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  1. I won the Super 6 league. Is it still a £100 cash prize?
  2. They did, don't know how they managed it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47899636
  3. Luton started on -30, Leeds -15. I don't think we can expect any support from the EFL regardless of who owns the club. I think they'll want to set an example to prevent it happening again. Not trying to be negative, i just don't think its in their book to be lenient on matches going unplayed in those circumstances.
  4. Would have to be some team to get promotion, we could be looking at a 20 point deduction.
  5. Canelo v Jacobs at the weekend, could be a cracker.
  6. The fans interviewed at the start talking about automatic promotion were in for a shock! The Premier Passions series when Peter Reid was manager were a good watch as well.
  7. That's Simon Grayson, he was at the Blackburn game. Iles has thrown water over that one.
  8. What's the timescale for a liquidation process?
  9. Seeing the trouble Jack Bauer had in China i don't fancy Ameobi's chances much.
  10. Nixon latest: BOLTON. There is a new buyer around. Maybe even more than one. Contact made. Bassini has until Monday. Admin an option. Ameobi wanted in China.
  11. Said he didn't have time to do full due diligence..
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