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  1. Basil Fawlty Paul Robinson from Neighbours. Benny from Crossroads.
  2. Lowcarbon. Rank outsider. Not even quoted on the odds list. Well done Sir!
  3. RoadRunnerFan


    Going off the start of this game sounds like this could be a long afternoon......
  4. I object to all that too, I do accept we have to cut them some slack on a lot of stuff because they are well out of their comfort zones. I don't think it's 'daft' to ask that subject matter experts like yourself do likewise. Don't let your crusade become your raison d'etra because sadly it detracts from the rest of your content which is informative. The irony is that you have made it your agenda to call out others for having an agenda.
  5. Unfortunately not, though luckily the bill was disconcertingly vague. Though the kind young man from reception did show me how to operate the TV. I repaid his act of kindness by showing him 'the trick with the mirror.'
  6. Let's imagine I am staying in Linton travel tavern. If I wish to watch the film 'Bangkok Chick Boys' when the option comes up to 'Watch Bangkok Chick Boys?' I tick the box that says 'Yes' , if I do not wish to watch this film I tick the box that says 'No.' So if I tick the box that says 'Yes', I do not expect to watch 'Driving Miss Daisy' instead. If you say that you think only three posters 'are the only sane ones on here at times' then by definition you think the others are not sane, at times. Though you say your inference of insanity is aimed at 'one or two.' So your reasoning doesn't stack up unless the forum only has five members, three sane ones plus the two in denial of reality, which is demonstrably horseshit. I'll leave it at that. 🙂
  7. No offence taken. You are completely right above, a tiny minority on here are in denial, most 'get it.' Even those folk just want to get back to normality really. In the original post you had it the other way round. Escobarp's response put it better than I ever could.
  8. Yourself and all of the above post sensible stuff on this issue, setting aside Chris' apparent expectation that sports journalists should also be finance experts. Though you are doing a massive disservice to many on here with that comment. Ever wonder why you find yourself explaining the same thing repeatedly? That kind of stuff makes people stop reading imo.
  9. Beltin' track. Bit tainted in recent years by X Factor associations.
  10. Sorry to break this to you Chris, but it is unlikely that any incident of alleged felinophilia was entirely consensual. Iles gives fairly short shrift to the #meowtoo movement.
  11. What fee did we get? Magic beans?
  12. Scroll back a page Jules. Traf's picture says a thousand words.
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