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  1. That was the figure needed to cover paying off creditors & to keep us going for the 2yrs?
  2. Enough to cover the next 2 seasons wasn't it?
  3. Surely to fuck that's a banning offence?
  4. Aye, they left in their droves when we signed Andy Walker 🤔
  5. Doubt that had any relevance to the case...
  6. Oztumer to be on the bench for both 11s?😊
  7. It seems very rare that they say otherwise, not that I'm particularly arsed.
  8. Current... Fury, Kyrgios, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Tommy Fleetwood, Dillian Whyte
  9. Tyson, Mcenroe, Alex Higgins, Botham, Bristow
  10. That's the man! Yeah I seem to recall something like that happening.
  11. What was the lad called who sold the BEN in his wheelchair on the precinct? I've got Derek in my head but not sure...
  12. 24 hours on the Brexit thread should be enough punishment.
  13. Sorry its a bit of an in joke on here.
  14. He's no Finnish he's Icelandic
  15. Hasnt she eloped with Little Whitt then?
  16. I know a bloke who stuck a dead cat up his arse & couldn't stop Trumping....
  17. He threw his last pair into the crowd at the end of the season.... and missed 😊
  18. There's a few pan handlers...
  19. That's how little whit spells cheese 😊
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