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  1. SatanGreavsie


    Video from happier times in Skopje; from 1:21 you and him mithering each other like an owd married couple: Biffo: you had a mixed grill only half an hour ago! H: (tucking into some random meat product of dubious origin outside the ground): Oh fuck off you!
  2. SatanGreavsie


    Me (wearing my home made Taddy Nowak tshirt), Biff, H and Buckhurst were in a nice little eatery somewhere off a random walk in Marseille early afternoon of the game. Biff is banging on about stuff as he used to, bless him. On and on and on... There's a family of Bolton fans in as well. They pay and get up and leave and then a few minutes later the dad comes back in. I assumed he'd left his wallet or summat, as he'd made the effort to come back in. He points at my tshirt and says "Tadeusz Nowak" then points at Biff and says "Tedious Nowak" and fucks off. Cue much merriment and a grumpy Biff. He'd cheered up by the time we'd staggered back to the hotel and H passed out.
  3. Or this finds complete listings and shows Minder on a Wednesday: https://tvrdb.com/listings/1984-09-05 << Wednesday, 5th September 1984 >> TV | THAMES | CHANNEL 4 | BBC ONE | BBC TWO | RADIO | BBC RADIO 1 | BBC RADIO 2 | BBC RADIO 3 | BBC RADIO 4 | THAMES 00.25 Night Thoughts 06.25 Good Morning Britain 09.25 Thames News Headlines 10.25 Dick Tracy Cartoons; Sesame Street 10.35 Trouble With Eve 11.40 The Little Rascals 12.00 Rod, Jane and Freddy 12.10 Our Backyard 12.30 The Sullivans 13.00 News at One 13.20 Thames News 13.30 A Country Practice 14.30 Framhouse Kitchen 15.00 Take The High Road 15.25 Thames News Headlines 15.30 Sons and Daughters 16.00 Children's ITV; Rod, Jane and Freddy 16.15 The Moomins 16.20 Sooty 16.25 - 16.35 Help! 16.40 Cartoon Time 16.50 Hold Tight! 17.15 Blockbusters 17.45 News at 5.45 18.00 - 18.25 Thames News 18.30 Coronation Street 18.35 Crossroads 19.00 - 19.30 Where There's Life 20.00 Benny Hill 20.30 Fresh Fields 21.00 Minder 22.00 News at Ten 22.30 Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense; Thames News Headlines 23.55 Bette Midler-No Frills CHANNEL 4 00.05 Closedown 00.10 The Tudor Face 00.25 Closedown 09.30 TUC ‘84 12.45 - 14.20 Channel Four Racing 14.15 TUC ‘84 17.00 Alice 17.30 The Mary Tyler Moore Show 18.00 The World-A Television History 18.30 Splash 19.00 Channel Four News 19.50 Comment 20.00 Brookside 20.30 People to People 21.15 Gloriana BBC ONE 06.00 Ceefax AM 06.30 Breakfast Time 09.00 Gharbar 09.25 Trades Union Congress 1984 10.30 Play School 10.50 Trades Union Congress 1984 12.45 Pages from Ceefax 13.00 News After Noon 13.27 Regional News 13.30 King Rollo 13.35 Bric-a-Brac 13.45 Writers' Houses 14.00 Trades Union Congress 1984 16.08 Regional News 16.10 Play School: It's Wednesday 16.30 Battle of the Planets 16.55 Newsround 17.00 Platypus Cove 17.25 The Good Life 17.58 Weatherman 18.00 The Six O'Clock News 18.30 Regional Magazines 18.55 Ooh ...You Are Awful 20.30 No Place Like Home 21.00 Nine O'Clock News 21.25 The Black Adder 22.00 The Serpent BBC TWO 00.10 Open University 06.05 Open University 09.00 Pages from Ceefax 16.10 Trades Union Congress 1984 17.00 Reading: Resource Development 17.25 News Summary 17.30 The 1984 US Open Tennis Championships 18.00 I Can Jump Puddles 18.50 Harold Lloyd 19.15 The Rise and Fall of King Cotton 19.45 Collecting How-Know Your Picture 20.05 Timewatch 21.00 Jane in the Desert 21.10 Sing Country 21.40 Top Crown 22.25 Newsnight 23.20 The 1984 US Open Tennis Championships
  4. For example, this Monday in 1972 the school hols allowed us watch: 9:45: Mary, Mungo and Midge: The Toy Shop 10.00:The Flashing Blade: 6 10.25:Attenborough and Animals 10.50:Noggin and the Ice Dragon: 4: The Dragon 11.00:Closedown 11:45 Cricket: 5th Test 13.30:Pogles' Wood: The Princess and the Jewel 13.53:Closedown 14.25:Cricket: 5th Test: England v Australia
  5. For BBC nostalgia you can check all Radio Times listings down the years: https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/issues
  6. With bleary eyes I first read that as "Keith Moon to QPR"! I know there's some dead wood in their squad but I didn't know about him. Help drum up some support for a bid I suppose.
  7. SatanGreavsie


    Happy day wandering round the back streets / bars of Marseille with him, H and Buckhurst. Dread to think how many away games here and in Europe I bumped into him at some point. Got the hump with here, but did eventually have exchanges with him at games. RIP
  8. Are dumping their printed catalogues. One for th'owd 'uns here - the very first https://issuu.com/retromash/docs/argos-no01-1973-74
  9. Well if he gets grief for it he'll just have to turn the other cheek. Which is exactly what the mystery stranger did on their second meeting. And to think he only stopped there in the first place for a quick nibble of a bit of best back; come to think of it, that was his aim the second time as well!
  10. Well Isle of Man is quite close to NI 🙂 We've played at Pompey, and that's on an island
  11. His therapist has undoubtedly seen a lot of him. It sent him over the edge, or up the crack, or summat
  12. He didn't aim at it though
  13. Specular reflection? Like the one the spacecraft Cassini spotted at Saturn's moon Titan, with light reflecting at the perfect angle. When you look at the image, just remember it is a picture of light bouncing off a lake of liquid methane on a moon a billion miles away from Earth, taken by a craft shooting past it at 75,000mph. When we want to, we can do stuff... from a lake of liquid hydrocarbons...
  14. Leigh White copped off with 4 of them back in 1988, behind the bins at Cape Canaveral. They stole his wallet and commemorative NASA clippercard.
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