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  1. Evatt will be the manager at the start of next season......
  2. Need a left wing back with a decent left foot, a midfield general with experience and a 6 foot plus reserve striker in Jan to give us a chance. Trying to play our preferred style on a wet weekend in Carlisle against hoofball shows a lack of nous. I’d still stick with Evatt, he knows his onions........
  3. My boy sat on the end of his bed as a 7 year old & told me that 2 of his best mates were going to Old Trafford for a game & he was invited. Within a few weeks he had his 1st Wanderers season ticket, full kit & was the mascot v Real Betis in a pre season friendly (around 2013) A defining moment for me & my son.......he’s now a dyed in the wool wanderer & nothing makes me happier....
  4. Spoke to a realistic Wigan fan this week who said, ‘We won’t be seeing the championship for a long time’. Followed it with, ‘Are you looking forward to Harrogate away.’ Cunt.... I reminded him that the 5 people allegedly interested in the club will be bystanders or asset strippers as no other fucker in this financial climate would show interest..... Harrogate will be your new norm sunshine if you’re lucky 😉 Feeling smug for the 1st time in many a year.......
  5. https://t.co/frs9IIb302 He’ll do for me.....
  6. Nice journey down. Lunch, beers & sky footy at Woody’s freehouse. Limited view of the action akin to Derby’s baseball ground. Learnt that Nsiala & Delaney would nail any league 2 attack & that Daryl Murphy is past it. Keith Hill to lead us next season.....
  7. If Verlinden plays today, we win. Great first half performance without a cutting edge. Right back was shite for them & was there for the taking. No attacking players on the bench dictated the lack of subs. Hillcroft need next season to start the rising of the Phoenix.....
  8. I’m just fucking sick of losing!!!!!
  9. Went with low expectations today based on the players available. Thought we played alright & was pleasantly surprised. Hamilton was excellent & Nsiala solid. Chicksen & Zouma our weak links. Hill is nuts but gut says he’s what we need right now.
  10. Days like Accrington are to be forgotten for all the reasons stated & would be enough to put off families. My lad & his pal(aged 13) however, were intoxicated by the theatre of the terracing, size of support, passion, drama, idiocy etc that they are now diehards. Forget the result & the bellends, the drug of BWFC is quite addictive, even though it’s a tough watch at times....
  11. Domcarey1


    Pompey have their biggest game of the season on Tuesday night. Saturday could be a great time to play them.....
  12. To the bell ends who screamed at the team & highlighted every mistake today & then left early, please fuck off. Wycombe away was a bloody brilliant moment in time without numpties. The team need to gel, we need a unit upfront, we need Bridcutt to sign for 3 years & we need Alnwick back. OINO
  13. Now the takeover’s virtually completed & NDA’s are no longer valid, how are you related to Ken........Howard/Damocles ? And when did you spill Parminder’s pint ?
  14. Portsmouth away sorted - £70 flights. Just waiting for the game to move to a Friday night now.....
  15. Employed by Moonshift/fildraw? Mark Taylor went on public record re Chinese bid Common theme - Chinese takeover....wolves,saints etc
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