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  1. If that's true it wasn't public knowledge like the Mark Davies offer was. And to be honest, I think Eddie, Phil, Coylie and all 20,000 of our fans would have driven him to Openshaw or whatever suburb it is for a £17 million fee
  2. And the following summer managed to save some cash by getting Marcus Alonso off the wage bill on a free..
  3. In the summer we had been relegated from the Premier League, there was a wild optimism at the club that the injury prone Mark Davies was the man to pin our hopes on.Crazy
  4. Turning down £5 million from Swansea City for Mark Davies is the worst decision of that type ever made by Bolton Wanderers in my opinion.
  5. More a case of Parky losing Karacan and Cullen and replacing them with 2nd Div midfield players. The last time either of those started was the last time we got beat
  6. Advised Eddie Davies to keep money to pay the tax bill rather than sign Ben Amos ?
  7. Jose to the Man Utd fans in tonights match programme "I hope you enjoy tonight's match more than some of you did against Tottenham"
  8. I think he's got bored of keeping crisis clubs in the Prem having done it with Sunderland and Palace recently and is waiting for a part time international job.USA would be great for him. I think it would have to be a sexier job than Everton for him to return to club management.
  9. I don't think either Sanchez or Allardyce would accept job offers from Everton.
  10. Since the middle of December, They've not won any of their last 18 home games in league and cup. We've not won any of our last 31 second tier away games The resistable force meets the movable object Sunderland 1 Bolton 2
  11. Arent they slagging him off for behaving like a teenage girl....the club was for sale last week but because some people criticised him on twitter and in the paper he's changed his mind? If everybody is nice on twitter for a few days the club might be up for sale again?
  12. That's a fantastic away following for rock bottom of Div 2
  13. It should have been live, but while everyone was waiting for the draw they released a recorded draw in which the 4 big clubs were kept apart.
  14. I can't see him losing the plot enough for today's statement to be true
  15. Fines are only for clubs promoted to the PL so that wont affect us
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