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  1. Latest efl statement doesn’t give much hope of -12 being overturned. ahhh well
  2. What a lovely spot of news that is
  3. Not too bad an assessment of him. Been quite happy being a big fish at Rochdale. Still has the same mates from school.
  4. Insider knowledge on Callum Camps. He has already taken calls from Joey Barton for Fleetwood and Gary Neville for Salford. Arranged a meeting with Neville so far. Very much in demand. Callums best mates dad is a friend of mine.
  5. Oh aye. Campbell is not just a Burnley cunt but Campbell is a cunt of the highest order, Maybe the same thing
  6. Been a floating voter for many years. Last election. Corbin was unelectable. Right now. Boris is a bumbling loon. Rest of the cabinet are following on. Jogger pants Dom has been fingered (fnaar) Starmer playing a blinder saying nothing. Everyone else torn by party lines. Most divisive I have ever seen it but people near me more than happy to mix together and blame others. Reckon we are fucked. What you got Rudy?
  7. Same to you mate. I’d seen you mum passed away recently too. She lives on in you. One of my favourite song quotes ever is apt at times like this. “There is a light that never goes out” - keep it burning mate
  8. Hi all, I posted a few weeks ago now about my dad who contracted covid whilst at the woodlands hospital. Sadly dad didn’t make it and passed away a couple of weeks ago. We got the opportunity to spend a couple of hours sat with dad in the couple of days leading up to his passing only due to rules being changed a couple of days previously. If anyone could see one of their loved ones fighting for each breath they certainly wouldn’t be taking social distancing anything but seriously. What was very clear was the absolute care the nhs staff gave to dad. When I arrived for my final visit, the nursing assistant who was sat with him was on the verge of tears at his condition. They couldn’t do enough for me or dad. We couldn’t be with him when he passed but take great comfort knowing that in his final hours there was someone sat with him at all times. The frontline staff in the nhs are unreal. Blondie and Kent I know that is your job so please accept my gratitude on behalf off all your colleagues. Best in the world. I really hope none of you get to witness how amazing they are over the next few weeks or months. Dad wasn’t in the best of health anyway so he’s no longer suffering and we have a lifetime of memories to fall back on. Promotion party at Elwood in 1978 as a particular highlight. please stay safe
  9. Not after sympathy merely adding a personal perspective to a far wider crisis but appreciate the kind words. Main reason is highlighting the above and beyond that is going on right now from people who genuinely care about people they don’t know
  10. He’s at the hospital mate. His needs dictate it
  11. Frequent lurker, very seldom post but just to add a personal touch to this. My dad currently resides at the woodlands in Little Hulton. He is 80 and suffers from Alzheimer’s hence where he is. Massive Wanderer in his day and brought my brother and I up that way, not quite sure we thank him for that. Anyhow, received a call on Tuesday advising dad had symptoms along with the news others on his ward had tested positive. On Thursday we were told dad had tested positive. We haven’t seen dad for 6 weeks as the home locked down early. the staff in the home have been amazing , keeping us informed at all times including a WhatsApp call yesterday but due to dad’s condition he didn’t take to it and the call was very brief but just the opportunity to talk to dad for such a short time was a blessing. He is poorly but comfortable and receiving an unbelievable level of care from people who aren’t all trained for this but care deeply. We don’t blame anyone for this, we don’t hold anyone accountable, it’s a global crisis playing out in many different ways in many different families. we hope dad remains comfortable and salute those that care for him whilst putting themselves at great risk.
  12. My ticket sold. bromers are still free 👍
  13. Face value if anyone wants it. Lift there and back also available. No weirdos - although posting that on here does limit those who may take up the offer 😁
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