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  1. Not that I know of. Ownership has changed a couple of times since so I very much doubt any new owner would feel any moral obligation to go back and pay the debts of a previous regime (but hey, that's business!). Plus a number of the small and medium businesses in question had already long since gone to the wall.
  2. Unsecured creditors nothing, secured got 30p in the pound. Some local businesses and suppliers went to the wall because of it. Nice
  3. IIRC the rules changed after Leicester City piled up a huge debt (including building a nice new shiny stadium) and then went into administration knowing the points deduction wouldn't get them relegated. They then simply 're-formed' whilst still sitting pretty in the Championship. Different story for all the poor creditors though of course. Less than 13 years later they were parading the PL Trophy in said nice new shiny stadium.
  4. Winner by a million miles. Then Greg Wallace a million miles behind in second place
  5. I don't post very often, more a bit of a lurker tbh. However, I can honestly say that WWs has helped keep me sane this year. So thank you. And it just confirms what I've always thought and what we all know deep down - BWFC is very, very special indeed. So Happy Christmas to all my fellow Whites everywhere - and COYFWM!!
  6. Funny how Essex and Herts have been split into T2 and T3 areas within each county but Northern counties and authorities were told this wasn't possible
  7. This thread's like deja vu all over again. Depressing and anger inducing in equal measure. It's also obviously no longer worthy to be headline news. Says an awful lot.
  8. This case has knocked me for six right from the start, and now the ultimate insult to that beautiful little girl's mum, dad and family. It's beyond terrible. Brutally MURDERED while she was on her scooter going to meet her mum on Mother's Day. And why was that Albanian monster even here in the first place?
  9. If it was Bolton wouldn't be in the top three
  10. Hope Krasner sees it and then goes all out to confirm everything they're saying about him. Even better if he was acting in good faith until their thick as mince protest
  11. Her curtains need a really good cleaning
  12. Perhaps if they bought their ST now that wouldn't be an issue
  13. 100%. Anyone edging their bets right now can GTF. Either support the club now or FO.
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