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  1. Reads to me like it’s inside the station, where the cells are. With the dead officer being described as a sergeant I would suggest it has gone on inside and the victim is a custody sergeant.
  2. I’ve read a few things about some Pompey player. Anyone know anything?
  3. Jobs are quite hard to come by now, there’s also increasing competition for every vacancy.
  4. More then just a gentle laxative then! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-54269144
  5. I certainly didn’t and my purchase was on this occasion about supporting the club.
  6. Some asteroid passing quite closely tonight. Apparently the size of a bus but won’t be able to be seen with the naked eye. Passing closer than the altitude of the satellites.
  7. Bolton was backwards in that respect to clothing requirements compared to the other surrounding competing town centres.
  8. Worked well for me doing it this way
  9. How’s this affected meeting up with brasses, birds your knocking off and those birds that you’re making arrangements with?
  10. I’ve no idea what other people think but I do know that I think you are jangled.
  11. Morizio


    Good to see they’ve got the backing of 100% of their season ticket holders
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