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  1. Nobody knows much about this league, so all predictions are off. 3 points will do. I look at our line up and i havent got a clue yet as to whose who? Maybe i need to swot up a bit 😀
  2. It is a very thought provoking thread. Has anyone asked their black friends what they think abot BLM ? Has anyone ever been with a black person when they have been abused? It is a very upsetting experience. I was with one of my friends walking on the pavement a van pulled up alongside us and we were spat at ... it missed . FYI : No witnesses, no cctv , she is black , i am white. I experienced another issue on a bus, i confronted the abuser , a bit stupid as i am 60 something and he was in his 30s . He did it as he was getting off the bus , so verbally abused an old black guy
  3. Two big terraces behind the goal and on the side. How about The Valley ?
  4. Whatever colour that politicians was , he was spot on... whike he us at it he should have said so is the EPL / FA ... project restart what an hyter farce..asking players to play a contact sport while there is a pandemic virus , spread by contact ... fools
  5. Sky News breaking news ... bad news ...R is back to 1 ...not good at all
  6. I have read this topic for several weeks now .... Here are my thoughts .. We as supporters are not going to be sat in our seats ...or even stood in our seats .. during the year 2020. At best guess i would say august 2021. Should professional football at any level restart? Nobody appears to be counselling the footballers . Football is a contact sport, if i was a pro footballer i would not be putting my health in danger and that of my family by running around a pitch with 20 plus sweaty other men. These are young men , with children, pregnant partners . I would refuse to play ..
  7. Yes , I do all home games , season ticket holder .... we had a few chances first half ...which was unusual ...creating chances .
  8. 0 - 0 against Accrington Stanley and people are getting excited. Shows how far we have fallen...Accrington Stanley ... and our keeper is our MOM Lincoln city ran us ragged a few weeks ago. Just saying . I cannot see any positives from yesterday .
  9. I don't understand why everyone was writing off this season back in August. Minus 12 points wasn't a big difference , all we needed to do over the course of a full season was win 4 more games than the team in the last relegation spot. His first game at Rotherham, albeit a team of some strangers , was pathetic , he should have had a game plane or even parked the bus for that first game (two banks of four), he did neither . When I watch us I have no idea what our tactics are . We are so slow moving the ball, but don't worry all we need to do according to " Mr. Onions" is make
  10. +1 I normally go to MK , an easy drive down the M1, but the football with Hill in charge is just so poor, I couldn't be bothered. I will be at the Unibol with my season ticket , but that is just because I've got a ticket . I think i trust FV to bin him soon
  11. Good shout . I'd actually move him on once we are officially relegated...thanks for your efforts but it hasn't worked out ... Heard a Rochdale fan on BBC Manc , when i was driving home on a windswept m62 last night . He said we inherited the same hill that had lost the plot at 'dale ... everyone's fault but his , stupid press comments , tactical ineptitude ... in effect he was past his sell by date when he came to Bolton. Mcginlay, not always the best of pundits, was also scathing of hills team and tactics .
  12. On the field we have no organisation , no leaders , are tactically inept , midfield sit back, never press, wide open. We are hopeless , I put all that down to Hill . P45 for Hill will be a start . I don't enjoy the match day experience any more . Last night at Doncaster we just went through the motions . Only bit of cheer my half time hot drink Just one observation , off subject a bit. I've been to all our matches at the keepmoat and their stewards are always really friendly
  13. Spot on . Doncaster were awful and we were a shambles. Hill will take us to the conference, he is so out of his depth managing a club of our stature . I've seen nothing from him to convince me otherwise .
  14. All this nonsense about Hill having a " free hit / pass" , he walked into difficult circumstances etc. is all excuses . Our teams have no organisation, don't react to in game changes, we are so slow, we allow the poorest of teams to dominate play and possession . Every team we play look streets ahead if us . It's embarrassing watching us . Hill is out of his depth . It's also embarrassing listening to him talking to the press. He's by far the worst manager we've had at the reebok , macron , unibol .
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