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  1. Apropos achieving surround sound. You've got to have a basic grasp of Latin if you are working in Currys.
  2. I like white bread for a bacon butty. Though not if the bacon comes from pigs that have been made to smoke by unscrupulous farmers.
  3. Think they said last year they would only be having the current kit manufacturer for a year and would seek a proper deal this year.
  4. Got sent that earlier - belting 😂
  5. Rest of the interview was great, that bit about the Barrow fans was Freedmanesque.
  6. "I can see you, you dick"
  7. Some things change. Some things stay the same. Typical Wanderers that.
  8. Had a look earlier and thought this would be straightener central tonight. Cant decide if I'm mildly disappointed or pleasantly surprised. 🤔
  9. Minor variations on established user names? All a bit BN comments page. Not for me Clive.
  10. Darcy's come through our system when we were a much better club than we are now. He's clearly got some talent. If your 'meh' about keeping him, who the feck do you think we'll be in the market for? Great deal if we can keep the lad.
  11. Aren't you characterising all 'liberals' as a homogenous mass in the same way you are calling them out for? And what do you mean by 'liberals?' Liberal Democrats? Remain voters? Or the US usage that's creeping into our discourse - anyone that doesn't support the Republican Party (Conservatives over here).
  12. Finished Season 2 last night. Preferred Season 1 - just. Anything that has you hoping one particular character ends up at the bottom of the harbour to feeling sorry for him within about 2 episodes, also incorporating a pissed up duck, must be well written.
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