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  1. boogs


    Need plenty of chalk on his chin for that.
  2. boogs


    Mohammad Ikram - the snooker champion in Pakistan who plays without arms - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/snooker/54692709 Its impressive enough, but I'm not sure they'd let you play like that at the crucible.
  3. Only saw bits of the highlights yesterday but are you not confusing this with his msg of “I have cramp”. ?? it’s been confusing me all morning since I read your post. Or is it a joke that’s gone whooshing over my head? There is every chance of that
  4. I assume this is the sort of thing Rudy and Good Knee are referring to. Think I’ll pass on that. the lads in the background are thoroughly enjoying it. Much like the kids watching GK sound like they were.
  5. I've just witnessed the selfish "fuck you, I'll do what I do" attitude first hand, but from someone that would think wants others to be considerate of his situation. Old retired fella in my local, he's in everyday and is a sound guy, I thought til now. He had a fairly bad heart attack last year and got some infection (I don't claim to know the full details) whilst having treatment which has left him unable to manage more than a few steps and not in the greatest of health since. I was speaking to him a couple weeks ago and asked, genuinely, if it was a good idea him still coming in the boozer.
  6. Surely it works both ways. Plenty of hunger folk eager for a pasty from their favourite local bakery and they open to make a few quid from folk more than happy to part with their cash. Win win as I see it.
  7. A lad came in the pub last week wearing a black jumper with that printed in white all over the fucking thing. Absolutely bog standard looking clobber really. His sole intention for wearing it, it seemed, was to tell anybody who merely looked in his general direction that it cost him £325. I just don't get it.
  8. Is the correct answer. Never liked it before anyway but since my dad's passing it's just one long exercise in trying to keep my mum distracted. It can fuck right off for me. Ho Ho Ho (apologies for being a miserable twat 😁)
  9. That’s only about 20 cans of cloudwater for that though int it? 😁
  10. @little whitt’s 19 year old victim
  11. I can only apologise for bringing this matter up. Looks like a sleepless night for Mr Grey 😁
  12. I wasn't frightened of her until I got sent the pictures of her with her clopper out. Yikes!!
  13. Aye, mate told me he got 10k for using it, which is what I was referring to by "well compensated", seems a hell of a lot for a day's use of a car whatever it is. I believe the F40 isn't the only car he owns neither. My mate lives directly opposite him on the street, his mrs tells the story great of him seeing the garage door open and realising what was under the sheet for the first time after they moved there a couple years ago. Went running over like a little kid apparently.
  14. I've not watched this episode yet but as I mentioned on here last week that F40 is my mates neighbours. He went with him to the filming, he said the guy knew there was some element of risk to letting them use it but was shocked at the amount of work needed after they had thrashed it round all day. Bonnet and engine bay re-spray he reckoned. Said he did alright out of it though, well compensated.
  15. 😂 That rings a bell now you've said it. Yeah, strange TV for kids that was.
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