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  1. I always thought they were a bunch of tossers, but I have started to reassess this opinion recently. Good bunch of lads I reckon.....
  2. The Dubai Whites are already on to it. I can confirm he has not been seen in The George and Dragon nor the Abullah Obaid Mallik Schwarma Stand on Rigga Rd👍
  3. Well it's what super fans do..... I got some photos kicking around, will see if I can find em. Never been as drunk at a match as I was at those games........
  4. Seeing we are releasing personal information about each other, can I mention Big E watched me have a piss once?
  5. Rust ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went, I had a vegan beer, joined Greenpeace and bought a bed sheet and marker pen. See you all on The March tomorrow!!
  6. The announcement bloke said 571, they had all one side of the ground and nearly filled it. Good turnout by the cunts to be honest...
  7. In the photo I'm wearing the blue bob hat.
  8. 571 fans from Bury.......and they really, really don't like us.....
  9. A free beer, some Bury knobs vaulted a barrier to air windmill at some Wanderers fans with a flag and i met the One Direction guys in the photo. Oh and had a vegan beer ! What's not to love?
  10. What pub are we all meeting in before the Forrest Green Rovers game chaps?
  11. Anyone heard how the fans are reacting, obviously badly, but has a hounding started???
  12. Oh fucking hell......just fucking hell! Fuck off!
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