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  1. Thanks for all the support and kind words, just been really busy sorting out the team's redundancy package and applying for work. Apologies for the radio silence, such a strange time. So, my old CEO is starting up a new agency with myself and two others from the old team, we'll be equal directors and take a few of our old clients. The issue is in November I'm going to run out of money, so I'm applying for FTC jobs, and also part time - got an interview on Monday for one. Its tough out there, so many going for so few jobs. It could be the best thing in 18 months time but its having to ride the storm out until then, unlike my old boss I don't have houses in the Cotswold, France and Kensington. So, again thanks all, its really appreciated at this shitter thzn shit time.
  2. Thanks - anything to bridge the gap is most welcome, going from 50k to nowt is a bit of a worry. Just keeping the roof over our heads is number one priority
  3. Thanks all - I’m happy to do anything, so all offers greatfully revived. Happy to graft or do owt - Miami, if you know anyone, I’ll work hard and do what needs doing. Esco - again, any temp work happy to interview for. again - thanks all, really appreciated.
  4. Got my mask on on the train home, it’s not pleasant but it’s not that bad
  5. Been in London today for the staff rep meeting, no one has a mask on public transport. There is no way to police it so no one is doing it.
  6. Thanks all - crappy week. Essentially even through we were one of the most profitable parts of the business last year, its the world of large corporates. Our CEO submitted the plan to head office end of last week to remain most people on furlough until October, and with the bail out, whilst we wouldn't be seeing any of it, it would start to give more confidence to the sector and we can start on the spring products and openings. Tuesday they rejected it, CEO gone same day, whole business wound up with a small amount of people absorbed into other parts that they might work in, also more Jr roles - cheaper. I'm the group rep for the redundancy meeting on Wednesday (probably got voted as I sound most like a old school union rep 🙂 ) I re-joined this company after 4 years away - if id stayed would have been fine, but re-joined 2 and a half years ago. So get one a half weeks for every year worked with one week's notice. So how do I pay my rent in two months? At this moment, absolutely no idea whatsoever. Bank's have been good and got a call with HSBC this week as they realise I won't be able to meet my commitments. Old boss is updating re our clients, if we can take a couple might tide me over. Of our direct competitors they have all made huge cuts this month so at least there aren't other agencies out there, but to be honest happy to move sectors - happy to take anything at the moment. Relegation, redundancy - 2020 total write off. Sorry quick edit, I know I said thank but really, thanks - it kicks you in the teeth this, so it's really very much appreciated you vile, druggy thugs.
  7. Start of the process for us all but yeah. Because of the amount they are laying off it takes 30 days max.
  8. Today had the redundancy consultation call, CEO and COO made redundant yesterday. Not been a great day all told.
  9. Best story i heard about him was that he would get too giddy on tour and one if the crew had to drive him to the local toys r us and let him play with the toys until he calmed down 😁
  10. 😆 spot on, thats one brand that screams touch me bum when we score. Avoid at all (stupidly inflated) costs.
  11. Had my share (Mrs lived in squeetland for 15 years) greasy, flattened nonsense. But that sauce, so good.
  12. cost about 30 quid, and then your chemical tablets if you need.
  13. I do like a tennets I have to say. Although those square sausages are a monstrosity, not having those. Now the chippy next to the festival theatre - forget ita name. The chips and sauce from there actually beats gravy, and the deep fried haggis is superb.
  14. We picked up a cheap in loo which the kids use in the night if they need it, empty every couple of days, keep at back of the tent. Only rule - no dumps.
  15. Love the lakes, would love to be closer but I've learnt to enjoy what we have on our doorstep, not as lovely countryside but some great beaches and the weather helps. We love it as once you've done the outlay on the kit (which is much cheaper than folk think for fairly decent stuff - although the tent was pricey) Have a blast yourself - nothing like a bit of fresh air and no hassle, beats hotels for me.
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