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  1. I will pass on this as it is an iconic terrace and has it's part in football history
  2. The little terrace has the look of either Lincoln or Scunthorpe. As we have had Lincoln a few guesses ago, I will go Sunny Scunny. I imagine it does get a bit of snow when the weather comes across from the East. Scunny
  3. Actually, I have just seen his interview. He was very passionate and upset . Didn't hold back in his disregard to the boardrooms of the elite 6.
  4. Your clue about unusual games and the fashion sense of the spectators makes me think Sunday football early 70s I know millwall were one of the first games and the architecture says London Millwall
  5. Hmmmm ...he works for sky ... Who don't appear to be involved in the venture. Maybe I am doing him a disservice ... No real football fan wants to see the essence of our football pyramid structure be broken by a exclusive members only club . Good riddance to them all.
  6. Plymouth, big clue in pilgrims tours
  7. Well the ground looks awful a real run down hole. Based on no other fact that the worst run down ground I have ever been to was Doncaster Rovers , I will go Belle Vue, Doncaster
  8. No idea as all my initial thoughts have been guessed . I could Google your clue but that isn't in the spirit of the competition. Superb photo though, well scary and how did they access the area .
  9. Yes that's it 11 seconds in . To the left and one behind the lad with his arms folded. , Alan , Ian (ducky) and me
  10. Wow I was right . The TV box is a clue too as that is the side where TV coverage is . Someone mentioned about a you tube clip of wanderers fans being pelted with bricks and stoned ...it is on the YouTube thread. me and my mates are on that clip , it was quite scary . Phil Neal came over to plea for behaviour when it was chesterfield lobbing things over the barrier . If I remember we had to file out of the ground one by one ...with chesterfield youth watching . Mad days
  11. It is fairly recent photo as they are advertising vauxhall network Q . The only old school ground with a terrace along the side and roof is saltergate , chesterfield. But the roof looks too shallow . Chesterfield final answer
  12. The Reebok surely . Bolton
  13. Ahhh now I see ... The dodgy barriers threw me out
  14. Not the city ground they always had red terrace barriers ... Could be the baggies ...although it doesn't look urban enough ...final answer ... baggies
  15. Really good read that . Some great photos too .thanks for the link
  16. I recognise the side , it now has seats... As it is early doors I will let some one else grab the gory
  17. In that case it is in Wales, we have had Swansea, so this must be Ninean Park or The Racecourse ....Wrexham then
  18. Bullseye, Jim Bowen , darts , bully , out of the red, nothing in this game for 2 in a bed ... No idea
  19. Love the 2 policemen on the roof of the shop . Those haircuts look very late 70s before punk, new romantics , ska and two tone influenced us. Not many scarves or hats sporting home team colours . You sure it footie ?
  20. When we are allowed back in , we will make our own decision whether to attend based on the rules dictated to us. Unfortunately it isn't going to be the same as it was in March 2020 for a long time. Being a season ticket holder from Nottingham, I expect I will be excluded by the said dictated rules as I will be classed as an away supporter.
  21. I saw it on the Sky News ticker tape ...shouted my wife ..."oh no Frankie Worthington has died " ... I clicked over to Sky Sports News.... " Watch this " I told her..."probably the best ever goal at Burnden Park "... She smiled..."he was a brilliant player you know " I told her ...I rewound live TV to show her the goal again. Thanks Frank . Stylish , charismatic and a Wanderer, he caressed the football like he did his women. He made us all smile . RIP
  22. Ahh it was Swansea !!!!
  23. clues in the pic they are called "City" The ground is derelict and no longer used, possibly in the midlands with "Rover Group" adverts Worcester City
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