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  1. Escobarp

    In Or Out Again

    You have read this thread Kent??
  2. Escobarp

    Our next manager

    Shankland from Ayr was going to be sold for £250k beginning of season absolute bargain and worth a punt 100% although suspect his value has increased somewhat now bolty.
  3. Escobarp

    In Or Out Again

    The thought of these straighteners is even making the thought of a 3 1/2 drive to the game today less disturbing. Might actually make it enjoyable!
  4. Escobarp

    Iptv With Mag Box

    I don’t use or need a vpn for my iptv. Confused as to why folk need one?
  5. Escobarp

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    Bring out the bedsheets!
  6. Escobarp

    Water Rates.

    No meters north of the border. I pay £250 a year in with council tax.
  7. Escobarp

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Whilst lots of sparring tales come out as we know apparently he pasted Klitschko and was asked to leave after 2 rounds.
  8. Escobarp

    Official Boxing Thread...

    He will be as big if not bigger than wilder I would say. Wilder bigger puncher but is Usyk too slick for him? Who knows. AJ power also obviously an issue and usyk fury would be a battle of the movers. Difficult to see either knocking the other out although I would say more likely usyk to ok fury than other way round as always had a doubt about fury’s chin after the Cunningham fight. All conjecture and speculation anyway but I think he is a welcome addition to the heavyweight division when it happens.
  9. Escobarp

    Official Boxing Thread...

  10. Escobarp

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Great fight. Absolute machine usyk is. Looked huge in there to me bigger than bellew which surprised me massively. Will be very difficult to beat at heavyweight that man
  11. Escobarp

    Official Rugby League Thread

    It is a shame to see one of the heartland clubs struggling. But did any of these clubs have an sympathy for Salford during our struggles? I suspect not. Happy to be proven wrong but I think they probably had a rye smile
  12. Escobarp

    Tv Shows

    No issue spending that on a pair of trainers but they are horrendous. Possibly some of the worst looking I’ve seen. Accept the quality will probably be undoubted but Jesus they are ugly
  13. Escobarp

    Recent Filums I've Watched

    Completely agree. Great film and gaga was superb. Well worth a watch
  14. Escobarp

    Poor Bastard

    Milan Fukal
  15. Escobarp

    Poor Bastard

    David notso goodwillie

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