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  1. He’s just kicked it straight out of play. The wind took it but after his fuck up for the goal, everything that he does that goes wrong is now magnified
  2. That was weak as piss goal keeping. Punched it and it’s gone in off him.
  3. Gonorrhoea coming on for Doyle I thought that goal should have stood!
  4. The move that led Fonz shooting wide of the right post was quality one touch football
  5. They’ve a player called Darling. I hope he gets the captaincy.
  6. Get a goal Bolton. Come on. Please
  7. I think we can take these from this first 17 mins
  8. I’ve just spunked a tenner for this COYFWM
  9. Not even got any blind optimism
  10. The police are now asking for the COVID tier restrictions to be clearer, standardised and to avoid nuances. I think they’ve got a point.
  11. Maybe something as to how the messages have been delivered in Scotland. Sturgeon has to me, come across very clear. Have you seen/heard the Janey Godley sketches following the briefings?
  12. Sky or use my iFollow voucher code🤔
  13. Last 10 mins or so to me sounded like disgruntled noise being piped in. Suppose it would be interesting to know if the sound is dynamic and they have various recordings to play. I didn’t hear any terrace songs though.
  14. I contributed (tongue in cheek) with: Fucks sake Evatt, sort it out Gerrit int fuckin box You fucking cheating cunt @Rudycontributed with: Bloody hell Whites @Spidercontributed with: GET GUNNARLAUGSSON ON YOU CUNT!! @Eavesyjoined in with: Get it forward stop passing it about! stop keeping possession
  15. The match yesterday had a few firsts and one of them was to play imitation crowd noise. I think that one of the intentions was to rouse the team, which clearly didn’t work! However in the match thread, @Spidercame out of this “They should ask all fans to send a 10 second recording in and play them all at once”, this amused me and I think a few others so let’s see what gems folk come up with.
  16. Not quite in the spirit of the thread but I love this one and find it very rousing!
  17. That was disappointing but the usual self harmers seem to be loving it backed up by some newly joined pessimists.
  18. It’ll click and we win 5-0
  19. I go into the games optimistically but I’m being very tested. That’s putting it diplomatically. Rather pissed off actually.
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