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  1. Rizlar

    Take Over

    Totally agree we was 1 hour away last Friday allegedly crock I shit.
  2. Rizlar


    He's no loss bloody useless.
  3. Rizlar

    Take Over

    I am sick of this sorry mess all I want is to see my football club survive and play football had enough of all of them Bassini the mooman FV always close to signing KA greedy cunt and both administators.
  4. We desperately need to sort the buying of the club out and get some senior players in too help these kids who are doing us proud.
  5. Unbeleivable these kids today on the pitch they are our clubs future get a few honest pros alongside them I am convinced we will stay up every player men of the match for me proud of them all.
  6. Type in bolton wanderers fc and click on it .
  7. Bolton wanderers fc official website
  8. Its on Bolton Wandereres website talks on going to persuade them to play.
  9. Hanley is awful poor Norwich
  10. Police won't let him guaranteed
  11. Glad to see the back of him.
  12. Rizlar

    Take Over

    Cheers Casino thanks for clearing that up.now breathe.
  13. Rizlar

    Take Over

    Ffs now we have to wait until Wednesday next week well and truly fucked off with it all.
  14. Rizlar

    Take Over

    This reeks of Anderson hes never forgiven the fans for turning on him.
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