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  1. Anyone could pick Sarcevic Doyle.....they wanted to move back to the north west and were two of the best players in lge 2 last season. Tutte is a strange one either could have signed him, he did nothing at Morecambe yet both us and Accrington wanted him. Evatt will certainly have known about Morecambe players last season Never a moneyball signing, so i would edge Tutte to be a Evatt signing
  2. I would say those with Blackpool, Barrow, Chesterfield links are his along with any that played in the National league last season
  3. Vat will Rise could even it 25% Pensioners will be hit as above the tax relief and Triple lock will be abolished Foreign aid will now be cut year on year National health may be unchanged, but the will not be 40 new Hospitals and 40k more nurses/doctors,same with the police i cannot see 10k more being recruited. Council tax will have to rise because we will get shit all off central goverment and last but not least we will soon be paying tolls on all motorways
  4. Not in the least, just a educated guess from someone looking from the outside !! Crawford,Delaney,Brockbank and to a lesser extent Darcy were not involved in the opening game, but have worked themselves into the team/squad. He backed the signings he had made and to a lesser extent Phoenix. Will be interesting to see who he tries to ship out come January and who he wants to stay.
  5. I think Evatt is loyal to his players he trusts them, obviously a little too much. The opening day defeat against FGR we started with no players that had previously been at the club. I dont know if all the players signed are his, or Phoenix signings. Or are a mixture. I guess its the latter. I would guess Crellin, Baptiste, Gordon, White, Comley, Jones and Fonz to be Evatt signings. He seems to stick with these players over others and allows them to have many shit games before taking them out of the firing line. I would guess Hickman ,Mascoll, Greenidge, Taft to have been brough
  6. Think Sheffield Utd came very close to signing him, but were put off with the 150k Transfer fee
  7. Why sell him for 500k. We need to get out of this league and dare i say league 1 in the next three four years. Irrespective of whatever league we are in we will have a big rebuilding job again come summer. If we get promoted Santos,Delaney,Tutte,Darcy,Sarcevic,Politic Possibly Isgrove and Doyle are the only players good enough to play at a higher level. If we dont go up keep the same players add Jones,Miller. The rest need binning whatever league we are in
  8. Back injury...well documented Rest him Saturday and give Isgrove a run
  9. Might be controversial but i would make a couple of changes Saturday for the southend game Nah same again please !!
  10. Bolton v Everton new year day 1979. The day George wood broke Peter Reids leg. We played in red at home. Snowed all night and all morning....Abandoned at half time. Snowball fights all down Manchester Road with the Scousers
  11. hope he keeps the same team but would not be surprised to see Comley/White in fot Tutte and Miller/Isgrove for Delf Cue meltdown here at 9pm
  12. 11/1 online with hills for first goal..........Also done doyle 2-1 3-1 scorecast
  13. masi 51

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    Be still playing at quarter past five tonight
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