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  1. I could be wrong and will never know but suspect had PP fielded one of last season's many selections Coventry would have won .
  2. Good Knee

    BN Photos

    Some great photos of supporters from 89 to 95 recognise plenty ,I wonder how many will be there today .
  3. Good Knee

    Take Over

    Prefer the badge To ski uses as his avatars.
  4. Good Knee

    Take Over

    Meant to say I was looking at the shirt
  5. Good Knee

    Take Over

    I know the new owners must have a thousand and one more important things to sort out but it occurred to me while looking at today's (which I like) that it would be a great time to finally rid ourselves of that made up badge and return to some tradition that means something anyone agree ?
  6. Cheers P I'm positively ancient remember all of em.
  7. Top o' the brow lad me thinks .
  8. Alan Wilson don't think he was ever in Fred or Barneys league good lad though still knocks around the Northern Soul scene .
  9. Good Knee

    Take Over

    Unfortunately I missed out on seeing the great Sir Nat but started watching his replacement Franny Lee with God alas Freddie Hill can't remember that being all long ball,then along came one of my all time favourites the great J B he couldn't have thrived like he did playing hoof it. Ian Greaves team Worthy and Peter Reid long ball ? Colin Todd's all conquering champions who refused to change tactics to survive in top flight ,and some if not all of BSA football with Jay Jay and Youri.
  10. Funeral a week tomorrow Parish Church it will be a big turn out for the lad .
  11. Good old boy John did day release at college with him remember him working the doors Cranberry Fair was fun when he worked wit big C H happy carefree days RIP big man .
  12. Good Knee

    Take Over

    Afternoon all , I've been reading this thread from day one some of it as been like wading through porridge some as passed by me tumbleweed style and I may be setting myself up here to be called thick as pig muck but here goes. Could someone explain to me who gets the £25 million it costs to buy us if nobody owns us ?🤨
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