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  1. Used to love a good Monday club. God damn growing up and more work responsibility.
  2. A heavily policed kick off, is my prediction.
  3. Oh I got it, but I beat it. Couple of Jaipurs and a spliff seen it right off. Don't believe the hype.
  4. Is that true or some sort WW running joke that's gone over my head?? I've bought a fair bit from there over the years as I like their stuff for walking clobber, but never knew this if it is true FFS!
  5. I've stayed out of this for long enough. You've gone too far now, teasing us with tales of walking to a boozer, have a heart man. You utter bastard!!!!
  6. Correct. NYD is still part of the festive period and as such is exempt from dry January 👍
  7. This was me yesterday. The only way out of it is to jump back in my friend. Was horrible yesterday until I had a couple of ales in the evening. My advice to you would be, don't leave it til evening 😁
  8. 😂 I genuinely thought it was later than that until I looked after your reply. Nursing a hangover all day so it's felt like a long one. You've convinced me though, one more Jaipur and a zoot then. But then I'm crawling into my pit.
  9. Fuck it, I'm going bed. What a rock n roll NYE this is. If you can all cut the fireworks out please so the dog doesn't wake me up shitting herself at midnight then it would be appreciated. Happy New year fellow whites 👍
  10. Train up the turnstile workers, open the stadiums to fans again and jab us on the way in. 😁
  11. Assuming it's one of the big brands/companies that aren't exactly gonna miss it, fuck em. Keep them aside for a few month, keep quiet and if no further contact from them, sell them on. Winner.
  12. Went out for a big walk all over with the mutt yesterday and made the mistake of taking a route that went down one side of the jumbles, it was absolutely rammed with the sort of twats already mentioned in other threads, bastards that have discovered walking since lockdown. Was muddy as hell in places as you'd expect with recent weathers and one Waynetta Slob looking bint was shuffling around in sliders. Jesus H, just fuck off back to your couch love and wait for you grim pub to reopen. The outdoors aren't for you.
  13. Nice one mate. I'm only leaving it till tomorrow cos I'm currently rummed up to me eyeballs and if I start making web purchases now I'll also end up with one of them VR headsets being talked about on other thread and a 3 legged goat or something. Cheers for that link though 👍
  14. Threatened to get one when Esco was going on about em a while back. This is me sold. Ones getting ordered tomorrow.
  15. Dead man's fingers has just been cracked open after a few ales. This could get a bit messy.
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