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  1. MancWanderer

    Chelsea Race Row

    Yep. What we need is Parky planting a burning cross in the centre circle a la Souness/Galatasaray And Ken to step up with white pillow cases with eye holes placed under each seat That'll crank up the atmosphere somewhat
  2. MancWanderer

    In Or Out Again

    Watch your back mate. If you see some moody sorts blocking the water cooler or the coffee machine. You know what I'm saying.....
  3. MancWanderer

    Tommy Robinson

    Wouldn't see a reason to take one over the other. Both sound as a pound. Love both of their views on the world considering that they are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum
  4. MancWanderer

    Tommy Robinson

    He’s my favourite commie!! Leave him alone. I love his posts. Evolution is good, rather than revolution
  5. MancWanderer

    In Or Out Again

    Really interesting article that Micky. Despite it's obvious pro-Thatcher bias, it raises a number of salient points, in particular (and I'm paraphrasing here) the clinging on to the industrial revolution (because we invented it) and the lack of foresight in "retraining" to move forward with technology For those old enough to remember the 3-day week, power cuts, and the like. Mick McGahey demanding 35% pay rises for the miners yet refusing to amend outdated working practices. Red Robbo crippling the British car industry that was producing wrecks like the Austin Allegro and Morris Marina that started rusting within a year of purchase For me, regarding Thatcher, you had to be there, and living in the time, to truly understand why and how she came to power. Yes, she was divisive, but she needed to be because, in general, the British public was sick and tired of being held hostage by the unions. Sorry, let me clarify, sick and tired of being held hostage by self-serving union leaders who were feathering their own nests. Those union leaders were cunts. They had a workforce who had to follow them (closed shop anyone - can you imagine that now?) and it was the working class man, the miner, the docker, the printer, etc, that suffered, not the leaders Thatcher changed things for the better, but what she failed spectacularly to do was put any forward plan in place for the unskilled worker, and I have every sympathy for people like leigh-white (if I'm understanding his post correctly). I lived in Sheffield during the miners strike and saw the abject poverty suddenly inflicted on mining families with no plan to help them. Mrs Manc's uncle was a Doncaster miner - fuck me, he and his family suffered - but all he wanted to do was work but couldn't thanks to Scargill. He proposed many working changes to make things more efficient and cost-effective but was basically told to fuck off. And then the pit shut!!! Thatcher made many mistakes but she knew what needed to be done and she just went and did it which in hindsight was the best thing imo I look now at the Brexit arguments and think that is nowt compared to Thatcher, the miners, The Falklands Corbyn? Shit Arthur Scargill. You're just a shit Arthur Scargill. Shit Arthur Scargill. You're just a shiiiiiit Arthur Scargill
  6. MancWanderer

    Decent Podcasts

    Justin Moorhouse’s podcast is quite entertaining - nowt controversial and easy listening Have also been quite surprised by That Peter Crouch Podcast. Was convinced that I wouldn’t like it but he’s actually pretty good
  7. MancWanderer

    norwich away

    Very good
  8. MancWanderer

    Moped Crime

    Indeed. The Gina Lolladalollabrilolladabridiga of motoring Happy to sit astride all day
  9. MancWanderer

    Moped Crime

    In one
  10. MancWanderer

    Tommy Robinson

    Superb. Take a bow sir
  11. MancWanderer

    In Or Out Again

    Paris is just the warm up event for the real political fight miami vs Cheese on the town hall steps
  12. MancWanderer

    norwich away

    You are fucking kidding me!!!!
  13. MancWanderer

    Town Centre Latest

    Glad to hear some positive stuff for once It’s still a shithole from what I’ve seen on my occasional forays into Bolton, but it does seem that an effort is being made, and given time, and decent thinking could return to being brilliant, which it was in my younger days. Days when I never saw the need to drink, eat or shop in Manc
  14. MancWanderer

    Decent Podcasts

    Very, very good. Really enjoyed it
  15. MancWanderer

    Pete Shelley

    Fucking brilliant tonight Absolutely fucking brilliant Madness incorporated “Ever Fallen In Love” into “It Must Be Love” in their set with a massive video pic of Pete Shelley and a big acapella version of Ever Fallen In Love Wish I could put in on here but not that clever

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