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  1. Morizio

    Wigan away

    Fucking embarrassing
  2. Fuckerty fuck sticks, this is wank.
  3. Fuck me! What a fucking load of tripe. Still no new owners, that’s what this thread is supposed to be about.
  4. Is this game in danger of not happening? and if so when would we find out
  5. Leigh, Andrews Fish Bar and Grills
  6. Ightenhill isn’t that bad and some nice houses but it’s the shit area around Bivel Street that’s too close. A girl on penistone street used to like wanking my cock, with her fanny. Wonder how many from that that holiday inn have wandered into Dickie Pinks? That holiday inn used to work with crow wood for overnight spa breaks. Burnley, it’s a shit hole but I quite like it.
  7. and shag em on’t railway lines
  8. I’ll give you that, Yorkshire street is a hovel. However seeing as my choice was in the Gannow area I’ll raise you Dickie Pinks, is it still going?
  9. The Tim Bobbin pub in Burnley, third eleven are always on the lookout for new players for their campaign in the East Lancashire Six Fingered Pikey Singalong League.
  10. Fucking disgusting comment Lives across the globe, apparently, with a fantastic life, apparently and posts shit like this. What a cunt.
  11. Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah...
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