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  1. Exactly mate. Thing is they have been staying in hotels and then moved to the arse end of nowhere. The harsh Welsh weather is starting to come in now too. Poor sods, how will they cope 😂. Unconfirmed reports of 2 stabbed in the barracks last night.
  2. Sorry, by the sounds of my post it looks like the locals tried to set fire to it. When in fact I ment the refugees 👍
  3. I live 3 miles from Penally (population 800), Currently holding about 80 Iraqis (another 170 due shortly) in the army barracks. They have only been here a week and it's already had a impact on the locals. They tried to set fire to the camp last night.
  4. Who gets your vote? ..... oh wait 😂
  5. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Must admit I was a little suprised. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/football-related-arrests-and-banning-orders-england-and-wales-2019-to-2020-season/football-related-arrests-and-banning-orders-england-and-wales-2019-to-2020-season
  6. Yeah I've seen that. Personally I think he'll stay and Sokratis and Mustafi will leave. Think they bought another cb today too.
  7. Shame. I hear Leeds want him. £10m - £15m has been quoted
  8. If Holden was to be sold by Arsenal do we get a % of the fee. If so anyone know what % was inserted into the sell on clause.
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