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  1. boogs


    😁 Not heard that for ages. Great tune 👍
  2. Well it ain't cold even if sun ain't shining. Just done a sizable walk, over winter hill and to Entwistle then back. Bit of drizzley mist but didn't half have a sweat on over the moors.
  3. boogs


    That's what I'm struggling with here. From what I've read it wasn't just a bit of a slap either, completely indefensible, piss pot or not.
  4. Haha, nearest I got to that was when I sparked up a spliff in there once, fuck knows how I thought I'd get away with it in a place as small as that. Always got on with Nick though and he knew I was no scrapper or owt, he just gripped me half grinning shaking his head and told me to come back next week.
  5. Aye, having seen a picture of him now I remember him from my many wasted weekends in Hawthorns. That will also explain why I have seen Nick walking to/from there a few times when passing.
  6. Maybe he can get Renault to pull their fingers out, they'll need to if he's gonna get up near the front again.
  7. I like this Gary from the Clyde even though I've never met him. By chance I have just come across his rules for re-opening, someone shared them on faceache. Rule 2 of 10 is... Don't be a dick and test my patience. Fair play, you can't argue with that.
  8. boogs


    Have they got authentic scuff marks from where they lobbed um over the wall?
  9. boogs


    Don't get me wrong buddy, I wasn't having a pop or getting involved. Was just a light hearted dig at Mr pink.
  10. boogs


    Maybe the bus driver should just drive the bus and keep his fuckin opinions to himself though 😉
  11. Well, as far as I'm concerned I've just been given an assessment and green light from someone in the health/fitness profession 😂 nice one mate.
  12. Oh aye, no kebab should be without it in my opinion
  13. So the big kebab I had last night with hangover hunger and then having sat doin absolutely fuck all this morning, how does that rank on the nutrition/exercise scale?? I better get out for a good walk with the hound this afternoon
  14. boogs


    8 year olds dude.
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