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  1. He sounds hyper as anything on this interview.
  2. I think Miller is injured.
  3. Did they have Santos at centre back?
  4. I think he let his emotion take over at 0-2 , rather than anything sinister I think he just went unprofessional. To be honest I struggled to hear owt he said through his grunts.
  5. Until the defence is radically improved either by signings or leadership I think we are going to struggle all season mate
  6. He's worse than Syd Little
  7. Gary Henshaw sounds like he's bursting for a piss
  8. Let's go again , certainly looking more dangerous up top
  9. We still can't win a bloody header in the box
  10. Last 10 mins a lot better
  11. It looked like it was the first time he had rode a bike without stabilizers.
  12. I could see us getting something out of that until the Kamikaze goalkeeping , better than last week but some major issues remain.
  13. The central Midfield just seems totally devoid of an ounce of creativity.
  14. In fairness Doyle is feeding off scraps , he's getting no service whatsoever.
  15. They're struggling to contain Delfouneso when he gets it.
  16. I was , he can't have been far off
  17. Looking a lot better today , pity we switched off at the goal. Delfouneso dropping very deep for my liking though.
  18. Change it to the bbc Essex commentary, they are pretty decent and impartial.
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