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  1. Fair enough. Should go on sporting achievements only imo.
  2. Rashford... For what exactly? Scoring 20 goals last season or for helping Man Utd finishing 3rd. Semi final in both domestic cup? Might as well give it to Fred.
  3. After working non stop in and out of schools since March and my Mrs being a respiratory nurse working on a high risk covid ward, We've finally caught the fucking thing.... Surprised it's taken so long tbh. I find it odd we both have different symptoms. I've no cough or breathing difficulty... Just a high temp 38.6 and my body feels like it's been hit by a bus. Can't taste nowt either. Anyone else on here had it?
  4. Blm is about how people of African descent are the only race to live through oppression and slavery. They don't go to the same schools as white children or have the same opportunities. Hamilton and Joshua are examples of this. Even though the black population of the UK is about 3% they argue they are not represented enough, especially in TV and job opportunity. We now have people getting jobs because of the colour of their skin. They are well represented in UK prisons though, 12% infact. This is because the police and prosecution are racist and not because they committed an off
  5. I will yes. I'll stand on my seat, cup my hands around my mouth to make it extra loud and boo them all.... For at least 1 minute.
  6. Probably not... This was the obvious outcome. Oblivious to the left. We want a fair and balanced uk, something that has always been. BML dont, they want repercussions for the past. Something we or our parents were never involved with. Tell me what a black child growing up in the UK has less in favour then a white or Asian or any other child? Yes the UK has benefited from past but so has most countries. How far back do you go? I think the UK is and has always been one of the most accepting countrys in the world. I hear BLM have applied to be a political party... What
  7. You're right.. I don't understand where you're coming from. Only because you make no sense. I have nothing against gays, which is what your implying. You and anyone else can't simply change their gender when they feel like it. Yes they might of thought about it for a few years but that still doesn't make it possible. That's what I'm saying and that is a fact.
  8. You can't choose your gender.... I was going to write more but I can't be arsed answering such a shite comparison.
  9. It's bollocks... Well no bollocks. She is and will always be a female. Reminds me of that him/her wanker Sam Smith... You're male, stop telling the world any different. You're either born with a cock or you aint. Attention seeking... look at me twats. Elliot as well ffs... Couldn't have picked a shitter name.
  10. My first car was my dad's xr2i, white with a thin light blue trim. Only a 1.6 but nippy for a new driver. My second and still going strong is a (08) Honda civic 2.2 tdi sport. Bought my first 4WD last year.. A (18) Mitsubishi Outlander, feels a bit slow in the low gears but once I hit 4th it flies. Comfortable, lots of space and ideal for camping, which we do a lot.
  11. It's a possibility. Went to Italy last year. Wasn't sure what to expect outside of Rome but fell in love with the place. We did Florence, Peschiera del Garda (lake garda), Venice and Rome. Best two week holiday I've ever had. The only downside was the fucking smart car we got given at the airport.
  12. I've never been to France before. Hopefully making it a 3 week trip. I'd ideally like to travel West to Brittany, then head south along the coast. We'll probably only book the first site then go from there.
  13. Same, hopefully France next year. Having a massive car makes camping so much easier.
  14. No idea why he does it, it's embarrassing really. Any post with the slightest of good for the UK quickly gets downtrodden by the Spider. But...but...but where is the graph? Was it better last week or is it the same? Get the schematics out! Show me proof of everything you say... Blah Blah Blah 💤
  15. No wonder the EU want a deal with us... We are Massive 🇬🇧💂🏰
  16. It was announced earlier this month... Did you miss that bit?
  17. It seems to me they won the bid... Nothing guaranteed.
  18. Yes it's about the EU.. My point is Germany in the EU is providing the UK out of the EU with a massive contract and job stability.
  19. I'm seeing big bucks, long contracts and jobs for the north. A service BAE have been producing for years. A sign that the EU will still provide the UK with contacts. Yes it strengthens their Air Force but it strengthens our economy. You think if BAE turned it down or lost the bid they wouldn't have been built elsewhere?
  20. The EU will still trade with us, even though we are out on the 31st. More than 5,000 BAE Systems employees directly support the Typhoon programme in the UK, supporting a further 10,000 jobs in the UK economy as a whole. Work will commence in 2021 at BAE Systems’ sites in Lancashire, maintaining continuity of Typhoon production through to the mid-2020s and sustaining high-value engineering roles in the North of England. The new aircraft will join the existing German Air Force Typhoon fleet from the mid-2020s and will be equipped with the latest technology, including an advanced e
  21. Ours is fine. Maybe look for system updates on your tv.
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