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  1. What’s happened with our set pieces over the past couple of seasons? Ever since Morais left, they’ve been terrible. Doesn’t even look like we practise them. Ameobi, Noone, O’neill, Connell, Connelly have all took a set piece tonight. Along with our open play, it seems like we have no plan for set pieces either!
  2. Well that teams killed any optimism I had. A midfield of Wilson, Lowe and O’neill By the looks of it. Only Ameobi with any sort of creativity in the whole team.
  3. Williams is one of the only players I’d give credit too. One of few who tries to play forward and passes and moves. I think In a half decent team he’d look a lot better.
  4. You could put aguero up front in this team and he wouldn’t do much better. We create absolutely fuck all, they’re all working on scraps with no support or service.
  5. Lose this and Parky has to go ffs.
  6. Feel sorry for magennis, runs in behind and gets absolutely no support. Looks like we’re playing for 0 0. Edit: Which is now out the window. Shite.
  7. No creativity, no confidence on the ball. How are we expecting to score with such a defensive lineup and shape?
  8. Struggling to see why Lowe and Wilson are playing together.. both just want to do the same job.
  9. It’s a shame it’s come to this. Parkinson has done a fantastic job for the last couple of years but if he stays much longer, then that work will be forgotten. Our lack of a plan going forward is evident. We are devoid of any creativity and identity. We don’t counter attack, we don’t out pass teams, we have no clue what to do once the balls in the opposition half.
  10. He’s also our top scorer, works extremely hard and has usually been one of our better performers. You can’t really expect a lot more from any of our strikers given the piss poor service they seem to get week in week out.
  11. Fully agree. These ticket prices have ensured I won’t be going to a match I would’ve put down as a certain before the season starts. For 2 of us including fuel, food etc will be around £90 to £100 which considering the dross served up at the moment is nowhere near worth it. Tickets priced around £20 to £25 and I’d of been in.
  12. The stark reality is that we are useless going forward without ameobi. We are a one man team unfortunately, and unless he stays fit, were going to be in and around the bottom 5 or 6 most of the season.
  13. Donaldson was probably our best player. I’d like to see him out wide. We had a number of crosses go in where both wingers weren’t anywhere near the box. With him and Magennis/Doidge we’d at least be more of a threat from any crosses we get in.
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