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  1. didn't shay given knock off nicky hunt's misses?
  2. if theres nobody left, pointless earning this amount of cash
  3. Are you saying the article is a pile of shite?
  4. It’s on the bbc tracker. Very sad news
  5. Actual fact where people’s jobs were reassessed and they were down banded but still doing the same stuff.
  6. a simple way of summarising is that the higher bands got paid more. The lower bands got dropped a banding. The admin staff in particular got fucked over.
  7. She’s quite tidy really A few pornstars escort, that means they’re hookers.
  8. Yosser Hughes - Boys from the blacstuff - Liverpool
  9. Little bastards woke me up this morning, gang of them outside doing their fucking mewing A repeat performance will lead to a stick being wrapped around their arses
  10. the wealth has already been created for a few surely this pandemic is a good enough reason for some of that wealth to be shared equitably if they don’t, then the question to be asked is ‘of what use are they?’
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