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  1. I'm born and bred leyther so the Wigan thing isn't just about football it's more than that , fucking hope they go pop . Tic Toc
  2. Went that game coppers on all roads into Wigan stoping cars checking if you had match tickets
  3. What a very eventful day that Leigh v saints was
  4. Lixouri kekalonia then I got dust in my eye then drank a lot of Mythos
  5. Ray

    Transfer Gossip

    Ian Moore's he was a bad un think that miss was against Leeds
  6. Monks travel in leyth went everywhere with them in the 70s
  7. Remember going to Brighton in the late 70s was still at school and had my ankle in plaster broke it playing football it got naughty at train station after the game and the police closed some carriages so some lads started smashing the carriages up
  8. No only 2games left and their actions not helping the club but I think most of um been on strike since before Xmas
  9. They don't give a shit and they've not for a while so they can piss right off
  10. Might as well play the fat lady do no worse than this bag of shite
  11. Booked 3 tickets for the Leeds game what a nightmare trying to sort them out everything at our great club is becoming a fuckin joke

  12. Great gesture from shola ameobi to play for nothing for #bwfc# top bloke

  13. RT @BurndenAces: On this day, in 1993, @JohnMcGinlay10 & Andy Walker scored as Bolton won 2-0 at Liverpool in the FA Cup #BWFC #LFC https:/…

  14. Wish I was here again instead I'm in fuckin leyth with no power on life's a fuckin bitch https://t.co/t5etPdw4Kb

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