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  1. Rizlar

    Alan Brazil

    I enjoy the breakfast show with Alan Brazil however cant be doing with Jim White or Adrian Durham .
  2. Rizlar


    Brady will have some excellent receivers to go to at the bucs I can see this happening Winston and had his chance.
  3. Rizlar


    Bucs or the chargers I am hearing
  4. I am in New Orleans was supposed to be going on a cruise to Bahamas for my 60th they cancelled it yesterday now having to come home after spending 2 days in New Orleans its fecking bedlam here .
  5. Rizlar

    Dave Higson

    True Bolton fan knew Dave really well used to have the odd drink with him in the Morris Dancers in the tap room . He was a really good mate of my late uncle another true Bolton fan both sadly missed.
  6. Let's hope we can keep this up until end of season
  7. Rizlar

    Keith Hill

    This is the problem we are aclu b which is used to losing at all levels us as fans are expecting to lose week in week out something as to be done and if replacing the whole management structure from under 23s to the first team then it must be done. We have had to put up with this for years now and if the owners want to keep the fans onside then action must be taken.
  8. Rizlar


    Ffs already 1 down
  9. Rizlar

    MK Dons

    Didn't go to the game so cannot comment as for KH he as to go we are indanger of not winning another game this season. As for next season if he is still in charge I fear the worst he's just not up to the job.
  10. Rizlar

    Wycombe (H)

    My patience is wearing thin with KH starting to think he needs to go well out of his depth
  11. Rizlar

    Wycombe (H)

    Who would want the job ?
  12. Rizlar

    Wycombe (H)

    I still cant believe that og what a joke
  13. Rizlar

    Wycombe (H)

    What happened to give him 10 games next season Mounts
  14. Rizlar

    Wycombe (H)

    Wtf was he doing
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