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  1. Morizio

    Taken over?

    Is Howard actually Natasha😱😱
  2. and he’s a yellow belly cunt
  3. Just a massive bullshitting dinosaur fanny.
  4. Lanky streak of cowardly piss. Fuck off you cunt.
  5. Morizio

    Taken over?

    Nope and what I’ve put is from a limited conversation last night.
  6. Morizio

    Taken over?

    and that some staff haven’t been paid since November and now been told to just write it off and forget about it and theres around £3.5m gone from the club but has been described as irregular and not unlawful
  7. Morizio

    Taken over?

    Got some inside knowledge this evening. This Chinese group are serious and have visited and been shown round twice.
  8. Wonder if lil tommeh likes a bit of cock?
  9. Morizio

    Taken over?

    Precious fucker aren’t you. Maybe change your name to stuffy🙄 Think I’ll give that nuts forum a miss, sounds shit Cup final and beer awaits! Btw do you go on nowadays? Do you go
  10. Morizio

    Taken over?

    Seems to be that trouble follows you around. Maybe some self reflection would help? btw is Bolton nuts shit?
  11. Morizio

    Taken over?

    Got to say that’s class. I think were going to discover much more the sweaty cunts antics in time.
  12. Morizio

    Taken over?

    Parki is defo the first cunt that wants axing
  13. Morizio

    Taken over?

    That seems a massive leap
  14. Morizio

    Taken over?

    A reasonable and fair summary but I point out that Casino has made mention of knowing what Howard is about.
  15. I recon Tommeh is well reassured that the massive prehistoric bullshitting fanny is a fanboi. Ooohhh Tommeh, as he throws his greasy stained y-fronts at him
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