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  1. Was a short interview, may have been cut. Dearden just asked him about Gilks going down at the end.
  2. Evatt on t'wireless just said Gilks is fine.
  3. Depends to a large degree on how 'fan' is defined. If your 30 year Liverpool season ticket holder from Speke carries the same weight as your Facebook 'liker' from Seoul then it's plausible. I've had a season ticket at Wanderers since the early nineties, I started following the results of Baltimore Orioles Baseball as it was one of the first sports back from lockdown and I enjoyed The Wire. It really ain't the same thing.
  4. Yup that and the revolving door between investment banks and the senior echelons of the civil service.
  5. All gonna get canned. Legal challenge from Doncaster. ITK.
  6. I'd be delighted if he did but can see it being Mullin given the number of goals he's bagged.
  7. He's been potted and replaced with some chap called Ratchet
  8. You'll never read a more succinct summary of 2010-20 than this. Bravo Traf.
  9. "Your letter was only the start of it, you wrote it and now you're a part of it. Gaz'll fix it, Gaz'll fix it for you, and you and you and ba pa da....."
  10. "Managers dont get enough time these days. Except at Salford where they get quite enough thank you very much."
  11. Love to RUIN the Scotcher.
  12. Cant recall anything bar Eddie Davies, balance sheets, companies house charge documents etc. Think they only really posted on the takeover thread. They were called out at the time for never discussing football.
  13. In fairness to these two/(one?), Sluffy and Custard never really discussed football, so a very different modus operandi here.
  14. A former employee of mine took great pleasure in telling me she used to do work for him.
  15. Peter Emerson Jones. Apologies for the pedantry.
  16. I dont see any upset Zombies around here.
  17. You're not having a go at anyone, you're just having a pop at the undead.
  18. But it spoils the little quiche.
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