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  1. Thanks for the economics lesson mate.😀. Maybe UNISON should demand double pay for nurses or everybody out? Or maybe they shouldn't as it would be as morally reprehensible as the example above?
  2. Matt Hancock said it's all cool, it's all in a warehouse in the the North West of England and the Army are helping distribute.
  3. The market is king. Thatcher's Britain......
  4. Yes it can be contracted from surfaces. The harder the more likely, stainless steel is apparently one of the worst as it can survive for up to 72 hours. The advice is simple, dont touch these surfaces if you dont have to, if you do dont touch your face, then wash your hands properly. Someone posted a really good video on here a couple of days back demonstrating the correct technique for handwashing. Doing it for 2 lots of happy birthday means fuck all if dont do it properly.
  5. Sorry Mickey age prejudice. See Robbie Savage and thought it was the one before my time, Wrexham and all that. My sincere apologies!
  6. Add the Leicester at home to Mickys list of 9 men Desmonds. Also West Ham 1 nil win at home Okocha screamer was a good day. Edit saw Leyther Matt beat me to West ham.
  7. Sunderland home 98. Think we were unbeaten at the time. Had all of the ball and lost three nil. English teacher was a Sunderland supporter and gave us hell about it.
  8. Kind of. AfC was just coming in when I started so I'm talking 15 years ago. Job was advertised on the old pay scale subject to review under the new contract. Within a month of starting I was told that the banding result was a lower salary than the old but I would be on pay protection at the old rate but no pay rise for God knows how long. Folk at another trust not far away doing the exact same job and some doing less skilled work were banded 2 bands higher. Got one band higher on appeal about a year after and cleared off to the higher paying trust 6 months after that. Its obviously more established now so the variation is less, but how a job comes out at banding panel can be influenced by using the right words in the Job Description. More room for it in admin roles than in nursing for example, where a staff nurse is a staff nurse and is a band 5 across the board.
  9. Not saying that hasn't happened but it's not national policy. Was on the end of a very bad AfC call when it first came in myself, had to move jobs because of it. It's a national policy that's subject to local interpretation, so there are examples of what you are saying, it's by no means across the board though.
  10. It's simple but it's not correct. Percentage uplift for lower bands has actually been higher in recent years (and rightly so) to maintain differentiation as the minimum wage has increased. I'm assuming that you may be coming from a position of personal experience, though that's likely to be anecdote and not evidence.
  11. There certainly is. I've tried to PM you over the last couple of weeks, if you are in management and need any advice or support on NHS finance just give me a shout.
  12. Birch you would be surprised just how many nurses are at the top of band 5 and have been for some time. Also much of the headline pay rises have been swallowed up by increased pension contributions.
  13. This is true for the vast majority though there are opportunities in nursing and general management, advanced practice etc. Doctors dont have to leave to do private they just do it on the side!
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