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  1. I could claim to be elite having been there - but it wouldn't really work as I was living in Southampton at the time 🙂
  2. Matthew in the Bible was obviously a fan of Scottish lower league stuff: Matthew (12:42) - The Queen of the South shall rise up...
  3. Eddie Booth in Love They Neighbour was a Filth fan: see from 5:00 on:
  4. Pike in Dad's Army had a claret and blue scarf - presumably West Ham
  5. To quote wiki on him " he signed for £1,437,500 — an English record, and equivalent to £68.2m in 2019." Pretty damning second sentence on his wiki page: His English record transfer to Manchester City in 1979 was later described as "the biggest waste of money in football history"
  6. Goals from both games against City in 79-80; right at the very start and then 8:18 in
  7. Can't remember if this youtube channel has been posted before - and Im not trawling through 90 pages to look! "Ye old football channel", which has compilations it seems for most year from early 70s up till much later e.g. we turn up twice in the 76-77 one (Wolves game obviously and also Chelsea away) - may not be Bolton stuff in any of those years we haven't seen before, but loads of old ground nostalgia in the other vids to help pass the time
  8. Oh yes - Th'East Midlands Whites are drinking heavily
  9. "Carry on emitting and polluting" - sounds like a great sequel to Carry on Camping. Sid James and Bernard Bresslaw run into trouble when their coal-fired power station gets picketed by protesters led by Barbara Windsor. Hilarity ensues when her bra strap gets caught in one of the blades of Kenneth Williams' wind turbine. "That's the biggest emission I've seen in years" says Sid; "yak yak yak..."
  10. In a bored moment between doing some actual work at home and drinking heavily I did wonder if we could pass some time allocating WW members to characters from Dad's Army, Fawlty Towers and Only Fools and Horses. Not because the exercise has any intellectual merit in the slightest, but it might possibly help pass the time and set up a few straighteners outside the club shop when it re-opens. One springs to mind - Leigh White is Jones from DA - and old roué forever banging on about past escapades.
  11. Good news - Morrisons had bog roll this morning. I was down to plan B before then - brillo pads. Bad news - bunch of scutters on the green by my house having their kids run a quad bike round while they sat there supping.
  12. Th'East Midlands Whites are drinking heavily
  13. We've all been there
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