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  1. His first season at Barrow at xmas they where in the relegation spots end of season play offs give him time
  2. Listening to his comments he will sort this whole mess out
  3. IE looks really pissed off he really needs to have a serious re think on some of these players . I am now use to losing that's how bad it is.
  4. Only 3 games in but I fear we are in a relegation scrap this is awful
  5. Take the fecking goalie off
  6. Game over another weekend loss starting to get sick of this and yes Crellin is awful fuck him off
  7. Is this squad the worst we have ever had
  8. What a load of shit
  9. Awful what do they do in training play table tennis
  10. I can never remember the exact years but remember a few of us being in the Burnley end the Burnley lot legging it while the old bill removed us all. As for Burnden apart from once they never really brought many and when they did they never stood a chance.
  11. It's a no brainer we dont want him back
  12. We have to give him time complete new squad any manager would need time
  13. Nothing changes same result different manager and different team
  14. I have seen somewhere he as complained to Portsmouth because they wont let him go on loan
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