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  1. Well they can get to fuck with that. Cheeky greedy cunts. And to think that for generations Citeh defined themselves as the antidote to those crass, soulless money grabbing red twats on the other side of town. Well they're right up there / down there with them now by getting behind this money making scam. Shameful
  2. Part of me feels like I'll be glad to see the back of them tbh. Likes of Utd have been pushing for it for years. Hope they get their wish and it's an ffn disaster for them, the selfish greedy Munich cnuts
  3. A mental scar that will never heal. Thank you Coyle you utter, UTTER useless bag of steaming shite. Please don't mention that chancer's name again. Ever. Thanks
  4. Yes fair point. I just wouldn't want anyone to miss out by sacking it off too early. Jim's character also develops as the series goes on too. For me though it's Martin who steals the show. PR (or anyone else for that matter) going at just 54 is an absolute sickener
  5. Tbh I would start at series two as IMO series one isn't anything like as good as s2 onwards. Just my opinion
  6. Same here. Fabulous comedy. It just got better and better as the series went on. Shit on it indeed..
  7. Shit on it. Sublime as Martin in FND. RIP Paul Ritter
  8. You've already got the UK Gov't using laws for scenarios they weren't originally passed for, massive data leakages and general IT incompetence, not to mention what a future Gov't might end up doing with the DNA data (selling it on to insurance companies?). No way would I want any of that risk with DNA profiles. I'm not really that fussed about the libertarian / freedom angle, I simply don't trust the competence or scruples of any organisation. And with its poor track record in IT and data probably the Gov't least of all.
  9. Lots of Bury 'fans' seemed to have a 'second' more glamorous club. Some would even wear the shirt down at Gigg Lane. Shameful.
  10. Out. No discernable plan, players not motivated and no improvement or even a prospect of it in my eyes. I fear the guy is an over confident fraud unfortunately
  11. Not that I know of. Ownership has changed a couple of times since so I very much doubt any new owner would feel any moral obligation to go back and pay the debts of a previous regime (but hey, that's business!). Plus a number of the small and medium businesses in question had already long since gone to the wall.
  12. Unsecured creditors nothing, secured got 30p in the pound. Some local businesses and suppliers went to the wall because of it. Nice
  13. IIRC the rules changed after Leicester City piled up a huge debt (including building a nice new shiny stadium) and then went into administration knowing the points deduction wouldn't get them relegated. They then simply 're-formed' whilst still sitting pretty in the Championship. Different story for all the poor creditors though of course. Less than 13 years later they were parading the PL Trophy in said nice new shiny stadium.
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