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  1. If the jolly japester that has edited Santos' wiki page is from here, bravo sir!
  2. Most of West Stand will have priority access to vaccines in the 80+ age bracket.
  3. It's going to be a while before we get near 4k.
  4. Can he send a team out to 'Play the Derby way?'
  5. Was best when he hit the crack pipe for a couple of weeks
  6. Peter Barlow back on't keg by the looks of it.
  7. The battery pack was for an Ericsson.
  8. I used to hide behind the couch when Arnold from Diff'rent Strokes was on tele. I've no idea why.
  9. Olde pasty shoppe beats Carrs hands down imo.
  10. Right now we need two positives. One to cancel out the negative and the other...just so we can have a positive.
  11. Do you want some cheese? Have some cheese. Go on smell the cheese. Smell my cheese you mother!
  12. Does that mean I'm on forwarding detail all bloody season?
  13. Saw Tommeh had been bumped and assumed it was Rog claiming to have had him on his toes given tonight's fixture.
  14. People that say 'just isolate the old folk and crack on' really dont get it. When you isolate vulnerable older people like this many go down hill mentally fast. They also often have to rely on working age people for practical and emotional support. No man or woman is an island.
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