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  1. I spoke to Zach at a Forest Under23 game in February, he said to me he would love to come back, but that the January rumour was Bollocks.
  2. Thanks Paul , another solid victory for the Whites. John Thomas seems a class above this level , he must have had a good number of assists , to go with his excellent goals return.
  3. What utter crap , she provoked the strike by going against agreed union and Coal board procedure regarding the closure of a colliery. Instead of a joint review taking place regarding a closure , she immediately ordered the closure of 20 mines , with the loss of 20,000+ jobs at the collieries alone. She knew full well the Union couldn't and wouldn't stand by and let that just happen , thus prompting the most bitter industrial dispute in history and costing lives on all sides in the process.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply glad you enjoyed it , Hastings is certainly well researched in all of his books that I have read. Let me know about the Vietnam book , I will give it a go if it's any good.
  5. I seem to Remember Doncaster Rovers being all Industrial estates.
  6. Too right , I've generally done well on the last minute bids(when I remember the end time) , I'm not sure if a lot of shilling still goes on ( friends of the seller starting a bidding war to boost the price , for anyone unaware of this scam).
  7. I used to get caught out trying to be crafty on last minute bids , now I just lump on what I would be happy to pay anyway , and if I get it cheaper = Result.
  8. It's a bit hit and miss for me , I like that you can just buy something without waiting 6 days or so , but the bargain side has dried up , especially regarding inflated Post and packaging.
  9. Keep looking mate , I got one for a couple of quid last year , they appear every few months.
  10. Thanks for that Paul( I think). The defeats help to give a more balanced opinion of that season's team , I was shocked when you posted that we had lost 12 games that season , without checking the book , was it a pretty settled defence all season?.
  11. Sadly he is playing for Rovers here.
  12. Your quite right , he played 37 games in 1986/87 when they gained promotion , and the following season he played 38 when they finished mid table.
  13. Except Wiki wasn't arsed enough to put a comment on.
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