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  1. The Man City owner will surely be wise enough not to venture into Eccles.
  2. Wiki says Daws never played for KH?
  3. Cannavaro would have let him win the header then pinched his pocket afterwards. But the best are the best. It's like saying Zach Clough aint much different size wise than Messi. It's true but still a false comparison. I'd love it for Harry B to make it as a pro, but he's only going to make it as a full back/defensive mid as at a big stretch and a loan would be the best option. And to get back to my main point, I'm sure his non selection at the moment is not personal for the reasons given above.
  4. Different game mate. See their centre forward today? How many lads you see like that in World Cup/Champions League/Serie A? That's the level we are at now.
  5. How many games did Cannavaro play in League 1/2? I like Harry and his family, his gran was friends with my mum. He's never going to be a football league centre half as long as I have a hole in my arse.
  6. Good stuff I'll be there too. Lowe is the least of our worries, we'll be lucky if we still have him next year. Cool heads required in the stands almost as much as the dugouts next year and for the remainder of this. COYFWM!
  7. Voice of reason. Bravo sir.
  8. Yes correct, about five games and maybe two last season. But youth cente halves always get let in at fullback first. He's never going to be a professional centre half. I'm not the tallest bloke in the world and I have an inch or two on his old man. Harry is a shade taller than me. He's played all his youth career at centre half and if he's going to learn fullback on the job, it would be better if he did it on loan.
  9. Give Brockbank's uncle a call, does a bit of roofing I hear. His old man wasn't a bad footballer by all accounts too.
  10. RIP Caroline. Can't say I've followed her work since I thought she was extremely easy on the eye in Bo Selecta. Agree with Cheese's stance even if it's not popular.
  11. Nail. Head. Whacked. Nothing personal just business.
  12. You could be right in that he'll follow Hill around. He could turn out to be a right back or a defensive midfielder at a push. Would prefer that he learns his trade as a full back on loan rather than with us, Emmanuel for all his faults, is a better option at full back right now.
  13. If you mean Brockbank then I'm not sure he's really a right back. He's played all his youth career at centre half, though he's never going to be big enough to play centre half professionally. Any issue with Brockbank will not be personal, Brockbank's old man and Hill mixed in the same circles when I lived up that way.
  14. Never tried any beyond Jamesons. Might give some a bash.
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