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  1. They finished 10th in his first season, 10 points away from the play offs.
  2. He said it in Radio Manchester interview
  3. Lloyd Isgrove has signed a one year deal. As has Arthur Gnahoua (striker).
  4. 1-4. White with a late consolation. 2941 tuning in.
  5. The ice cream is thawing nicely and the jelly is almost set.
  6. Is it possible to reboot the Super 6 league, i believe Gonzo was the league administrator last season. Should be automatically renewed when you log in.
  7. I think it's hhqtek. Failing that if you open the link on your phones web browser and then log into the site through mobile internet you should automatically be entered into the league.
  8. Set to be announced tomorrow according to reports. He appears to have morphed into the MP Liam Fox.
  9. Perfect match! Just meant he's on a short term deal and his comments have created a lot of anger. He may see them as an escape before he gets potted despite all their issues.
  10. He said no apparently. They've now moved onto John Sheridan, he's currently at Waterford. He allegedly called the league a shambles and a pub league so he may leave.
  11. Bromley Cross is more his level.
  12. He was tired of seeing him waltzing along. Time to ring the bells and announce his departure.
  13. The manager's had to say something. Fan's have accused him of getting away with it all messed up for a while now.
  14. Rodney Jack still scoring 30 yard screamers?
  15. I keep seeing frog & toad when i see him.
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