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  1. Rizlar

    Norwich City at home

    Complete thrashing Parky do us all a favour resign.
  2. Rizlar

    Norwich City at home

    Is sweaty or his son at the game ?
  3. Rizlar

    Norwich City at home

    Correct non league is our level with this manager and these shit players.
  4. Rizlar

    Norwich City at home

    So glad I chose not to go again well done Parky are Norwich at home!
  5. Rizlar

    Norwich City at home

    Normal service resumes
  6. Rizlar

    Brum away

    Great result now we need to go on a winning run.
  7. Rizlar

    Transfer Gossip

    Well done Parky signing a centre back when our 2 strikers couldnt hit a barn door from 2 yards.
  8. Rizlar

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    I don't think he as anymore options sell or admin.
  9. Rizlar

    Preston h

    Read earlier post NO ST in cupboard not going again till Parky fucks off
  10. Rizlar

    Preston h

    For those who went was Sweaty at the game?
  11. Rizlar

    Preston h

    Until the end of the season sweaty ken can't afford to sack him so unless a new owner turns up .
  12. Rizlar

    Preston h

    Well done Parkinson and the team 1 win in 22 .
  13. Rizlar

    Preston h

    Forgot to mention we are at home as well !
  14. Rizlar

    Preston h

    Not at the game like I posted a few weeks ago ST in the cupboard wont go again until hes sacked I see we are a goal down 33% posession 1 on target well done Parky.
  15. Rizlar

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    I hope the new owners are not at the game they see the shit served up on the pitch they may back out!

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