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  1. Rizlar

    'Brand' Evatt

    Doyle would be perfect Quigley is decent as well puts himself about thought Rooney was excellent both times I watched Barrow box to box player.
  2. Rizlar

    'Brand' Evatt

    As I have said before watched Barrow a couple of times this season he plays 3-4-3 but changes it during the games if needed against Barnet he started 3-4-3 then changed it to 3-5-2 after half time that's what it looked like to me anyway.
  3. They are now trying to get a petition up to stop the-12 saying it's unfair.
  4. Great news watched Barrow a couple of times last season and the football was really good cant wait now for next season . Excellent interview .
  5. Fuck em I live and work in Wigan karma is a bitch seems no wigan fans I know are answering my calls wankers the lot of them .
  6. AH did he go to County grammar for a couple of years if so I was talking to him a few years ago on a flight back fro Kraków.
  7. Rizlar

    Ivan Klasnic

    Good luck Ivan
  8. Just my opinion seen him a couple of times this season and hes been outstanding both times ,my mate lives in Barrow and goes home and away rates him highly just his opinion also.
  9. I stand corrected but the websitei looked at as him out of contract this year .
  10. Just checked most of Barrows squad contracts expire June this year having watched them a couple of times this season definitely sign Rooneys brother and the centre back Hird and goalie all decent tbh Rooney would walk this league excellent on the ball scores goals and organises the team .
  11. Cheers mate thanks for the info
  12. Lee not for me been at the club too long as for the rest of the names being interviewed Reid is an interesting 1 just hope they get it right this time.
  13. Really dont want Lee or JP as our manager we need a complete change and if dof is the way to go so be it sick of watching losing football and players losing mentality ,all I want his to see us win some fecking matches.
  14. I have watched Barrow a couple of times this season as a mate lives up in Barrow ground very open and old fashioned 1 stand rest is standing 15 quid to watch the match. They play decent football uses the full backs alot Quigley up front is a handful tall quick will do well in league 2 . Rooney's brother plays for them excellent footballer runs the show from midfield scores goals very vocal. Couple of good centre half as well . Barrow lads think manager will leave if a good offer comes alongs.
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