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  1. Rizlar

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    I am convinced a better manager could get more out of these players and even win a game.
  2. Rizlar

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    It amazes me how some of these players have made it as footballers .
  3. Rizlar

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    I have been a supporter for 50 years and this self pitying cunt as had enough! Today's game was the usual garbage football served up by a negative manager who is completely out of his depth! And wtf does he see in Buckley and Noone tea.
  4. Rizlar

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    Neither did I but 2 shots on target at home is a joke!
  5. Rizlar

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    Crock of shit but Parky as no need to worry he as the safest job in football can't be sacked because we are skint that's the last home game I will be attending whilst he is in charge devoid of any idea negative till football and shut players.
  6. Rizlar

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Excellent post totally agree.
  7. Rizlar

    King Ken

    I do not know who to beleive anymore KA looks like hes playing for time iles and his band of merry men keep putting the knlve in we still can't win a game in the words of dads army we are doomed!
  8. Rizlar

    King Ken

    Sluffy 2 excellent posts .
  9. Rizlar

    King Ken

    Last one out turn the lights off .
  10. Rizlar

    King Ken

    Most of us true fans don't want administration but we all have to admit it's a distinct possibility atm
  11. Rizlar

    King Ken

  12. Rizlar

    King Ken

    Players still not been paid for me KA credibility is now waning for me he promised the players Thursday but still he hadnt paid up administration here we come .
  13. Rizlar

    King Ken

    Players and coaching staff still not been paid according to iles.
  14. Rizlar

    King Ken

    Don't really know but neither do I beleive anything lies says.
  15. Rizlar

    King Ken

    Good one KA

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