip Folp!
  6. I know there is no love for Blair round here but the vitriol should be landed on Camron - Christ, I know we get a reflective PM for the nation, but I’ve met more heads of PR with more substance and intuition. Entitled, intellectually not up to the job and left when he knew it was going tits up. I possibly respect anyone who takes the highest office. Not him.
  7. She isn’t a serious politician, she’s a competent admin, I’m still stock she’s risen so high.
  8. You can buy Tempura prawns in Iceland, you massively hypocritical, move to the sunshine country, flip flop wearing, not exactly svelte dag (I believe that’s the Aussie vernacular)
  9. Your admiration for a political an banking lightweight shocks me
  10. Fantasy has finally struck reality. The political points of federalism over nation states are now redundant. Subtly of what constitutes being part of a union in Europe has left the debate. Whatever side you are on (and on something so complex there should never be sides) we are all poorer, whatever the outcome.
  11. I wasnt dismissing religion as something people are attaching a cause to - I was alluding to conflicts begetting conflicts, that for most interventions, there is a massive knock on effect.
  12. So the whole British judiciary is against him? Utter nonsense.
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