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  1. I am of the opinion lets have a clearout including manager and coaches we have a losing mentality at this club unfortunately.
  2. He needs to look at his record in management not very good reading.
  3. I went on a few in the 70s remember pulling up in Preston right next to a train full of manure they shit themselves when we all jumped onto their train and started kicking their arses and then all jumped back on ours just as it was going to leave the station that was funny.
  4. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    Winning a game that will be a novelty
  5. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    Any news on players who have done one yet?
  6. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    Gravy on fish and chips please no just mushy peas and I agree with others growing up it was flour cakes.
  7. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    All over the Bolton Wanderers web page regards staff relying on a food bank.
  8. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    Well staff at the club relying on a food bank whilst sweaty is tucking into a steak and a nice bottle of red what a ####
  9. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    Thanks for the update answers my questions
  10. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    At last hopefully something is happenning and KA can stop messing us about.
  11. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    I thought Sunderland had been bought last season
  12. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    It will depend on whose in charge
  13. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    Nothing surprises me anymore
  14. Rizlar

    Taken over?

    We have a losing mentality in the pitch so I would not be too bothered if they all leave as well as the manager.Maybe try and keep oneill lowe oz and maybe the goalkeepers but that's it for me.
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