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  1. Rizlar


    Doubt he will save West Brom a very poor team
  2. 1 of my favourite players growing up the goal against Ipswich was the best goal I ever saw at Burnden still remember it now and we lost think Alan Brazil scored a couple. Met him many years ago at Haydick races had a chat and a pint with him great bloke.
  3. Seems to stack up what IE said about players not showing up in training
  4. Before the season started I thought he would be our captain but what do I know. Question is whos coming in on loan and as White and Crellin done 1 yet .
  5. Something went on in the background with Taft I thought he be a starter no question.
  6. Sky sports saying 3 interested bidders in buying the shit out
  7. Cracking player RIP
  8. I am in agreement with most on here give him time but just feel he as a stubbornness about him because I cannot se why Taft wasnt given a chance something as happened behind the scenes. I am starting to worry that we are going to end up in another relegation battle 1 point from the last 18 is extremely poor just hope he turns it around and gets rid of this bloody 3-5-2 system !!!
  9. I maybe wrong but I am sure IE said that he would change tactics and formation if it wasnt working well obviously it isnt so why as he not tried something else !
  10. 1 point from the last 18 that's a worry now for me!
  11. If he persists in 3-5-2 he as to get a LWB and a central midfielder to play alongside Tutte . Also we need to play at a quicker tempo we are at best ponderous like somebody said we have to go behind before we play quicker. The table doesnt lie if he doesnt get the players in I fear we could be involved in yet another relegation battle.
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