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  1. Yeh I remember Brolin wore gloves that night - and he was born in a snowy part of Sweden, which told you summat about how cold it was
  2. He read the instructions wrong - instead of plugging it into the ring main he used his main ring
  3. Few years back I had to drive down to Portsmouth through work. Other lad going was a big petrol head so he said he'd drive and pick the snazziest hire car Enterprise had. Which he did. But when he came to pick us up a tyre was flat - fucking big nail through it. So we drove tentatively round to Enterprise, who couldn't fettle it in the short time we had but offered us the one car they had going. A Chevrolet Spark. I had to chuckle as he struggled to get it accelerating on even modest climbs of the motorway (just checked - 0-60 in 15). Still, to be fair old "Sparky" did get us there and back wi
  4. Just checked and the other email address that had the code in it has been deleted as it's after 10 days. Bugger
  5. yeh, got done by the "use existing" thing a few games ago. I was one of the ones who had a different email for the original ST than I used for iFollow. Using the original worked fine for the last game after I registered it with them. But is that the same for this one or do I use the other. Or don't it matter??
  6. aye - remember it well, but not the opposition. JJ had to scurry back a few yards to collect it, so to make a point just launched it back with bugger all backlift, inch perfect. Happy days.
  7. The other one had two Rivington Pikes in the foreground
  8. Amateur. My mob have already blagged the gold and are melting it down into miniature Eiffel Towers and exporting them painted bronze. I was planning on heading off to Rio but covid has scuppered that. So I might have to lie low, ingratiating myself in some lodgings of an old dear and then build bridges in order to set myself up as master of some sort of religion and use the forces of law and order against themselves. < insert Smiley>
  9. I nicked a couple of creme eggs from Jimmy's MiniMarket in Washacre, Howfen. But it was 43 years ago, so I think I got away with it.
  10. aye, but them as are have all been coloured in now!
  11. wasn't that a quiz question from years gone by - three ex Scunthorpe players who captained England?
  12. you won't. many go there. non wake up.
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