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  1. If you've got four hungry children & a crop in the field it's time to run.
  2. I'm saying they as a unit are as good as anything out there... Messi & Ronaldo are world class, Sterling isn't.
  3. Probably walked past a mirror & spent a few weeks arguing with himself 😁
  4. He ain't world class, far too inconsistent, but he's as good as we've got & in tandem with Kane & Rashford they're as good as anything out there for me.
  5. It would certainly galvanise the club in the short term, I guess then it would be a matter of if the results follow.
  6. I for one don't read it, however that doesn't take away from the fact that Iles is a shoddy, lazy journalist at best & his biased & inaccurate reporting fires up the hard of thinking who can't wait to latch on to any negativity regarding KA/BWFC.
  7. John Scales Sardine Holdsworth Geoff Pike
  8. I feel the need to scrub myself with wire wool & bleach just for mentioning his name 😞
  9. You haven't drunk enough yet that's all...
  10. Still wouldn't be enough to save us though 😊
  11. Can't be bothered watching it tbh but the fact that ever since she went missing they have reffered to Madaleine in the past tense speaks volumes.
  12. Maybe they are busy looking for your punctuation?
  13. Bolton Wanderers is like a beautiful woman 😁
  14. If all Howard tells us plays out as he says I think we should rename the site Howard's Ways in his honour.
  15. Kerching!!! I had to force myself not to post that one 😊
  16. Covertly obvs, lest I be tarred & feathered & accused of having an ism.
  17. By Yourri's standards it was close enough.
  18. That would be the Ireland which includes Edinburgh then?
  19. He'll still be glossing over things 😊
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