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  1. The ref seemed to play on a few seconds when he was on the deck . Worked out in the end thank fuck.
  2. Didn't they keep calling it the ' Dark Arts ' on the commentary earlier in the season.
  3. Ah ok , we should know tomorrow . Hopefully good news.
  4. Spot on . John will be a massive loss defensively and just as important by linking up with Dapo . It wasn't a coincidence the joy they had down that side when he went off ( not a slight against Brockbank). Definitely could do with good news on this one but I doubt it.
  5. It started when John came off to be honest.
  6. Don't you need the ball to do that?
  7. This is gonna be a long 15 minutes unless we start keeping possession a bit better.
  8. Get in . Great work from Dapo and a great change of feet from Doyle.
  9. Why the fuck didn't he pull that back .
  10. The big striker causing 1 or 2 problems already.
  11. Fucking hell that's a bright kit.
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