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  1. Lots of smiley faces coming out today. Whatever the EFL do because of the andercunts can never change that. Fuck you andercunts, enjoy your empty happiness
  2. This club is great for experiences. I’ve never before seen us miss a last minute penalty and then win the match in additional time. Fucking brilliant. How sick will those Donnies be?
  3. Great news come on you fucking white men
  4. No news yet🤷‍♂️ Guess it going to be the Friday evening 17:01 release...
  5. Loads of street parking all around
  6. I lost interest last season but stuck with it, so far it’s entertained me
  7. Walking dead is back on and I’m enjoying this one
  8. Which is the salient point in all of this. The punishments don’t affect the previous cunts but affect the new owners and the supporters. If new owners were required to deposit a bond when taking over with the EFL which was lost for situations such as ours, it would certainly affect the ones who’d steered the ship into the murky waters and maybe encourage responsible ownership.
  9. There’s something in common about all these angry types. All lower tier🤔
  10. Fuck all them billy big bollocks cunting teams. Wemberfuckinglee is on😎
  11. This is the prize! To be on one point🥳 Is it going to be as fecking cold as Saturday though🤷‍♂️
  12. Hope I see a win...
  13. Finger blasted a bird in the pictures on Bradshawgate Got thrown out of Ritzy’s for pissing on the dance floor stage Woke up in a shit hole in Tonge Moor
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