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  1. Did they write back? Ive fallen foul of the dress code a few times, the last time was squires in Preston because I was wearing rockports, they eventually relented when I agreed to take the tags off.
  2. There’s an apres ski tune I heard in Austria, late 90’s is like to know the song name. Something about an Indian who loses his hammer.
  3. It is a test and another sporting event I’m looking forward to! Covid has cocked up the springboks being able to play, so my statement is a bit of a play on words and the current situation.
  4. Oooohhhh Joyce wins by stoppage
  5. im enjoying it and have Dubois slightly ahead in this closely matched bout.
  6. Yes but can we hold it together and finally go the distance next week against the French! I see the ABs twatted the argies earlier but I’ve got us as the current best team in the world.
  7. Victory! Too much for the Welsh. A great day so far!
  8. Last 10 and an 8 point lead
  9. It’s on BT sport and the main events in the UK have recently have been around 21:30
  10. That was some bowl depth to facilitate that cut😯
  11. Changed a bit more now but still in England’s favour! 7-18 up but a shame I’m listening to it with accompanying gibberish🤪
  12. Yeah I agree, has the potential for a great tear up I think Dubois will win
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