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  1. Forgot to put Portinscale is free parking on the roads http://thechaletportinscale.co.uk/ Good food and drink here as well.
  2. Brilliant scene that one. Forgive me but you’ve got shit on your shoes and I’m the shoe shine boy...
  3. Too far to walk. Maybe a cab🤷‍♂️
  4. Not there for a couple of weeks. Well over Valentine’s Day for some reason
  5. Park in Portinscale and then walk around the lake anti clockwise until you come to it. Bars and eating places in Portinscale for when you come back.
  6. Tried to hide it and not draw attention but if there’s any knowledge to be shared, I’d be grateful.
  7. Can anyone recommend a good breakfast diner in New York in the empire states building locale
  8. Didn’t go and watched on the tele like all the other massive hardcore dirty Munich bastard filth.
  9. So what’s up with him then? Injured, dropped or sold to Cardiff for £6m?
  10. I use WhatsApp for shagging on the side and text for official business
  11. and it was thanks to Neil Lennon for bringing him in 💣
  12. Madine was one of those players where we can actually say we won that one with the transfer fee.
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