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  1. Cloudy would be technically head and shoulders above what we have now. Put him up top with Doyle and I think that’d be a fairly lethal league 2 strike force.
  2. It’s piss poor from Both. The sooner Crellin fucks off the better, his reactions are excruciatingly slow.
  3. We seem to of conceded so many goals this season from direct fuck ups!
  4. Santos put in the best centre half performance I can remember for a long time in a white shirt. Colossus. Things looks so much better after a win! We have to keep Doyle sarce Tutte Santos and Gilks fit.
  5. Baptiste summing up why he shouldn’t be near the team FFS. Got to cover round there.
  6. Delaney, Santos, Sarce and Doyle have been superb. Think we’ll need to score again to win this though!
  7. Agreed, it really is best for all parties that he gets recalled. He must of shown some potential somewhere but he’s certainly nowhere near ready to be a first team keeper at this standard.
  8. Just shows the amount of faith left him in though. If we’re all thinking this way so is the rest of the team out there.
  9. Course he can, if Crellin stays in net we may as well prepare for a relegation fight. I feel sorry for the defence knowing he’s behind them. A good keeper would be absolutely invaluable right now and see us much higher up the table.
  10. You can see why Crawford hasn’t made it higher up the football pyramid, the ability is there but he repeatedly just goes missing. Absolutely gutless. Him Baptiste and Crellin all need dropping ASAP.
  11. If Evatt doesn’t take this kid out the firing line he deserves the sack. There has to be a free agent we can bring in surely.
  12. We have about 8 centre backs in the squad but it doesn’t matter when we have a keeper as piss poor as this. Without wanting to defend our defence they must be petrified with that lump of shite behind them. Evatt needs to learn he’s at a big club now expecting to win these games. The lineup and bench tonight is a disgrace.
  13. Lots of trouble in Barrow at the moment with suspected grooming gangs. Facebook ‘justice for Ellie’ if you want to read more in to it. All looking like a big cover up by the police and local media. https://m.facebook.com/groups/249662736247763?view=permalink&id=249713006242736
  14. My family own a DIY & Hardware store which is classed as being a store that can open. We’ve chosen to close this morning, I presume that even though we’ve chosen to close, our workers should still be eligible for the 80% the government are offering?
  15. This is the biggest concern. Are we not getting players in because of Keith or because of FV? Hopefully it’s because of Keith and has mental decision making.
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