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  1. Sheridan Smith? She is lovely, a bit bonkers but just a normal person. Was a bit harsh when the press went after her when her dad died. She just went on a bit of a wobble. Although she needs to get her dress size updated with her agent. There was no way those clothes were fitting her at the photoshoot.
  2. Although there was a lot of dross around in the 90s, Ocean Colour Scene tipped the lot for me. God, they were awful.
  3. These days you can say anything without being compared to children's TV presenters. These days.
  4. These days, I can get thrown in jail, just for saying I'm English? These days?
  5. Not use you've ever risen above an easy question in all honesty.
  6. Not sure Spider has that sort of money lying around.
  7. These days, you can't go five minutes without Mr Grey positing a pointless question.
  8. These days if you say you aren't really bothered about someone elses beit noir you get a boring reply. These days.
  9. I've flown a flag on last night of the proms, Mr Grey is trying to start an argument where there isn't one. These days, if you fly a Union Flag, you get demeaned on most football forums. These days.
  10. Really? If you say you're English. You get arrested. And thrown in jail?
  11. That guy is a proper loon. Lives somewhere like Bath doesn't he? Anyway, he was a krank on twitter in the independence ref.
  12. Does this month have the centre spread of a fully dressed academic discussing Rimbaud? I'll be gutted if I've missed that.
  13. I'm.with you on that one. It's all.about context - I'd be happy to use that on a teams channel between colleagues but obviously not with a client on an email.
  14. That's a bit harsh. What is today's meme is tomorrow's turn of phrase. Its a bit Canute to try and lockdown language. He'll be shouting at clouds next! I mean did Coleridge think an albatross round his neck would become common parlance when he started writing the rime of the ancient mariner? In the 1700s business execs chastising employees for using romantic poets type phrases rather than more professional language.
  15. The Samurai doc on Netflix is really good.
  16. My Mrs was on the phone yesterday to her best mate who lives in Edinburgh. It's interesting even before all this how common the knowledge was about Salmond and his erm dealings with women. Even I'd heard the rumours from friends up there who worked in gvt so when this came out it was hardly shocking news. I think that's why, even amongst those not verment SNP supporters that Salmond should have been brought to account years ago - which is no doubt the background noise to all of this. Having said that, he was cleared and is obviously now intent to bring the party down - interesting if he
  17. Sorry, not had chance too. There's some funny old conclusions on here, like me being pro SNP for.some odd reason. It's last day of my flexi furlough today so last night was prep from World Book Day, they are now on their zoom.classes. As I say, when I get the chance I'll have a little look. From what small bit I've heard this morning on the news if you agree with her she did a great job of defending herself, if you dont support the SNP they are tearing themselves apart over internal issues and not fit to hold power. That's as far as my knowledge about this goes at the moment.
  18. Well, it's got the Thatcherites is a right old tizz. It's the closest we've had to a centrist budget is a long time. Too many unknowns yet as we step out of this situation, but it certainly appears like a key strategy going forward. You don't abandon a cornerstone of Conservative economic policy without thinking about it first. So, we'll see. I'm.not sure it'll help struggling families in the long term if UC just cuts off.
  19. One of my family dated him for a bit. The yodeller that is.
  20. Texan bars were great. 'Hold on there bald Eagle, whilst I get my Texan bar....'
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