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  1. Really need to stop profiling people.......Your no fucking Ure Geller
  2. This will impact the younger generation way more than the benefactors this last six months. No easy answer or solution, but throwing money for me was not the solution.....History will see
  3. They have just blown billions on the furlough scheme. Admitting that they have propped up people to stay in work for a few months more. November will see a tsunami of job losses. They have just moved it down the line six months. No easy solution but the brutal truth is the Economy is going to be fucked for years to come.
  4. We have been at 10% unemployment rates and 15% interest rates in recent history but we got through it. No job cuts or unemployment is good or nice ,been there got the tee shirt,but you survive and get through it I cannot see how the kids of today will not end up working until there mid 70s.
  5. All snowflakes. I like many on here have been laid off in the past when orders, work was short. Did we get paid no,we budgeted and got through it. We never got help. I got used to it put extra hours before and after and the country was not left broke for years to come
  6. Police have moved the Luton v Watford game to 12.30 despite no fans allowed....You couldnt make it up
  7. I think teams in lge 1/2 have a greater chance of survival. All be it with a need of financial aid. Lets be brutally honest they handed contracts out this summer knowing if fans were not allowed back they basically would be in the shit. Its teams in the championship that have no parachute money and who are paying way over what they bring in....your Readings, Lutons and Barnsleys. They will have a £10m plus wage bill with nothing coming in.
  8. Florence and her fucking Machine....utter crap
  9. Sarcevic is out for a month aint he??
  10. It wont be Military on the streets it will be at Airports, Nuclear Facilities and Parliment/Downing St.....Freeing up coppers to go on the street
  11. Nobody but Nobody is buying a football club this year. Jesus christ you would not have one for free. No income only outgoings for the foreseeable future. Wigan like many are finished in there present form
  12. no i was quoting Saturdays figures....Seems the home team take all that they sell plus the first 500 the away team sell hence they got paid out only 942 streams compared with our 1752
  13. Colchester chairman issued a statement
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