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  1. Me dad always said don't buy owt on't tic.
  2. Tell them their prices 'aren't commercial' and refuse to pay.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if he swapped Lowe and Graham around when we get a bit of experience back at centre half.
  4. Best of luck Parky take as many points of the bottom of the table sides as you like.
  5. Bout half a mill iirc. Don't think we'll be unearthing many at that price
  6. Tried to have a look at their forum "Ready to Go" looks like PP has broke t'internet.
  7. Hoddle is disgusted by this racism. Reckons they should be saving their abuse for the disablists instead.
  8. Simeon Slavchev. Did he ever play?
  9. Not as much as it would upset Roger
  10. Our boy Rob is about the best England have got.
  11. The best thing I ever did was knock Uni on the head. I wanted to be a football writer and got onto a journalism course at Central Lancs. (I turned down History at Manchester) I was in the same year as Lost Voice Guy, Chelsea from Radio Manc and Derek Hatton's daughter. I was okay at the writing but wasn't cut out for digging stories out.I realised this early on but only quit 18 months after I should have I Bummed around for a couple of years and then went to night school at Bolton College doing accountancy at 23 which was the best thing I ever did. I've made a decent living for myself. Moral of the story is that what happens at 18 is not the be all and end all, no matter what those with a skin in the game may say .
  12. You, her and the husband will enjoy it even more if you make it a bit rough ' a la fromage.' Sorry couldn't resist. 😀 Edit not you Cheese, you're not implicated, you being judge fudge the OP.
  13. Ooh Rob Holding you know, he's better than Cannavaro. Only a matter of time.
  14. Bugger. Danny Rose down with a case of Czech Neck.
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