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  1. According to the BN the victim of the 'violence' was a 64 year old Labour supporting nurse. Maybe it's Boris who cant handle the thought of a none supportive audience just like he can't handle the thought of an interview with Neill? Jsl
  2. Fascinating creatures......Laurence doesn't find ladyboys attractive, just thinks they are confusing.
  3. Went to their new gaff in Clayton le Moors before the Accrington game. Dave Sweeney was in there and told me they are working towards getting it on concourses.
  4. Great. I'd assumed that was the crux of the issue in any case, hence the charge over the hotel, the separate administrators and alleged moving goalposts. We know what those delays led too. Are you bringing anything new to the table here or not? Or have you just come back to have a strange dig at Traf and wind everybody else up?
  5. Chris if you have something to say just say it. I for one would appreciate the digging you do on the paper trail if it didn't come served with all the cryptic and condescending asides.
  6. Missed your comments originally was out walking my dog. Chris do you ever think there will be a boy born that can swim faster than a shark?
  7. Very possible - maybe the irony in my post was too subtle.
  8. Audience member. £80k plus and reckons he's not in the top 5 percent. Reckons all doctors, solicitors and accountants earn more than him. Classic 'working class tory'. I'm an accountant, my mum worked in mills, she reckons I earn a fortune, I don't. My Mum has dementia as an excuse this pillock doesn't.
  9. He's an honest bloke working with his hands. Can't be on as much as a solicitor, accountant or doctor surely?
  10. This nutter is on on £80k+ plus and recons all Doctors, Solicitors and Accoutants are on more than him. Absolutely barking mad.
  11. Question time from Bolton's a real brains trust. That panellist with the mad eyes was she the one on the interview outside Parliament a while back? Looks like she's been hammering the bing.
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