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  1. boogs

    This Weather.....

    *ewe've, surely?
  2. boogs

    In Or Out Again

    Which is why I like reading his rantings. Enjoy all the fun with none of the head between knees feeling the next day.
  3. boogs

    5 Albums That Shaped Your Taste In Music.

    Keep your ugly fuckin goldbrickin ass out of my beach community
  4. boogs

    Matchday Prices

  5. boogs

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    I know, I lurk on here enough to know which way you shoot on this. Just seemed brief for you did that, like you're looking to draw fire. Anyway, the simple fact I'm writing on here means I'm in no fit state. So apologies and good luck sir.
  6. boogs

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Not enough fishing on your hols? Put tha rod away
  7. boogs

    Missing Posters...

    i'll just drop in and double my post count then to keep tonge moor happy. pretty sure my only other post was when drunkenly lurking once and jibbing in on a bolty convo. toodle pip
  8. boogs

    Islamic State

    I have been a silent viewer on here for a while now, and although a little drunk i mean it when i say, don't leave! Your brand of dad style, its not his fault the worlds moved on without him racism would be missed. I'd have no one to make me feel better about myself.

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