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  1. not broken....dont need fixing
  2. Seems he called Zouma right when many here were shouting to sign him up.........Including myself Signed on loan today to Altrincham
  3. I think Evatt brings a lot of it on himself. He has a belief in his own ability and how he sets his teams up. We all to a man could see that Crellin was not good enough two or three games into the season yet he perservered with him. Again the system was not right and everyone called for that to be changed long before Evatt changed it. His substitutes baffle me no goalkeeper being the main one, another is no Centre half on the substitutes bench. I will hold my hand up and said Santos and Baptiste were just not good enough after the first game. I was saying that about Ba
  4. Newport are now asking the league to play the rest of there games away as there pitch cannot hold water and needs relaying Asap Would mean them coming here again
  5. The Administrators are ceasing the Friday Briefings until something concrete is in the pipeline Several interested parties still interested in buying them. Reading between the lines they are at a dead end tic tock!
  6. no he is a Barrow lad.........Not saying he would not be 100% professional. He may or may not support the club.
  7. Thomason is a Barrow lad........Dont know if that will effect Evatts thinking
  8. Take the play offs now.....Dont see any team improving until the end of the season. Injuries are starting to affect teams around us. Come May they will be playing players carrying injuries. We are a team improving week on week. Maddison will improve, outside chance of Politic.....John played less than half a dozen games this season, Same as Arthur, Miller and Afolayan. No coincidence our subs are coming of the bench and scoring now. If we go up through the play offs great.....if not what a ride next season will be
  9. it was Crystal clear he had to move on !
  10. as i said about 3 months back when we potted phoenix......you could see Evatt signings and Phoenix signings The London contingent Phoenix signings.........Blackpool, Morecambe, Chesterfield, Fleetwood Evatt signings Evatt is not exempt he brought in White, Crellin but at least he admitted they where not good enough
  11. I cannot see us finishing outside of the playoffs now . Then it is a lottery. September and October we reached our lowest point footballing wise in our history. Andersons tenure was horrendous as was the opening day fixture 18 months ago when players refused to travel. I am comfortable in both the owners and the present management team and yes Evatt made some awful errors in the first few months of the season with obviously the goalkeeping situation and that awful system he played week in week out. The goalkeeping situation is not resolved but they are keeping this Jenson underw
  12. And a present one......Crawford
  13. Fuck off why bring Farnworth into it, it can happen anywhere........Council estates in howfen just fuck off !!
  14. Fonz,Dapo and Maddison only have to do 60 mins.....Triple substitution last 30 of Sarcevic, Arther and Miller to see the game out or get the winner
  15. masi 51


    5% we need a keeper......0% we need comley
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