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  1. These refs are bloody awful
  2. Darcy will be rested he's fucked.
  3. Rizlar

    Lincoln away

    The worrying thing is hes building for next season god help us with this pile of shit hes assembling .
  4. Rizlar

    Lincoln away

    I am sick of losing yet again another thrashing we are a joke. Hats off to those who went you have more passion than the shit on the pitch
  5. Rizlar

    Lincoln away

    Was thinking that myself
  6. Rizlar

    Lincoln away

    Useless another defeat what's the point anymore new manager new owners new players same shit .
  7. Rizlar

    Lincoln away

    Looks like Edward's at left back cannot see politic being wing back so no sign of Bunney yet should have kept Chicksen.
  8. Rizlar


    That's why I love this game so competitive and I agree if The Chiefs stop Henry they win.
  9. Rizlar


    Been busy so just watched all games The Chiefs unbelievable what a comeback excellent game . Wilson Seahawks got what they deserved looking forward to 49s vs packers. Cannot see Titans beating The chiefs but you never know that's why I love this game
  10. Rizlar

    Keith Hill

    Is he out of his depth?
  11. Rizlar


    Ravens had no answer well done Titans never expected that.
  12. He needs to watch what he says I get he's pissed off losing again to Dale but slagging the fans off won't help his cause we have to watch this shit week in week out and not expecting to win which pisses me right off. As far as I am concerned I have given this season up no way we are staying up.
  13. Sick of losing been happening too long now.
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