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  1. I don't think he needed to prove he was hard by filling in and bullying pissed up kids like some back in the day , he was a proper hard man .
  2. Haha brilliant mate ,I think he would take Max.
  3. Probably been said before but does anyone else think Peter Kay based doorman Max on Mr Robert's?
  4. Never heard em called deereaters, but I'm with you.
  5. Ditto same here fucking technology bollocks.
  6. They are selling match worn shirts on face book.
  7. I wonder if they still have hairy tuppences in em ?
  8. I know what you mean mate ,but you can only be talking about cup wins as I think winning the top division is well beyond us, after all we never won it in our pomp, but for me that fabled night at Ewood and the play off against Reading are occasions that the pie eaters could only dream of .
  9. Spot on all our recent managers seem to have started with their own strong principles and at the first sign of it not going to plan have resorted to ale house tactics, and inevitable failure.
  10. Love that feline look, lovely pussycat.
  11. Tics are what fucking cunts with fucking cunting twats fuck tourette's syndrome fuck have cunts fuck.
  12. That sums up the arrogance of those pinkies, I was working with a lad the day after Chelsea dicked them in that recent semi final he had sussed I was into football with a conversation from the day before and just assumed I was a pinkie, he said "bad result last night wasn't it" .I put him right.
  13. Very true my eldest was at junior school in Harwood just prior to Bruce joining us he struggled at school all pinkies he came home once ready to throw the towel in and join them but living on the street at7 year's old would have been a lot tougher than taking a bit of crap of a bunch of hangers on,it was easier for my youngest born in 91 only saw good times at first.Both white to the core now although my eldest lads mates are mostly followers of premier clubs (wankers).
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