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  1. Caldwell and Oghani certainly did the business in this cup run , surprisingly they only scored 17 league goals between them that season , but on the other hand David Cross featured heavily in the first half of the season.
  2. Just a heads up chaps , the "on the trail of the Yorkshire Ripper book is available to pre order on Amazon , with a release date of October the 30th this year .
  3. Yeah , I'm sure I spotted an official dvd on flea bay years ago , it was probably Bristol related.
  4. Good old George taking one for the team , I think Oghani and Caldwell scored 9 goals between them in that cup run. It makes you wonder what might have happened if Caldwell's shot had gone in at 0-0 in the final instead of hitting the bar . Did a dvd of the final ever get officially released?
  5. Phil Neal seemed to have one or two fall outs in the first couple of years.
  6. I think of all the outfield players , wingers seem to be exposed the most if they carry inconsistency in their game , he certainly seemed to have a good shot on him. Interesting article, did he end up at Hearts at some stage , I recall Neil Berry and Wayne Foster playing there in the mid eighties.
  7. A great way win , albeit after living dangerously.Mark Gavin looked a quality player on the evidence of the clips , a pity we couldn't keep him for a few more seasons.a welcome appearance of the blue away strip too.
  8. No wonder they released him then. Which tells its own story.
  9. Just checked the book , he did play that game and made 30 League appearances too.
  10. A decent point away from home , noticed I think Graham Bell , I don't hardly see him mentioned very much . What was the general opinion of him ?
  11. Yes , perhaps his management inexperience showing through. How long after did he fetch in Mick Brown , I seem to remember a marked improvement when he was drafted in as assistant manager.
  12. An interesting trilogy of matches , from the highlights I think we deserved to win the last 2 matches. Asa Hartford certainly still looked a quality player.It was baffling why the goals seemed to dry up in the last 3rd of the season.
  13. Charnley's appearances 1992 Preston Away Lost 1-2 Bournemouth Home Lost 0-2 West Bromwich Albion Away Drew 2-2
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