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  1. Underpants

    Things which get on your tits...........

    People who wear hats in cars. String 'em up. Tossers!
  2. Underpants

    Official Boxing Thread...

    The fight everyone wanted. What's the point?
  3. Underpants

    Brum away

    who's doing the co-commentary on the red button?
  4. Underpants

    Swan cellar

    Swan cellar was full of Grebs. Happy days!
  5. Underpants

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    That would be the 534 ;-)
  6. Underpants

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    Apart from recent new build I think I've been down every street, road, avenue...etc in Bolton. Beat that.
  7. Underpants

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    That street is fucking mental. How can you have No7 next to No22? Horwich spazzys.
  8. Underpants

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    I've worked in all BL areas. Oldham's is just like any other estate. And there is nothing wrong with estates. Plenty of good folk on them. I can name streets, rather than large areas, that are absolutely terrible.
  9. Underpants


    What's the worst that can happen to us? Best ground in the Northern Premier League? Balls to HMRC and all the haters.
  10. Underpants


    Thats what Im saying. Winding up orders are hardly a story these days. Middlesbrough reinvented themselves in '86. Leicester went through this winding up malarkey, and i think Southampton did too.
  11. Underpants


    In modern times when was the last time a professional football club got wound-up never to be seen again? From what i remember Middlesbrough came close in the 80s. Bristol City before them. A few close calls recently but no one has actually gone I may be wrong but i don't think it has happened.
  12. Underpants

    78 Promotion

    Go to Llandudno a lot and I can't say I've come across the Welsh types much. It's touristy with a good selection of old folk from everywhere. It's a Welsh version of Lytham St Annes, and you don't get a Lancashire type accent there. The more you go inland the more you get the Welch speak.
  13. Underpants

    78 Promotion

    I wouldn't like to be stuck in a lift with you and Mike Hunt ;-) BTW, going to Llandudno in a couple of weeks. Which pub was it? I'll pass on your anecdote to the landlord.
  14. Underpants


    I fell out of love with this sport when I realised how fucking boring if is. No more late nights for Undies.
  15. Underpants

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Back to the subject matter. It's all gone quiet. Fake news!

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