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  1. Chandler , Gowling and Henry for us , Curran scored for Wednesday . Attendance 13,656
  2. And they've probably had more balls between them .
  3. Burnden 1938 . I wonder what this chap would have thought about under soil heating.
  4. The chap blowing out of his arse , is actor and radio presenter Wilfred Pickles.
  5. Yes , it would have been dark for 4ish .
  6. That was Monday 27th of December , but it was a 3.00pm kick off.
  7. The nearest night match was 7th october 1985 in the milk cup , fireworks then would generally be sold 6 weeks or so before Bonfire night.
  8. The Forest game , could it be 2nd of November 1974 , that's the closest date to bonfire night I can find.
  9. Wouldn't it have made us the first and last team to play in a FA cup final at the old Wembley.
  10. I felt like Fucking burying him when he missed.
  11. Please don't , I was starting to jump up and down and the next minute the ball was whizzing past my head. In fairness , finishing wise I would have picked Holdsworth out of any in that team to bury it.
  12. To be honest the signings before the transfer cut off reeked of desperation , Franz Carr, John Salako , even Bob Taylor , who in fairness to him did really well and almost kept us up.
  13. A picture of the pitch drop down , not sure of year , early 60's. It actually could be pre 1957 because I can't see any floodlights , unless they are lost in the gloom.
  14. I've never known Wembley way as quiet after the game , even the Villa fans seemed subdued , I think they knew they had got out of jail that day.
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