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  1. Last meal My usual Thursday night Chinese takeaway order. Last drink A nice glass of red Last song My Back Pages Dylan Last Bird to sit on your face? Zooey Daschenel Last Words? Last words are for fools who haven't said enough
  2. Really? I was struggling for the entomology, but thank you.
  3. Aww, leave him alone. He's a Bolton fan stumbling around Manchester, decrying sarcasm as playschool, apologies, kindergarten bullying. Leave the poor bloke alone - doesn't know if he's coming or going 😉
  4. Yet to see any clicking but very much prepared to eat my words. In fact I'd welcome it.
  5. Can someone with more tactical nouse than me tell me what we are trying to do with our set play - specifically corners. Seem like its a plan. ..of sorts
  6. See i could forgo drinking at the weekend, its the couple of glasses of wine or beers after work that I enjoy, otherwise I either keep working or just worry about the work I have to do.
  7. Goodness me, since when did we start calling playschool kindergarten? Poor show.
  8. Richard Hawley isn't underrated - the press spuff over everything he does (despite him releasing Coles Corner 5 times) Agree with
  9. Signed up in anticipation of this exciting new formation I've heard so much about
  10. Eh? German is the largest Cheese producing country in Europe - even more than the frogs.
  11. Well this thread has cost me £30 in cheese orders today - Cotswold Blue Log (Bit of blue) - Petit Langres (Bit of soft) - Pecorino Rosso (Bit of hard) With some Miller's Ale Crackers to accompany them. Treat for the other half to cheer her up in the delightful redundancy week.
  12. You'll find the gruel over there and we have a range of hairshirts made by members of Momentum to fit all sizes.
  13. Once went out with a girl from Northwich, her local pub was a Bolton pub, near the Victoria ground as I remember. Two things, she had a life size Tellytubbies costume, you could smoke in the pictures (she took me to see Spice Girls The Movie) The relationship didn't last that long.
  14. Still smiling thinking about it - it was made all the more funnier because of the huge big up he was making about how the Poms in the office stuck it to everyone by going to town and really celebrating St George's Day.......then a picture of three slightly portly middle aged blokes in the office canteen with a beach towel over a chair tucking into a bowl of trifle.
  15. There is just too many. Maybe we should have a top three Bolty's best fables thread. He won't see it anyway as we're all on ignore.
  16. Please find the one about fighting a herd of hells angels with a single flip flop. Or the one about have a laugh with the black bar man Or the picture with his mates and the beach towel
  17. The biscuits you have with it are just as important, i favour the charcoal ones, gives a nice bite to soft cheeses like goats. I recommend the Cheese Works for delivery, they have a lovely selection, i love green thunder (from Snowdonia company - same as Black Bomber mentioned earlier) which is with garlic and herbs, but they have a blue cheese that is outstanding, think its called Blue Log and the cotswold brie is amazing. I've recently got into quince paste and jelly which is a great with every cheese. If folk are in London there is a great cheese deli in Victoria Station and not
  18. Polish pickle soup is lovely, in fact most of the polish pickled food stuffs are super tasty.
  19. its going to right piss me off driving into Kent every weekend. Although I do put Kent on my address so maybe I'll be behind the wall. Maybe I'll get to keep my EU passport, which will be great as the other half just got her new blue one and its really shit.
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