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  1. Good Knee


    If a veggie or vegan diet is so good and easy to follow then why all the burgers and sausage and mince meat substitutes?
  2. The Night ,Frankie Valli
  3. Peter Reid on drums Neil Whatmore on keyboard .
  4. Don't think so the bomber boys drank it dry .
  5. As a new memorial to Bomber Command just on the hill on the other side of the ground to the city the bomber crew's used the cathedral for navigation it's a good place for a mooch for anyone interested.
  6. Good Knee


    Yes think that's now the plan probably Northern Quarter thanks everyone.
  7. Good Knee


    Nowt wrong with a drop of Joeys
  8. Good Knee


    Cambridge mob won't be frightened of a few Salford scallys
  9. Good Knee


    Looking for some advice I'm going with a good friend to watch his team Cambridge play this lot on Saturday was thinking Prestwich would be the best place for pre match refreshments would it then be walking distance to ground or is it taxi ?.Or is Salford or Manchester best bet ?
  10. My own favourite is from way back in the day our very own David Bone Nightingale Jack .
  11. Remember Tonge Moor labour club early 70's every Tuesday night was rock un roll proper teddy boys hundreds of em in all the real gear and girlfriends; us little suede heads used to take the piss and try and get a chase of em they'd no chance of catching us in those big fuck off blue suede shoes.
  12. Proper Boddingtons in the Prince Bill on Bradshawgate early 1980s nectar.
  13. Just missed out on seeing him play grew up with all the tales about him Castle Hill lad like mi self, met him a couple of times a real gentleman. Always thought Shearerwas probably the most comparable type of number 9 but he was a dislikeable geordie. Still a mural of the great man on the wall in the Castle.
  14. Good Knee

    Keith Hill

    He's a good bloke when he started doing his badges he coached my lads team about 20 years ago ,although I did suggest him for the job some time ago I got a bit of a rebuke because apparently he's a bit of a punky.
  15. Good Knee

    Take Over

    I recall a carnival atmosphere before that game and us being safe the result not being important but a handful of yorkies didn't observe the silence for the great Eddie Hopkinsons passing and the mood changed dramatically the crowd then baying for blood.
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