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  1. Morizio

    Transfer Gossip

    You get banned if posts aren’t several paragraphs and a minimum of 750 words.
  2. Morizio

    Transfer Gossip

    Boltoncunts Boltoncnuts Boltongayers ...
  3. Morizio

    Sweaty Ken

    Watched it and the bit that jumped out to me was, KA been contacted for a comment but no response.
  4. Morizio

    Accused Of Being A Sex Pest Thread

    Micheal twat licking tongue
  5. Morizio

    Brentford away

    Bolton Nil. He has to go, gardening leave if we can’t afford it. We lose and don’t threaten. Apathy is turning to anger. Rotherham has the potential to become toxic. Enough is enough.
  6. Morizio

    Brentford away

    Sweaty piss flaps. He has surely got to fucking go.
  7. Morizio

    Brentford away

    This is worse than the Lennon season. We don’t even get near their goal, that season had Madine aiming for the corner flag. The massive soft cunt.
  8. Morizio

    Xmas present for the wife

    That’s just the sort of behaviour those rings are trying to promote, except...
  9. Morizio

    Brentford away

    Teflon Phil
  10. Morizio

    Brentford away

    Looks a good side that. We win today.
  11. Morizio

    Xmas present for the wife

    Thumb rings have homosexual connotations
  12. Morizio

    Massive Families.

    Twats like wellie tops
  13. Morizio

    SPOTY 2018

    Spot the upskirt shots in the crowd
  14. Morizio

    Official Boxing Thread...

    He was the champ. Champs defend their titles. He did and lost. That’s how it works.
  15. Morizio

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    and it should have been a fucking penalty

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