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  1. Spurs in Super league action in glorious UHD & Dolby surround sound.... A club that's won next to fuck all since they invented colour TV 😂
  2. Wrong as its still standing.
  3. Not for me, always dreamed of seeing us win an FA cup & twice we threw away golden chances to get to finals & neither Villa or Stoke had to play well to beat us.
  4. I've done my best detective work but will keep schtum.
  5. I know because you gave away the answer 😂
  6. Given that response I'm going Bramhall Lane then 😁
  7. The service has been there for a while now & he's missed a bagful of sitters. I'm not saying he needs to be a target man but the number of times the ball is played into his feet & he gets dispossessed with ease is ridiculous. He is what he is & we are what we are but if we go up we need to be looking for an improvement.... & that applies everywhere.
  8. Just when I'd managed to forget you cnut!!! 😂
  9. I have to agree with you. No problem with the lad & he has a great attitude but he isn't clinical enough & is woefully weak, defenders just seem to brush him off the ball with ease.
  10. Got what we deserved today. Won't pick out individuals for criticism, will just say well played Matt Gilks & George Thomason you were outstanding. A young lad trying to carry a team with so much experience. Oh what we'd give for SJM to be upfront now. He'd be on course for 40 goals nevermind 20 with the chances we've been creating.
  11. Good idea cos we're shithot at free kicks 😂
  12. Why did I get the urge to click my fingers twice when I read that? 😁
  13. How can VAR rule out a goal when someones toenail is offside but can't overrule a penalty decision when Rodriguez clearly kicks the ground & falls over?
  14. Frying pan & fire spring to mind.
  15. Just watched the Arsenal highlights... Didnt realise Keith 'Onions' Hill was the Slavias boss 😊
  16. Not at all, remember his moves on the Maine Rd pitch? 😁
  17. She always gave me a bit of a twinge in the trouser department. No age at all RIP.
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