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  1. If it was Bolton wouldn't be in the top three
  2. Hope Krasner sees it and then goes all out to confirm everything they're saying about him. Even better if he was acting in good faith until their thick as mince protest
  3. Her curtains need a really good cleaning
  4. I bet the paper boy's up early
  5. Perhaps if they bought their ST now that wouldn't be an issue
  6. 100%. Anyone edging their bets right now can GTF. Either support the club now or FO.
  7. Hopefully Clayton Donaldson and Luke Murphy will be their marquee signings if they don't go pop
  8. I just want them gone forever. Horrible chippy scruffy cunts
  9. Yes the site of him doing press ups as people bazzed 2p's at his arse crack can never be unseen unfortunately
  10. Burnden Pies


    No but that doesn't mean we got off lightly with sweaty ken. We absolutely did not
  11. Burnden Pies


    I respectfully beg to fucking differ
  12. Not so fucking smug now are they? Scruffy set of chippy cunts. Fuck em. Hope they crash and burn.
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