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  1. good job we hung on for all 3 points
  2. Watched him play at the railway Bromley Cross about 8 or 9 years ago not a bad night except ale was always shite in there
  3. they were dragging tables out onto side street of The York on Newport street at dinner time
  4. come on , how much better does that win feel now just wait until we leave them behind in this league
  5. there is nothing about this that is normal put a colour on my mrs hair on Sunday i dont recall receiving any payment and it was such a really difficult thing to do wish she had just thrown £400 at Tracy in the local "salon" instead ,what a dick i am
  6. was a great 3 points but reading on here you would think we lost 3 0 and had a 6 point deduction
  7. Has Cheese got match highlights ready to post yet?
  8. there is a subway under St Peters way
  9. Sticking a leg of lamb in at kick off should i add garlic or not asking for a friend
  10. i have read this myself more than 3 times this morning and i am non the fucking wiser either me n a barrel of ale total nonsense
  11. i dont know who your imagined income is be Rudy when he knocks on your back door
  12. this is all a bit shit can we not just have lesbians cuting hairs ?
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