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  1. MancWanderer

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Back to the original question Busy bar Bloke orders a couple of pints You're waiting patiently "Oh and a couple of Gin and Tonics" "Oh and two more pints of Stella" "A white wine as well please mate" Jimbo what do you and the Mrs want? "Another Stella and one of those fancy cocktails please that will take you 20 FUCKING MINUTES TO MAKE"
  2. MancWanderer

    Stand-Up Wiping Part 2

    I am a scientist. Fact. Bsc Hons if you care to believe. OK it was a 3rd class because I fucked around a tad too much, but it was still an Honours degree. And I still believe that so-called facts need to be tested. So I did, As a scientist And as a true scientist, follow-up is everything. No true investigative study is worthy without follow up 2 hours later....... Toilet roll did nothing - just got stuck on dried up bits of clag Wet wipes - just smeared a top layer everywhere Hosepipe - sprayed everyone nearby and the neighbours complained Kaarcher jet-wash - cleared it all away Whilst occasionally pleasurable (for scientific reasons obviously) having my ring decontaminated, I stand (erm) by my assertion that a sit-down wipe is easier and by far more hygienic
  3. MancWanderer

    Stand-Up Wiping Part 2

    Out of sheer curiosity I just tried a standing wipe. Absolutely no way is it the right thing to do. Filthy animals are standers
  4. MancWanderer

    Norwich City at home

    Compulsory on here. You have to pour unwarranted abuse on someone at some point on any random subject or the mods block you
  5. MancWanderer

    Norwich City at home

    Fair play to Norwich I say. Gone about things the right way from managing the club to generating decent support to playing good football We can’t always hide behind being so close to so many clubs but it is a big factor that can’t be denied. What we haven’t done well is make a trip to the match a great experience
  6. MancWanderer

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Curry sauce or gravy on fish - no!!!! On the chips absolutely fine but not on the fish itself. Why get nice crispy batter and make it go soggy? Senseless
  7. MancWanderer

    Things which get on your tits...........

    OK I’m going with this one I have massive rows with Mrs Manc about this We are walking along, anywhere, anytime.....she gravitates over to where I am, just walking across me and I end up stepping off the pavement, walking into rubbish bins, bus stops, etc
  8. MancWanderer

    Norwich City at home

    Cheers. I'll give it a go
  9. MancWanderer

    Things which get on your tits...........

    They’d just absorb them and turn themselves into fatbergs although looking at them some of them already have
  10. MancWanderer

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Particularly the lazy cunts who use the drive through at McD’s, sit in their car park eating their food then lob everything out of the window rather than walk 10 feet to a bin
  11. MancWanderer

    Things which get on your tits...........

    People who don’t say thanks when you hold a door open for them. Next time I’ll let it swing back and smash you in the face then you ignorant fucker
  12. MancWanderer

    Tight Arse Valentines Day Club

    Actually speechless today Sat in a meeting down in the shires with 3 Spanish ladies. They asked me what I was doing for Valentines Day. Told them doing nowt. Taking Mrs Manc instead to watch the matinee performance of The Full Monty next weekend, few drinks, nice meal, etc Loses a bit in translation, but when one of them, in the most gorgeous Spanish accent says “oh how romantic, you taking your wife to see swinging dicks”
  13. MancWanderer

    Norwich City at home

    Do you still need a ST to get on or will a match ticket do?
  14. MancWanderer

    Todays Games

    Aye. Yonners round here celebrating a hero’s return. I sense another Gary Neville.....
  15. MancWanderer

    Chester evening out.

    Yep and shed load of free beer as my daughter "forgot" to add it to the bill.............

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