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  1. Don't sweat, it's just the games people play.
  2. Did it go off after the game? Sure i remember stories of pool cues and all sorts. I was on the Werther's official coach.
  3. We were lucky to only be 2-0 down at the time, Hughes & Roberts were a real handful that day.
  4. Hunt scored on that occasion. Taylor scored 2 beauties against us the season before.
  5. I find ones with ceramic blades last longer, no messing about with oil and easier to clean from my own experience of doing mine for over 20 years.
  6. He takes over more failing businesses and uses them as fronts to launder money for the cartel. Also buys a riverboat and manages to obtain a casino license which will help shift more money. I seem to remember he partnered up with the local crime boss as well.
  7. Season 6 & no she doesn't.
  8. At what point does he feature? I never saw him. He's never managed Sunderland & the focus of the series is the failures of Grayson, Coleman & the former chief executive.
  9. Oh ye of little faith.
  10. The BN one has more structure and is easier to follow. I stopped listening to the BBC effort when they tried to talk about a game nobody had even seen. Morris was in London, Tetlow was at Man City with her partner and the other lad who is also a Blade was busy that weekend.
  11. It's worth a listen. https://open.spotify.com/show/41G1rJ06R6WWpzCil2YGhk Far better than the radio Manchester one which annoyingly always has people talking over one another and crap sections like guess the player.
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