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  1. I think Mellis as got a court date coming up in March , for a brawl on a night out.
  2. I think the novelty of the play offs had long gone out of the window the season before against Aldershot.
  3. Your ok , ive just got off.
  4. Looking at January's activity so far his signings suggest quite the opposite. I hope he's got summat up his sleeve after letting Earl ,Wright and Chickesn go ( even though it can be argued none of them exactly broke any pots).
  5. The second goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of us , I just don't know were we go from here , unless there is a sudden influx of experienced arrivals , especially at the back.
  6. Defended really well until then , it just needed a boot putting through the fucker.
  7. I think so yes , mind you he hardly played in 2 years at Forest when the injuries started.
  8. He came on as a sub at Sheffield utd, and all game prior to him coming on I was really bullying him up to my mate , then when he came on he was like an headless chicken , needless to say my mate told me to keep my fucking opinions to myself :lol:.
  9. If only Hobbs could have stayed fit I think him and Wright would have a solid partnership by now.
  10. A few years before we loaned him , Carsten Fredgaard was Rumoured to be the next big thing from Denmark and we were rumoured to be buying him for £2 million , but I think he chose Sunderland , I remember being well gutted.
  11. I thought Mendy was superb in the second half of the season
  12. Didn't Sammy Lee fuck his knee up after 4 games and never play again?.
  13. Bob taylor 1997/98 Paul Ritchie
  14. Nigel Jemson one of the worst ?
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