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  1. One of the old boys I met at Woodhall Spa was Jo Lancaster DFC amazing bloke very unassuming yet what a story he told he was born up in Cumbria and became the first man to test pilot an ejection seat .
  2. Bloody hell, Ive not got a dream mosque mate , not a subject I'd dream about.
  3. Absolutely it was no picnic and drinking was a massive release.
  4. Brilliant Ive got my old mans log book he crashed an Halifax on take off at Linton on Ouse when I visited the base there tracing his history I found our they'd had a big party the previous night ,drink driving eh !
  5. Good stuff mate Woodhall Spa is a great little place packed with bomber history and some good watering holes.
  6. Funnily enough the one I mentioned at the start was on the radio today and he blamed it all on the pony express !
  7. No worries mate glad to know people are interested in this stuff lest we forget and all that eh?.Oh and he should be knighted as well before its to late.
  8. Well spotted Mick ,I thought I'd not heard of Johnny the Dambuster being involved in that and I know a bit about because as ive said before my dad was involved. Went to an event in Woodall Spa Lincolnshire a couple of years ago called tea with the heroes and met Johnny and a dozen or so of the ones who are left proper gentlemen and they all still enjoyed a drink .
  9. He looks like he can move a bit when you look at what utd paid for slab head and Jonesy he must have some value.
  10. Yes mate Leonard Cheshire also of Bomber Command as social housing to.
  11. Not of the band wagon fame , but the last of the Dam Busters is 99 today . A proper hero and legend.
  12. Not sure you can judge the standard of a keeper like you can outfield players mate,I mean if he can't catch a ball , doesn't command his area or organize and talk to his defenders and lacks confidence, he's going to concede shed loads in Sunday league football.
  13. I find just watching that premier league difficult, even my loathing of utd is tempered nowadays. That nonsense var shit as a lot to do with it, but all the players seem like tattooed nobs up their own arseholes, couldn't care if i didn't see another match.
  14. Fulham fucking around making unnecessary passes on the edge of their own area,must be being told to do it. Managerial madness put your toe through the ball and work hard to keep it up the field ,thems my tactics.
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