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  1. Alonso coming back next year.
  2. Rumour that Andy lonergan on his way back according to some. Apparently deal done being announced Thursday along with Doyle. Can’t see it myself though
  3. Escobarp


    Each to their own I just wasn’t sure if you were taking the piss that was all.
  4. Not sure when they started but they hadn’t when I saw it the other day and it was Westminster’s fault according to sturgeon. today she was blaming Westminster for an inability to stimulate the economy. Strangely she is waiting for a handout from The very same Westminster. Despite collecting her own taxation under devolved powers that her party asked for. Bizarre really. to be fair a few off here would do well in the snp. Anything goes wrong blame the tories.
  5. Escobarp


    Zico are you taking the piss here pal?
  6. To be fair he was a prick before this so we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s quite high profile and giving him air time. It’s all these cunts want self promotion from others misery.
  7. I don’t disagree with that. I can’t see anyone getting it overturned thus that was my point really. And even if they did it wouldn’t matter to us as every case is different. But it would open a can of worms. Rules are very clear Insolvency event and it’s -12. Doesn’t provide for exclusions. it isn’t getting overturned and the tin pot cunts are on the way down and long may it continue.
  8. Escobarp


  9. How do you figure that out? Apart from the fact we both have questionable owners the two cases appear very different to me? so every single club that’s gone Into admin and had deductions also have grounds yes?
  10. We won’t was my point. We have no grounds for any law suit in my opinion. If we had we would have done it already and by them being successful I was meaning it would have no bearing on us
  11. Escobarp


    There’s only one Brady 😉 I don’t believe the walrus is the man to build said dynasty. belichick is just as important if not more so than Brady for me in all this. But I don’t see Reid in that mound. anyway 2 months til season starts. Can not wait
  12. We can sue them now if we want. Just cost us a lot of money for no return. Same would apply if they were successful
  13. Escobarp


    Not all guaranteed money so dare say they have
  14. You’ve evidently never eaten a proper one that’s all I can say chippy sauce is not a favourite of mine. Missus loves it but gravy for me deep fried haggis and deep fried white pudding are also very good. But again depends on the quality of the pudding
  15. Yeah it’s under control. On 12 cases in total and only one more yesterday I think I saw you will be up here enjoying the delightful scottish fayre in no time
  16. Should just bring a load of Africans over and get them to build it for nowt. Offer of a new life in the promised land and bobs your uncle keep costs down #blackbuildersmatter
  17. And rightly so. Don’t come up here poisoning our wonderful land. Wall building Tenders going out as we speak
  18. It is the golden nectar. Keep your grubby mits off im going to the pub beer garden later for a few pints of said nectar
  19. She will be dead shortly correct. Queen will be giving the nod as we type of that I’m in no doubt. Killed during a jail riot about mistreatment of black prisoners. HIHF
  20. Escobarp


    Pote off queen of the south has a pair of those bad boys
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