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  1. The first game in L3 me and my mate went on a SELNEC double decker football special. Only cost a few pence ... 5p ... maybe 2p rings a bell , we were schoolboys .... No need to book just pile into moor lane. Stood on the open end , loads of wanderers fans all over ..no segregation.. rows upon rows of double decker buses to choose from for journey home . Happy days
  2. I used to work with a prem ref. I used to complain to him about how Bolton got a rough deal in those early prem years ... He told me , that if you are a team struggling to win games then bad ref decisions against you seem to be exaggerated because you think they are so important to the outcome of the game . If you are playing well, in charge of the game, winning by a couple of goals, then a dodgy free kick or offside call doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. After a while I sort of agreed with him . The sending off against Morecambe wouldn't have mattered if we were
  3. Maybe a bit of daylight and slightly warmer temperatures before the temperature really drops in the evening. Plus Mansfield after dark ... You don't go there ...that was a joke actually... Mansfield is all right as a town 😀
  4. Wow what a night it was ... I was amazed when I got there how many Wanderers fans were in the clock end. I'd arranged a meeting at our Turnham Green office in Chiswick and an arsenal supporter in the office told me to follow his car to the ground. He was picking up a mate in central London to take to the game , so I had an impromptu city tour ... We got a street parking spot on the A1 too. I think it is my top away game following the wanderers ...better than Blackburn promotion and just about beats Hull on the Friday night. The Andy Walker goal in front of us all was amazing
  5. An update ...wife works in Mansfield.. loads of melting snow in area ... "Be gone later" was her words
  6. No snow in North Nottingham but it rained really hard and everywhere is soaked . The pitch at field mill was poor last time a game was played. More heavy rain forecast . Might be a throwback to a 70s heavy pitch if it gets s go ahead 😀🎄💦
  7. We had " lords meat " at Turton School ... " As in Bob lord . "Lords meat is what you should eat" said the delivery vans ... Our school dinners were awful and the meat was gristle .... Just saying
  8. Yes it was ... Their keeper, rod Arnold , made a worldie in front of a packed embankment ... One of best saves I've seen even the ref clapped it . We won at field mill at Easter ,packed out with wanderers fans. It snowed Saturday , Sunday here and temp has been sub zero sat, sun, Monday . It has been pouring down all afternoon , so rain on ice turf . Their pitch has looked dodgy on TV highlights . A postponed game is no surprise
  9. They play in blue. None terraced housing Those floodlights look like the ones at Saltergate. Chesterfield
  10. BTW what's with the weird 6 yard box markings and pitch markings
  11. ... actually it looks too green to be Everton ... All those trees ...I need a rethink...this is better than the Tranmere game
  12. Yes Everton because of the church , although I think the pitch is the wrong way round to how it is now
  13. Actually I am going to retract Burnley... The floodlights are wrong and that terrace would be the Bob lord stand is . The terrace looks massive ...so big terrace with hills / moors to the right . None urban environment... I think I have stood on the terrace ... I could see owls when I was on it ... Not ones on trees though 🙂... It was on a Wednesday in Sheffield when I went ... 0 - 0 whatmore led the line . Sheffield Wednesday
  14. Terraced houses and moors ... Turf moor Burnley...although the floodlights aren't right .
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