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  1. you can watch them all on youtube Duran , Hearns , Robinson never lost a fight to them in my opinion after the judges ,officials , crowd have gone let them carry on only ever 1 winner in my mind
  2. Hagler was the best ever for me no dancing ,no hiding full on in your face, Minter was a decent level boxer, FFS he held all the belts I was shocked what Hagler did that night
  3. Thank fuck its Friday after this weeks pub crap got a bottle of merrydown original cider and 4 cans of OJ 8.5 % to drop into it 😃
  4. it all seems half arsed to me if those dicks from up Bury road decide to jump on a tram in Radcliffe to have a few scoops in Manchester on Saturday there wont be any coppers at the station to challenge them or from anywhere else in Bolton for that matter , loads go these days on the train for an afternoon session
  5. Just back from Asda Blackburn road , double figures people wandering about with no masks on no one ever gets challenged by staff or security yesterday in parliament we were being singled out as the worst spot in the country
  6. sorry , i have been asleep and then to work yes the Tap on Belmont road no it isnt my pub and it is back open, just had a couple there had a covid test on Moor Lane this morning Peter Nicholson was in the pub this afternoon
  7. that is way more reading than i was planning this evening i know Murdoch is a twat but i aint wading thro that lot tonight laters
  8. They shut my pub down yesterday with covid anyone who wants a row fill your boots Cmon
  9. fink we need chat cos i dont understand could we meet n u explain to me why someone cant produce a newspaper to buy for profit given i get two of the effing things thro my letter box every week i dont ask for or pay for
  10. George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning as has been pointed out on here before he didnt write it as a fucking instruction manual
  11. i think she has about 12 kids now so somebody is enjoying her music
  12. Obviously for the good people of Bolton because they would know best
  13. honestly you can just get deeper n deeper dont know how many hours i lost tonight Moor Lane , old markets , and town before any twat on a council was allowed to fuck it all up
  14. get on that Bolton link it will leave your head spining some of those photos of Daubill Deane and town mentals,,
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