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  1. Doyle has hopefully already got his song of “...he gets the ball and scores a goal...”
  2. How about calling it ‘the match’ or ‘wanderers’ it’s what I say where I’m off to
  3. That pic has to be a piss take. Shit impressions of Rod Stewart and the Karate kid.
  4. Morizio


    Mitchell and Brown. Bolton company. Are they any good?
  5. Which poster do you recon this fella will most look like? Im going for @Sluffyor @Chris Custodiet
  6. I like marmite and Turkish delight, not same plate though.
  7. Is it my eyes or are the lines not straight?
  8. COVID-19 enhanced short tempers, those two cunts haven’t got the bottle
  9. Will Howard the liar appear on pieeatingwankersways spouting takeover news that’s too good to be true and always has some mishap occur to prevent the deal being finalised or the real facts being revealed 🤔
  10. Will covid offer an excuse not to stick the -12 points on them? You pie eating cunts, fuck you. Six fingered dingle bastards next🙏
  11. BBC breakfast, still not answering this question of ‘how many people are being tested?’
  12. Can you hear me now?
  13. Very friendly rugby club as well 🍻 I like the Crown Hotel for eating. The playing area across the river from Victoria Park is great for watching all manner of sports. Lovely part of the world.
  14. Bit of a hidden gem is Dumfriesshire and Galloway. An area where folk just drive through to go north or south. Kippford and Rocklffe are nice, if you like exploring that area.
  15. When you go, take the low road 😉
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