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  1. I know, Long shot ! Looking to buy 2 spare tickets.
  2. Team got a totally different mentality now. Well done lads for hangin on. Can't wait for fleetwood home on Saturday. Wasn't expecting to feel like this pre season Coywm
  3. Charlton gonna get a thumping, with pratley & Davies pulling the strings. 4-1 win
  4. Didn't think it would happen, it's gone on that long. Very good news. Well done deano Whose taking over team affairs??
  5. 3.45 in , think he got this prediction wrong
  6. He loans him out then puts him straight in before spearing. What a wanker. Feel sorry for spearing, bet he can't wait for lennon fuck off
  7. Thought Blackburn were worst side to come macron, plenty of fight from our lads with a bit of luck at the end too. Not gettin over excited tho till we start creatin chances and certain players start playin/dropped. Blackburn were on a par with us today no way are they makin playoffs
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if its same team as Sunday with spearing dropped. Silva should be a starter, someone who actually can do something other than pass it back/sideways. Would like walker given a fair crack too, not been given a look in after doing well end of last season. We gotta attack more n get players in the box n score some fuckin goals cos with our defence were odds on to let them net a couple at least
  9. We're going down with a whimper why not let them have a go, with no expectations. pretty sure there not gonna get the abuse the senior pro's got yesterday,
  10. Drop pratley, dervite, danns, Madine,feeney, there all fuckin useless and let the kids have a go at least they will get the fans backing and can't be any worse
  11. After goin rotherham watchin that shower o shit, for some strange reason feel like I need to be there for Blackburn. anyone givin it a miss for usual reasons and got a spare or two, few quid Ere waiting
  12. Knowing how shite we are away from home and how we got battered there last year can't help feeling a good result is on the cards not had this feeling for an away match in a long time. Hoping davies gets fuckin loads of the ball hes the key. Good game from him n im going for 2-1 win with last 10 mins backs to the wall stuff, typical bolton
  13. Just don't know where our goals are gonna come from. 0-0 at best
  14. . was a hand me down of my old man, he used to wear it for the away games in 80's when we played in red
  15. The sooner new owners come in n fuck lennon off the better
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