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  1. Im not aligned with many of his views but I hope he's lurking and laughing his tits off with a big stack of Monteiths Crushed Apple Cider.
  2. No it was a couple of years before Coyle. You might be thinking of the Gretna game, but Coyle had scored for us early in the season before that. Think his first might have been v Stoke.
  3. Cut to the chase Cheese, Mick just wants to know if it can be streamed to his shed.
  4. Your just cheesed off Doyle and Sarce chose us above your tribute act, who are probably spending more than us anyway.
  5. If we maintain 2 points per game from here on in we hit 74 points. We'd be unlucky not to reach the play offs with that, it should also give us a chance of top 3 given that teams are evenly matched and will take points off each other. The amount of games some of the others have left should also play in our favour. We are almost solidly 2 games per week for the rest of the season so others will be really struggling to get games in if there are any more postponements. That makes our squad depth an even bigger advantage. I'd say we'll get play offs and narrowly miss out on automatic. I'd fa
  6. Theres a little beer garden at the back so no views either, as well as the tables out the front. Best spot for an al fresco drink round here is the Waterside by the canal.
  7. Work colleagues got me a Balvenie Doublewood 17 for my 40th recently, belting stuff.
  8. Marcus Maverick Maddison - Triple M.
  9. Dubious Roger all over this one
  10. Is your working? Mines buffering again.
  11. Who the fcuk are these commentators? Are they watching the same game?
  12. No No, was looking forward to seeing what kind of side he picked as much as the game.
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