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  1. Cheers again Paul , noticed Tony Cunningham setting up Bury's goal .Did we sign Cunningham to replace Reeves or was he suffering from Form/injuries. Any chance of the Wigan away win in the league cup 87/88 please mate.
  2. Thanks Paul , great footage .The injury to Robbie certainly takes the shine off it , 2 good finishes from Tony Philliskirk though. Paul , is there a reason why Philliskirk was pretty prolific right up to Andy Walker joining and then his goals virtually dried up.
  3. Definitely , I still think if Lineker had got on the end of Barnes's cross we would have won that game , to be fair he should have been wiped out by Butcher .
  4. It was a great insight, I thoroughly enjoyed it , I kind of felt slightly sorry for him at the end , until I remembered what a cheating little anti - English bastard he is. He was a great player though , fuck me those keepy ups with the back of his foot were something else.
  5. Yes , I think he bust his nose open .
  6. Did you see the yoof who went arse over tit when we scored the 2nd regarding the grown twat who kept shouting peado and nonce at their keeper , he needs to realise the line between banter and being an embarrassing prick.
  7. Does anyone know who the co-commentator is on radio Manc tonight please?
  8. I spoke to Zach about 3 weeks ago at a Forest U23 game , when I mentioned that I'd like him back at Bolton , he said that he'd love to come back , but that the January rumours were a load of Bollocks . It was gutting watching him playing amongst all Forest's kids , no other squad players were involved and to make it worse it wasn't even a league game , it was a Notts senior cup match , a competition for local non league sides that Forest have entered with their kids. Zach played for 60 minutes before being subbed and you could see how pissed off he was by that , after the game he told me in no uncertain terms what he thought of Forests treatment of him.
  9. I think Mellis as got a court date coming up in March , for a brawl on a night out.
  10. I think the novelty of the play offs had long gone out of the window the season before against Aldershot.
  11. Your ok , ive just got off.
  12. Looking at January's activity so far his signings suggest quite the opposite. I hope he's got summat up his sleeve after letting Earl ,Wright and Chickesn go ( even though it can be argued none of them exactly broke any pots).
  13. The second goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of us , I just don't know were we go from here , unless there is a sudden influx of experienced arrivals , especially at the back.
  14. Defended really well until then , it just needed a boot putting through the fucker.
  15. I think so yes , mind you he hardly played in 2 years at Forest when the injuries started.
  16. He came on as a sub at Sheffield utd, and all game prior to him coming on I was really bullying him up to my mate , then when he came on he was like an headless chicken , needless to say my mate told me to keep my fucking opinions to myself :lol:.
  17. If only Hobbs could have stayed fit I think him and Wright would have a solid partnership by now.
  18. A few years before we loaned him , Carsten Fredgaard was Rumoured to be the next big thing from Denmark and we were rumoured to be buying him for £2 million , but I think he chose Sunderland , I remember being well gutted.
  19. I thought Mendy was superb in the second half of the season
  20. Didn't Sammy Lee fuck his knee up after 4 games and never play again?.
  21. Bob taylor 1997/98 Paul Ritchie
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