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  1. Very poor but injuries killing us.
  2. Do they have a 6foot plus striker ?
  3. Looking at that lot dressed in black are after trouble later., the England fans need to stick together after the game for safety.
  4. Unbeleivable what a bunch of morons these Bulgarians supporters
  5. Bloody awful how the hell is Keane playing for England.
  6. Loved The Buff best football paper I have ever read.
  7. Rizlar


    How many more injuries can we have looking at the bench what's happened to Buckley.Weir and Murphy .
  8. Excellent performance could have won I am convinced once Murphy is fit we will start winning games and never say never we may even stay up.
  9. Well said bolty bloody disrespectful .
  10. Rizlar


    Just watched KH interview brilliant can see the passion excellent performance last night small steps but now looking forward to the season which I haven't for along time.
  11. Rizlar


    Defence starts from the front once the strkers are fit this will help both midfield and defence because atm we are under seige all the time and leaking goals because of it.
  12. Very sad news think I have met him on my travels
  13. Rizlar

    Jack Dearden

    Voice of radio in the north west good luck Jack.
  14. Looks a good days business today get a couple of free agents and I reckon we have a chance of staying up. also Earls when fit can play left back or centre half .
  15. I just hope we manage to get Murphy from Forest .
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